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The Bolton Landing Barbershop Festival

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    Hi there netters, Rich Taylor here, host of the APPLAUSE Show and President of THN...The Harmony Network. You are receiving this as a member of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2004
      Hi there netters,
      Rich Taylor here, host of the "APPLAUSE" Show and President of THN...The Harmony Network.  You are receiving this as a member of a discussion group that loves barbershop and acappella music. Many of you know me from the International Barbershop Harmony Webcast where I have been "begging" for money for the last 5 years to insure that those broadcasts continue.  People all over the world have contributed to that cause and the webcasts appear to be headed for bigger and better things.  I am personally thankful for all who have partivcipated in that funding effort.
      For the last 15 years, my good friend Bruce Checca, has been the driving force behind the Bolton Landing Barbershop Festival, the annual Labor Day event held in the beautiful upstate village of Bolton Landing, NY.  More than 30,000 people have enjoyed performances by world class barbershop quartets, choruses and acappella groups from around the world.  Each year, up to 10 champion groups appear, and this year, the 2004 International Quartet Champs, GOTCHA, will be performing.
      Since the events of 9/11, the attendance at the 2002 and 2003 festival has been significantly lower than expected and, for the first time since it's inception, the Festival sustained losses in those two years.  At the present time, the Festival is in a deficit situation, creating the inability to pay the "up front" costs of airline tickets and deposits for this years festival.
      I am forwarding a copy of a note Bruce sent to many of those who have attended the festival in the past 15 years.  He needs our help NOW in order for the 2004 Festival to take place.  Please read his note...understand the emotion from which it comes, and if you can help, please let him know now.  The decision has to be made this week.
      Thank you for all each of you offers to the world of acappella music.  Without  you, the genre may have died many years ago.  I appreciate each one of you.
      Rich Taylor, President, THN...The Harmony Network

      barbershop@... [mailto:barbershop@...]

      Here's the deal...

      The Bolton Landing Barbershop Quartet Festival has a big problem that needs
      addressing RIGHT NOW if it's going to be able to take place this year!

      WE NEED $15,000 IN FRONT MONEY THAT WE DON"T HAVE!!!! Deposits are coming
      due, airfares need to be paid, etc!   No $15,000 .... NO FESTIVAL! It's that


      Now, if somebody wants to donate $15,000... GREAT! ...but not practical....

      BUT... if I can get $100 from 150 people.... THAT"S PRACTICLE!  

      So if you've been to the festival, you know what it's worth to a lot of
      people!   Is it worth a $100 tax deductible donation (to the Bolton Landing
      Chapter) to see this thing continue???

      I'm in Louisville this week talking to everybody I can to raise the cash! 
      Somebody suggested we were going about it wrong... we didn't need $15K... we

      needed $1000 from 150 people!   ... so here I am!

      Send me a note if you want to make a donation, and then mail it to Bolton
      Festival Fund, PO Box 60, Clifton Park, NY 12065.

      This has been an all-consuming passion for 10 years of my life, and I'm NOT
      going to let it go down wihout a fight!

      Bruce Checca
      Bolton Landing Chapter President
      Execdutive Director of the Festival

      WRITE ME!   NOW! at barbershop@... or

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      Host of
      The "APPLAUSE"Show

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      for creating THN...The Harmony Network

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