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50New Group.... Arrangements....

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  • Jimbo
    Apr 1, 2001
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      I think we have spoken before and I am not sure where we left off.  I know that I have followed the X-tension chords for a while and would be honored to get some of your arrangements.  We are again, After School Special, from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.  We are a 9 member group looking to go to ten.  We are hoping to get some good arrangements to finish our year out and start next year with our 10 members that we hope to have.
          I think you asked me to check on the arrangements I wanted... I really didn't mind or know which ones to choose.  I like the end of "The Look" and I like Jessie's Girl.  I was hoping you could send me a slew of them so we could get a feel for the contemporary world.  We only sing classical stuff right now.  I will pay shipping charges.  I don't know what you suggest but just grabbing some "easier hard stuff" that will make us work but be accomplishable that would be awesome.  One other group sent us stuff.  Juxtaposition sent me a dozen tunes and a recording of them.  I don't know how possible that is but it has helped so much.  I just sent their check out this week.  Any help you can give us would be awesome. PLease let me know what I can do to help you in any way.
      Okay.... I just checked your site and like these tunes...
      Jessie's Girl
      Open Arms
      As Long As You Love Me
      The Sound of Silence
      One Week
      We Built This City
      Say It Aint So
      Lazy Boy
      Again, we have NO music in our files and would love to atrt with a group such as yours helping us out.. hence someone who has had success.  Please write me back good or bad.  Please don't forget the extreme recognition you'd get at any of our performances and the link on our future web page!  Thanks, Andy....
      See Ya,
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