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Play-List for The "APPLAUSE" Show WVRM VillageRadio 4/11/02

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    Hi there Netters... What a week, featuring a lot of new music that has previously not been played on the show. We previewed two new CD s from Vaudeville and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2002
      Hi there Netters...
      What a week, featuring a lot of new music that has previously not been played on the show.  We previewed two new CD's from Vaudeville and City Slickers from the Mid Atlantic District , and we gave away copies of these two CD's to two listeners who answered trivia questions about the groups.   We had seven requests, three brand new listeners and a really fun night with our audience.  We hope you'll all tune in this week when we feature some new music and play requests we have received throughout this week.

      The computer is almost ready for WARP Radio and as soon as WARP is in place, we will have an unlimited bandwidth just for you, our listeners. 

      Well here goes, the 72 great songs featured on this week's edition of The "APPLAUSE" Show:

      The Vocal Majority                               I'm The Music Man
      Jazzmania                                            Easy Street
      Richtones and Opus IV                          A Foggy Day In London Town
      Richtones Chorus                                 Someone That I Used To Love
      Tuxedo Junction                                   Silhouettes
      Showtime                                             Jenny Rebecca
      Showtime                                             Barbershop Of Seville
      Bank Street                                           Chatanooga Choo Choo
      Fourth Avenue                                      Forget About You
      Easy Listening                                      I've Got A Crush On You
      The Magnets                                         I Can't Go For That
      Millenium                                             Jezebel
      Platinum                                               Careless
      Vaudeville                                            The Key To Success With The Beautiful
      Vaudeville                                            The End Of The Road
      Vaudeville                                            Little Darlin'
             * Trivia question "what was the highest level that Vaudeville attained
                and within 2 years, the year of that achievement"
             Answer: 2nd place Silver Medalist in 1985
             Grady Kerr from Dallas receives the copy of Vaudeville's CD for answering           
             correctly...congratulations Grady.
      Marquis                                                Every Day Of My Life
      Night Magic                                          Tin Roof Blues
      Vocal Majority                                      Patriotic Medley
      Vocal Majority                                      God Bless America/This Is My Country
      Alamo Metro Chorus                            The Music & The Mirror
      Beau Jesters                                         Brother Bill
      Bluegrass Student Union                      Biff the Purple Bear
      Special Feature                                     Little Honda
      Quazars                                                Give Me A Straw Hat And A Cane
      Live Wire                                              Something About You                  
      Vocal Majority                                      Here's To The Winners
      Vocal Majority                                      The American Trilogy
      Marquis                                                Give Me The Simple Life
      Wheaton Gentlemen Callers                  Angel
      3 Men and a Melody                             Wild Women
      Special Feature                                     Give Me A Baseball
      Special Feature                                     Just Once In Time
      Davinci's Notebook                               Liposuction
      Fatherly Advice                                    I'll Be Walkin With My Honey Don
                                                                               Honeymoon Lane
      Excalibur                                              Anytime
      Joker's Wild                                         The Impossible Dream
      Acappella-Go                                        On the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
      Acappellago                                         And So It Goes
      Bluegrass Student Union                      Brand New Automobile
      Reveille                                                Pirates of the Barbary Coast
      Images w/ Northeast Connection           And So To Sleep Again
      +4 DB                                                   Naughty #9
      City Lights                                            Ellington Medley
      Spiralmouth                                         Nothing Is Written
      FRED                                                    Streets of Laredo
      For Heaven's Sake                                What a Wonderful World   
      Nightlife                                                Ride The Cahriot
      Freestyle                                               Whatever Happened To Melody
      Interstate Rivals                                     The Little Boy
      Gaynotes                                              Cabaret
      Gaynotes                                              Last Night on the BackPorch
      City Slickers                                         Loves Old Sweet Songs
      City Slickers                                         Walkin Medley
      City Slickers                                         Where The Southern Roses Grow
             * Trivia question "Name one of the two chapters that City Slickers are
                   from?"  A new listener, Patti Lund from California is the winner of
                   the City Slickers CD
      Sound Revival                                      It Had To Be You
      Pieces of Eight                                      Gold Chain
      Bara Vox                                               Round Midnight
      Easternaires                                          Bell In The Lighthouse
      Chordettes                                            Angry
      Chordettes with Arthur Godfrey            Down By The Old Mill Stream
      Buffalo Bills                                          Fit As A Fiddle
      Stacked Deck                                       Mobile
      Chatanooga Shoe Shine Boys               Chatanooga Shoe Shine Boy
      Svelte Brothers                                     When You Look In The Heart
                                                                         Of A Clown
      Split Decisions                                      Take Me To The Land Of Jazz
      Real Group                                           Sir Duke
      Millenium                                             MLK
      Vaudeville                                            Through the Eyes of Love
      Ambassadors of Harmony                     Applause
      Naturally Seven                                    Bless This House

      Well there you have it ..... a great night of acappella music.  Hope to have you listening in this Thursday when we continue celebrating the great groups that use only the human voice.

      Thanks for your support
      Rich Taylor, Host of The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      AM 1620, Village Radio, Upper Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...
      Winner of the 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement "Award
      Winner of the 2000 MAD District "Award of Excellence" for Public Relations
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