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"Monday Nights With Joaner" at The Harmony Network

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  • Jean Garrett
    Joaner Here! :- ) The Harmony Network s Monday night show, 7 to 10 PM Eastern Time, formerly entitled Joaner and Bea in Harmony , has been changed to Monday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24 3:32 AM

      Joaner Here! :- )

      The Harmony Network's Monday night show, 7 to 10 PM Eastern Time,
      formerly entitled "Joaner and Bea in Harmony", has been changed to
      "Monday Nights with Joaner". This is due to Bea Howley's busy
      barbershop schedule...singing in one chorus, and directing another!
      We offered to double her salary to get her to stay on...but nothin'
      times two is STILL nothin' ! We here at THN wish her all the best in
      her endeavors!

      So now you will hear Joaner and "me" in harmony, the "me" being the
      "guest of the moment"! Last Monday's guest was Marge Priddy,
      an "almost-charter" member of my chorus, Ramapo Valley SAI, who
      is currently singing with Hickory Tree, this year's delegate to
      the SAI International Contest in Indianapolis from Region 15 !

      Marge had a major role as "Granny" in the Hunterdon Harmonizers'
      last Christmas Show, "The Blizzard of Ourz". (I had two smaller
      part as Mom and the Virgin Mary...BOTH roles a real stretch for
      me! :- ) She encouraged me to join Ramapo Valley by offering
      to make my "Hot Time" costume....a major undertaking....and a
      promise of which she claims to have no recollection!

      Marge is also the mother of my NEW Baritone, Jeanne Viscito, who
      persuaded her mom out of "retirement" when SHE rejoined Hickory
      Tree (after a long absence, during which she served as the Mayor
      of Berkeley Heights, NJ.) We are Three Jeans Looking for a Lead...
      we have two prospective ones, but neither is willing to change her
      name, so that we can call ourselves "Two Pairs of Jeans" :(

      Ah, but I digress! If you tuned in to "Village Radio Dot Com"
      last Monday, you were treated to these selections:

      * * * * * * *

      MONDAY NIGHT PLAYLIST July 19, 2004:

        A R T I S T                            C D CUTS

      Sons & Lovers                    Gotta Be This Or That

      Melbourne High School Singers    Silhouettes

      Tom Lehrer                       Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

      Tone Apetit                      Beauty and the Beast / In My Life

      Middlesex School, Concord, MA    Ghost Train

      Street Corner Harmony            Stand By Me

      Serenade                         Royal Garden Blues / Walkin' My
                                       Baby Back Home

      Platinum                         I'm Beginning to See the Light /
                                       What'll I do?

      Metropolis                       Straighten Up and Fly Right /
                                       Tonight /Yakko's World / Lion
                                       Sleeps Tonight

      High Cotton                      It Is Well With My Soul / My
                                       Old Man's A Sailor / Smile

      Nightlife                        Nat King Cole Medley

      Crossroads                       Darkness on the Delta / Birth of
                                       The Blues

      Razzmatazz                       Chordbuster March / Rigoletto
                                       Quartet / 50's Medley

      The Light Industrial Choral      Turn Your Radio On / Beatles
      Society....                      Medley

      ...with Sounds Familiar..        The Shoop Shoop Song / Stand By Me
      Millennium                       Jezebel / Hooked On A Feeling /
                                       Rhythm Of Life

      Upstate Rhythm                   Don't Break The Heart That Loves
                                       You / After You've Gone
      Rumors                           We Are Family / The Lady Down
                                       The Hall / Ballin' The Jack

      Ambiance                         Jazz Ladies / Love...Eyes Medley /
                                       Find Out What They Like And How
                                       They Like It

      Showtime                         Daddy Won't Be Home Anymore /
                                       The Queens of Harmony

      The Chordettes                   Basin Street Blues / Garden in   
                                       in the Rain / Kentucky Babe 
      Accoustix                        Lord's Prayer

      Crossroads                       Star Spangled Banner

                                * * * * *

      Join me NEXT week when my special guest will be:

      RUTH CHIARALUCE, all the way from Venice, Florida!

      Yours in Harmony,

      Jeanie "JOANER" Garrett

      Host of "Monday Nights With Joaner"


      at "Village Radio Dot Com"

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