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AMERICAN STAR: Chicago/Midwest & Regional - Summer Music Showcase Festival!

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    Come play in the biggest New Artist Festival in L.A. AMERICAN STAR Los Angeles Summer Music Showcase Festival! 8-Weeks of New Artist performances! Original
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2003
      Come play in the biggest "New Artist" Festival in L.A.
      Los Angeles Summer Music Showcase Festival!
      8-Weeks of New Artist performances! 
      Original and Classic Music with flair and style!
      Every saturday & Sunday on the wolrd famous Melrose Avenue!
      All information at:
      SATURDAY, MAY 31st
      & SUNDAY, June 1st in Los Angeles! :
      Saturday,  May 31-Sunday, June 1st (11:00am-5pm)
      Saturday, June 14- Sunday, June 15 (11:00am-5pm)
      Saturday, June 21- Sunday, June 22 (11:00am-5pm)
      Saturday, June 28- Sunday, June 29 (11:00am-5pm)

      Every Saturday & Sunday!
      July 5 & 6 | 12 & 13 | 19 & 20 | 26 & 27
      August 2 & 3 | 9 & 10 | 16 & 17 | 23 & 24 | 30 & 31

      are not talent competitions. they are performance showcases.
      It is exactly the opposite of both the FOX 11 AMERICAN IDOL or the
      STAR SEARCH television talent competition.
      There are no cattle-call open parking lot auditions or elimination rounds or public voting. There is no big Show final and competition to select only one to win.
      This is a 60-day,  2-month long Music Festival featuring new and independent artists performing every imaginable genre for independent and syndicated television presentation beginning in the Fall of 2003.
       The people coming to Los Angeles for the primary Show Cast are coming to participate in the process of learning how to be professional performers and entertainers from pros in music, acting, and support services.
      They'll learn the real steps in getting auditions, prepared for look-sees and getting representation. How to get into classes, meet instructors and coaches, managers, get an agent or register with Casting companies. How to be an "Extra Actor" in Los Angeles and much, much more .
      Each Music and Comedy entrant is going to participate in actual live performance Showcases each week, not a small group staying multiple weeks and being voted off by the mysterious public. Everyone who is accepted and registered will be featured on the TV Show broadcasts and perform live in the weekly Showcase events.
      Each week, during July and August, Saturday and Sunday, each entrant will have the opportunity to either perform musically to a live audience and be video taped and interviewed for presentation as a new artist. they will be able to present and sell there CD's or promo their show schedules, etc. 
      "Are you an amazine singer, dancer, musician or performer of any kind looking for your big break?"
      This is becoming the largest individual independent talent presentation in Los Angeles for hundreds of people who will get to perform and be seen and talk with on camera, not just a 2 or 3 minure audition in a city and sent home after hours or days of waiting.
      New info is being updted on the site daily. In Chicago, Philly, atlanta, Denver and several other cities,  people will be able to audition and, if invited to be on the Showcase Show, perform there in their regional cities, without travel problems. We will produce their performances there in July and August.
      Actors, for on-camera Hosts and Spokesmodels should send in a video tape or email a digital tape of them doing intros (of performers) and exits (to commercials). they will be scheduled for on-camera "cold-Readings" to review their personality, dress and style, attitude and competance with people and the interviewing and presentation process.
      Musical performers can audition and perform at the Chicago Showcase (extension) in early July and we'll cut it in with the L.A. footage for the fall.
      Other cities will follow in July and through August.
      What you need to bring to any live audition:
      * a pen
      * two recent photos of yourself (one full body and one close-up)
      * your state-issued photo ID
      * your high school or college yearbooks, if you still have them.
      Instructions for Home Video Submissions
      Make a brief (no more than 5 minutes!) videotape introducing yourself. Tell us what your preforming ambitions are, how you would be interesting to feature and why.

      All tape submissions must be submitted on a NEW standard full-size VHS tape.
      Please include the following with your tape and completed application and release forms:
      1. Two recent photos of yourself (one full-length, one close-up of your face) 
      2. A clear photocopy of a state-issued photo ID
      Mail your complete application package (tape, application, release forms, photos, photocopies) to:
      Casting: AMERICAN STAR TV
      c/o # 325
      333 Washington Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90292
      **Submission deadline: June 30th, 2003


      American Star� and www.areyouanamericanstar.com

      c/o 333 Washington Blvd., PMB #325

      Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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