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Illinois Members ONLY: Arts Education Funding Threatened! ACTION Requested

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  • Joseph Schlesinger
    Fellow Illinois artists & fans: We need YOUR help! For much of the time I ve been a barbershopper, I ve had the pleasure & privilege of dealing with Lois
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2005
      Fellow Illinois artists & fans: We need YOUR help!

      For much of the time I've been a barbershopper, I've
      had the pleasure & privilege of dealing with Lois
      Roewade, chair of the Evanston Arts Council. One of
      Lois' many attributes is that she is politically savvy
      & understands how the various arts funding
      organizations & legislative bodies interact. For that
      reason, Lois plays a valuable role here as the liaison
      between Evanston citizens & the city's arts community.

      Lois has alerted me to some emergency situations
      resulting from Illinois' much-publicized budget
      crisis. One of them was the threat of reduced funding
      during the coming fiscal year for the Illinois Arts
      Council. I have not heard any developments arising
      from a weekend legislative session that was to vote on
      this issue. However, an equally serious threat to the
      future of arts in Illinois is impending: arts
      education funding for the coming year is being
      considered in Springfield.

      The e-mail Lois sent me, calling for OUR immediate
      action, is below. Be aware that any reduction in
      statewide funding for arts education is likely to have
      an adverse long-term effect on performing arts
      organizations like ours.

      --Joseph Schlesinger
      zinger99 @ juno . com (backup: schlesmail @ yahoo .
      member North Wave Chorus & former Shoreliner Chorus
      member New Tradition Chorus (www.newtradition.org)
      founder Barbershop Harmony Chicagoland

      * * * * *

      Dear Arts Friends:

      Here's another important issue that I am asking you to
      respond to: tell the State legislature NOW that they
      must NOT reduce funding for arts education. Follow the
      link for an easy-to-send letter. Thanks ~ and have a
      great weekend!

      Lois Roewade, Chair
      Evanston Arts Council

      From: Illinois Arts Alliance [mailto:julie @
      artsalliance . org]
      Sent: Friday, May 27, 2005 1:29 PM
      To: Lois Roewade
      Subject: Arts Education Funding Being Considered in

      Take Action Now!

      Arts Education Funding Being Considered in Springfield

      Dear Arts Advocates,

      We are faced with another challenge. You may recall,
      in March the Governor announced his Higher Standards,
      Better School reform proposal. This proposal included
      $5 million for arts education and foreign languages.

      Discussions in Springfield are minute by minute. We
      have learned that the current proposal being
      considered by the State's Leadership, substantially
      reduces the amount originally proposed in the
      Governor's plan.

      Please, write a letter TODAY and urge the General
      Assembly to retain $5 million in funding for arts
      education. This funding is critical to the
      development and support of arts education programs in
      schools throughout the state!

      Please urge your colleagues and friends to also write


      THANK YOU to all who have taken the time to write to
      ensure IAC's funding level remains at $19.6 million.
      More than 700 letters have been sent encouraging the
      General Assembly to restore funding for the Illinois
      Arts Council.
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