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Re: Barbershop on XM Radio

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    ... more pupular than some of their current offerings. ... someone will fund and.or run Hi gang, I have had an interest in XM and Sirius from a broadcaster s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2007
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      Recently Tom Goldie wrote:
      > I keep hoping they'll add an "acappella" channel.  It would have
      to be more pupular than some of their >current offerings.
      and Recently Tim Buell wrote:
      > I am sure that they would be more than willing to put on any channel
      that someone will fund and.or run 
      Hi gang,
      I have had an interest in XM and Sirius from a broadcaster's standpoint for several years.  2 1/2 years ago, I wrote to the folks at XM radio suggesting that they develop an "All-Vocal Harmony" channel and gave them some statistics regarding the number of people that call themselves members of the barbershop and
      a cappella communities. Information on the history of The "APPLAUSE" Show was also included with the letter.  I actually offered to help set up the channel and be their Program Director.
      About 3 weeks after the letter was sent, I received a call in the early evening hours from none other than Lee Abrams, the Chief Executive Officer at XM radio.  He thanked me for the letter, and told me they were experimenting with a 1/2 hour show on Sunday nights (Harmony Square), produced by a barbershopper in the Alexandria Harmonizer organization.  Lee told me that he was very familiar with The "APPLAUSE" Show and my work, and had actually listened to our broadcasts.  He said they would continue the half hour show...if it was successful they would go to and hour (Harmony Square IS now an hour), and if the popularity continued, they would consider expanding the shows and/or adding/replacing a formatted all vocal channel.  He indicated that the number of channels available were already assigned so there were no "vacant" channels.
      He asked me to stay in touch, which I have tried to do.  As Tim mentioned, however, the ENTIRE issue with "paid" radio is whether the channel and/or music can translate into listeners who, through their "selecting" that channel gives XM or Sirius the actual numbers of people and average time listened statistics.  I imagine we would get some attention if 10,000 of the 70,000 people who claim to be members of the a cappella communities would go out and purchase an XM receiver and a one year's subscription, and THEN write to the execs at XM and say we want and All Vocal Channel.....WOW, wouldn't that be a marketing success.
      I guess we all can dream.....BUT... never give up the dream.  I promise you I won't stop carrying the torch for barbershop harmony and contemporary a cappella music on the radio airwaves.
      In Harmony,
      Rich Taylor, President THN...The Harmony Network
      Host of The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Thursday 7:00 - 11:00 PM
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