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PlayList for The "APPLAUSE" Show May 30, 2002 WVRM Rado with Rich Taylor

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    Hi again.... Thanks for the bandwidth in advance, As we mentioned in our last posting, we had some hard drive problems and had to correct those before we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002
      Hi again....

      Thanks for the bandwidth in advance,  As we mentioned in our last posting, we had some hard drive problems and had to correct those before we could post the playlists. 

      We had another wonderful night on May 30th of bringing you the very best from the libraries of The "APPLAUSE" Show.  And this week, we received from our incredible fan in Dallas, Mr. Grady Kerr, a "gift" that will be known as "The BOOK" from this point forward.  Most of you know Grady as the historian for the Southwestern Didtrict, and the guy with the signature line that is often 2-3 times longer than any other you've seen <G>  Grady sent us 46 CDS, most of which were and are "out of print" and later in this post you will see that the artists and songs were taken from a "different era". So later on when you view the playlist, you will see  that there are cuts from groups that are not with us anymore.
      Here we go again...the Playlist for May 30, 2002:
      The Vocal Majority                         I'm the Music Man
      Louisville Times                             Ob La Di, Ob La Da
      Images                                            It Was Almost Like A Song
      City Slickers                                   Beautiful Dreamer
      Acoustix                                         Simon & Garfunkle Medley
      Toxic Audio                                  Come Together
      Sound Revival                                For You
      Vaudeville                                      By The Light of the Silvery Moon
      Swingle Singers                             Someone's Rockin My Dreamboat
      4 Star Collection                             Lasagna
      Rich Tones Chorus                         Heartaches
      Key of She                                      This Masquerade
      Boston Common                             Many Happy Returns of the Day
      Bluegrass Student Union                Lulu's Back In Town
      New Tradition Chorus                     Danny Boy
      Ambassadors of Harmony               South Rampart Street Parade
      Vocal Majority                                September Song
      Ramapo Spotlight Chorus               After The Ball
      Expanded Sound                            Hook Slice & Sinker
      Rumors                                           Ballin The Jack
      Vocal Majority                                Give Me Your Tired Your Poor
      Michigan Jake                                Always
      (From the "Book")
      Gary Parker & VM'ers                      Them VM'ers
      Vocal Majority                                J G Came Down To Dallas
      Buffalo Bills (Featured Artist)          Lida Rose
      Buffalo Bills                                    Cigarets, Whiskey & Wild Wild Women
      Buffalo Bills                                    Too Fat Polka
      Buffalo Bills                                    I Left My Heart In San Francisco
      Buffalo Bills                                    Inka Dinka Doo
      Acoustix                                         Please Mr. Columbus
      Vocal Sampling                              Pa Puerto Rico
      Vox One                                         You Don't Know What Life Is
      Doo Wop Shop                               Tonight I Fell In Love
      Glad                                               ThenGirl I Love
      Hampaton Ave                                In A Mellow Tone
      Grandma's Boys                              William Tell Overture
      Grandma's Boys                              Collegiate Love
      Osmond Brothers                            Intro/Be My Little Bumble Bee
      Osmond Brothers                            I Wouldn't Trade The Silver In My
                                                            Mother's Hair For All The Gold
                                                            In The Wolrd
      Tetrachords                                    Laughing On The Outside, Crying
                                                             On The Inside
      The Flintstones (Hanna Barberra)    Medley Of Songs
      Take 6                                            Change of a Lifetime
      Looking for an Echo                       Street Corner SErenade
      Mark IV                                           Among My Souveneirs
      Mark IV                                           River Stay Way From My Door
      OK 4                                               The Record Player Bit singing
                                                             Alexander's Ragtime Band
      OK4                                                Kate & Edith
      Singers Unlimited                           London By Night
      Grady Kerr (A Chorus of One)         Smile Tag
                                                             Irish Blessing
      Riptide                                            Fit As A Fiddle
      BSQ                                                Birth of the Blues
      Power Play                                      The Best Times I Ever Had
      Growing Girls                                 For Once In My Life
      Boston Common                             It's A Good Day
      New Tradition Chorus                     Memory
      Masters of Harmony                        I Had Someone Else Before I Had You/
                                                              Who's Sorry Now Medley
      Crossroads                                      Takin A Chance On Love
      Perfect Gentlemen                          Mr. Sandman
      New Tradition Quartet                     Once In A While
      Ladies First (Germany)                    Rhythm Of Life
      Four Under Par                               A Town In Old New England
      Ambassadors of Harmony               APPLAUSE
      Naturally Seven                              Bless This House

      Well there you have it .  Another great night of barbershop, vocal jazz, and contemporary a cappella from the studios of WVRM in Montclair New Jersey.
      Thanks for your support and for listening in to the show.  We continue to be excited about the current show and about the possibilities for barbershop on the radio in the future.   Have a great week...
      Rich Taylor, for.......
      The "APPLAUSE" Show Team
      Rich Taylor - Host, Rich Pearson - On-Air personality,
      T.J. Barranger - Engineer
      Every Thursday Night from 6:30pm-11:00PM (Eastern)
      On the Internet at:  
      EMAIL AT: 
      Winner of the 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award
      Winner of the 2000 MAD "Award of Excellence in Public Relations
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