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Playlist for The "APPLAUSE" Show 2/28/02

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    Hi there netters, Wow, what a night at WVRM with T.J.Barranger, Rich Pearson and myself on the air with The APPLAUSE Show airing for 4 1/2 hours..... 4 new
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      Hi there netters,

      Wow, what a night at WVRM with T.J.Barranger, Rich Pearson and myself on the air with The "APPLAUSE" Show airing for 4 1/2 hours..... 4 new listeners, 17 emails, and even Tom Carrol calling in from Georgia....you can't get any better than that.

      As most of you already know the barbershop world lost a great man this week with the passing of Hal Purdy, member of the Livingston Dapper Dans of Harmony for many years, host of Purdy's Corral and consumate giver to the world of barbershop harmony.

      The APPLAUSE TEAM is planning a tribute night to Hal either on 3/7 or 3/14 and we need your help.  We expect to invite his daughter Mary Jo to be with us.... we hope to have the tape of an interview (albeit short) that I did at Bolton Landing in 2000, and other special things for you that night. 

      We need quartets and choruses (representatives) to email us with their stories about Hal and their relationship with him or experiences at Purdy's Corral, or personal stories about their times with Hal.  If  your quartet has a special recorded song that you would like us to play during the tribute show, send the title along with your email.  If we have your CD in our library, we will certainly play the song. 

      No matter what the occasions, your "Hal" story will be welcomed.  We are sure that the tribute will be a very VERY special part of the evening's activities. 

      Well, here goes, the songs , some 70 of them, played for your listening pleasure on the 28th of February:

      The Vocal Majority                      I'm the Music Man
      Sierra Chord Express                  When There's  Love At Home
      Ambassadors of Harmony           Through The Years
      Vox One                                    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
      Fresno Gold Note Chorus            When Day Is Done
      Philharmonix                              Puttin  On The Ritz
      Philharmonix                              Soon It's Gonna Rain
      Middlebury College Dissipated Eight  Windmills
      Utah State That One                         Rainbow Connection
      Ambiance                                  Friends
      Gotcha                                      Drifting
      Dapper Dans of Disney World      When I See An Elephant
      Jazz 'm Jam                               Giorno D'inverno
      Measure by Measure                  I have a Plan
      Singers Unlimited                       You Are The Sunshine of my life
      Acappella Gold                           Renaissance Woman
      Change of Heart                         Good Enough For Now
      BSQ                                          The Cop On The Beat, The Man In The Moon...
                                                                       and me
      Reprise                                      The Railraod Song
      The Real Group                          Commonly One Ave
      Four Shadow                              If
      Five O'Clock Shadow                  Mine Tonight
      The Ritz                                     When I Grow Too Old To Dream
      Dealer's Choice                          If You Could Read MY Mind...
      Saturday Evening Post                Give Me A Barbershop
      Heralds of Harmony                    Love Letters
      The Doo Wop Shop                    Chantilly Lace
      Persuasions                               Looking For An Echo
      Morman Tabernacle Choir            Somewhere
      King's Singers                            Theme From Mahogany
      Chordettes                                 I Believe
      The Buffalo Bills                         Your Eyes Have Told Me So
      Blue Champagne                        Fit As A Fiddle
      Gem City Chorus                        Second Hand Man
      Sounds of Acchord                     Lida Rose/ Dream of Love
      Schroedingers Cat                      Jumpin On Line 
      Toxic Audio                                Take a Chance On Me/Dancin Queen Medley
      Dealer's Choice                          Mr. Piano Man
      Voices of Liberty                        Folk Medley
      Metropolis                                  Sing Sing Sing
      Cracker Jills                               My Coloring Book
      Tonic Solfa                                 Oklahoma Wind
      Management                              I've Got The World On A String
      Vocal Majority                            Meditation/Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars
      Acoustix                                    Graduation Day/ Blue World
      Idea of the North                         You've Got What It Takes
      Michigan Jake                            All The Pretty Horses
      Masters of Harmony                   Make Our Garden Grow
      Western Wind Ensemble            Mood Indigo
      Ball In The House                       Scared
      Ramapo Valley Spotlight Chorus  Ragtime Medley
      Suntones                                   Emaline
      Suntones                                   Irving Berlin
      Hampton Avenue                        In A Mellow Tone
      Hampton Avenue                        Fixin A Hole
      Acoustix                                    This Is The Moment
      Uptown Sound                            My Father, My Friend, My Pal
      RichTones Chorus                      Opus One/Stompin at the Ritz
      Manhattan Transfer                     My Cat Fell In The Well
      Sidewinders                               Fukk Time Job
      Four Renegades                         Nellie
      Four Renegades                         Old Folks
      Auto Towners                             In My Brand New Automobile
      Boyz Nite Out                            When I Look In Your Eyes
      Street Corner Harmony               Good Old A Cappella
      No Refund                                  For The Longest Time
      Middlesex School A Cappella      Coming Around Again
      Power Play                                I Miss Mother Most of All
      Riptide                                       Chordbuster's March/It's A Brand New Day
      Ambassadors of Harmony           Applause
      Naturally Seven                          Bless This House

      Well there it is , another edition of The "APPLAUSE" Show.  We thank you all for listening and, KEEP THOSE EMAILS AND CALLS COMING IN!  We love hearing from you.  Remember the Hal Purdy songs and statements... Thanks
      (Emails should go to applause@...
      The "APPLAUSE" Show Team
      Rich Taylor
      , Host
      Rich Pearson, On-Air Personality,T.J.Barranger, Engineer 
      Broadcasting every Thursday Night 6:30PM-11:00PM
      On WVRM, 1620AM, Montclair, New Jersey

      On the Internet at www.villageradio.com,
      emails us at:  applause@...

      Winner of the 2000 International P.R.O.B.E. Award of Excellence
      Winner of the 1999 Mid Atlantic District P/R Award of Excellence

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