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The Harmony Network..an update on your "New" A Cappella Radio Network

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    Hello to all folks who love A Cappella and Barbershop harmony; It has been a while since I have made a major post to your fine discussion group. But today I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      Hello to all folks who love A Cappella and Barbershop harmony;
      It has been a while since I have made a major post to your fine discussion group.  But today I have an update on the progress of "THN...The Harmony Network", your new opportunity to listen to "Live"  "Interractive" radio shows every day of the week.
      The Harmony Network was officially organized on February 17th as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in New Jersey.  Our goal is to have a 501 (C) 3 status based upon the educational opportunities we will provide to the local community in radio broadcasting. 
      This venture has been driven by your comments to me over the last 5 years.  My involvement in the International WebCast for SPEBSQSA has introduced me to literally thousands of people who love to listen to bafrbershop harmony.  My activities in attending shows by the major and regional Contemporary A Cappella groups has given me the opportunity to talk to hundreds of vocal harmony fans.  By being involved in judging the Collegiate A Cappella, I have met new friends whose passion for vocal harmony is outstanding.   All of these contacts have given me the ambition to bring the a cappella community a place where they can hear the music they love through "Live" "Interractive" Radio shows accessible on your computer 24 hours a day....every day of the year.
      This week, as part of the formal "Roll-out" of THN...The Harmony Network, you will be able to access your computer on Tuesday & Wednesday evening from 7-10:00PM eastern time, and hear TWO NEW shows featuring a cappella music. 
      "Tuesday Night Swipes", hosted by SPEBSQSA certified judge Marty Israel will feature both barbershop and contemporary a cappella groups.  Marty will have a "feature cut of the night" bringing information and personal insight into the featured artist and the background of the song/medley selected.  Marty will bring to the network analysis of the local and regional contests of SPEBSQSA along with his personal assessment of music and arrangements being performed today. The show airs from 7:00-10:00PM Tues.
      "The East Coast A Cappella Review" , hosted by Gary and Linda Cascio will bring you an evening of great Doo Wop and Street Harmony from the 50's. 60's and 70's.  Gary and Linda have more than 30 years experience in the Doo Wop community, and they will present the performances of local, regional and national groups who are continuing to sing the songs of the great groups from the past. Gary's knowledge of the groups, the history of the songs and the background of the original performances will give the listener a history lesson each and every week.  Gary and Linda's E.C.A.R. airs from 7:00-10:00PM Wed.
      "The APPLAUSE  Show", now in it's 8th year of continuous broadcasting, hosted by myself and Vinnie Haynes (a member of the Big Apple Chorus in NYC SPEBSQSA) will continue to air on Thursday but will adjust the hours of the show from 6:30-11:00PM to 7:00-11:00PM.  We are delighted to continue our weekly visits with you.
      Within the next three weeks, we will roll out a new show on Monday nights hosted by Jeanne Garrett, known to the barbershop world as "Joaner" and Bea Hawley, the Musical Director of the "Song of the Valley" chorus of Sweet Adelines International.  Their new show called "Joaner and Bea In Harmony" will feature barbershop harmony and contemporary a cappella music. One of the unique things about "Joaner and Bea In Harmony" will be that the hosts will bring a lot of experience to you from the female perspective.  Both hosts are long time members of Sweet Adelines International having won gold medals as members of The Ramapo Valley Spotlight Chorus.  
      And, finally, in the very near future, we will present a Sunday morning "Gospel" show hosted by a local musician, and a "late Sunday afternoon/early Sunday evening music show featuring Renee Craig, noted director, arranger and judge from Sweet Adelines International.  Our ultimate goal, once we have these shows up and running, will be to offer you "Live" shows from other locations throughout the USA and the world.  More on that later...
      So, I invite you to tune in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night this week at www.villageradio.com to hear the first of what will be "All Vocal Harmonies...All the Time"  on The Harmony Network.  Also check out the Network's website at www.harmonize.com/thn  where you can find out how you can be a part of this great opportunity.  Thanks for all your good advice and comments as we have brought this project to this point in time.
      Rich Taylor, President, THN...The Harmony Network www.harmonize.com/thn
      Host of the SPEBSQSA Int'l Webcast Team 2000-2004

      Host of
      The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Show Website: The "APPLAUSE" Show Website

      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...

      Continuous Broadcasting since 1997
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