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Chi Rho Reflection for the Week of August 25, 2013

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    Chi Rho Reflection for the Week of August 25, 2013 ********** Please check out two new things on our Web site: Our new line of note cards,
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      Chi Rho Reflection for the Week of August 25, 2013

      Please check out two new things on our Web site:
      Our new line of note cards,
      and our newest book, "A More Excellent Way," by
      EXCEL Retreat Ministries, at


      As one of the on-going ministries of Chi Rho Press,
      here is a selection from our book of daily devotions,
      "Living as the Beloved: One Day at a Time," by the
      Rev. Dr. Sandra Bochonok.

      Please read the Scripture passage and Dr. Bochonok's
      meditation. We hope you will be blessed. Thank you
      for forwarding this to your friends.

      Jesus stopped

      "As they were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed
      him. There were two blind men sitting by the roadside.
      When they heard that Jesus was passing by, they shouted,
      'Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!' The crowd sternly
      ordered them to be quiet; but they shouted even more loudly,
      'Have mercy on us, Lord, Son of David!' Jesus stood still
      and called them, saying, 'What do you want me to do for
      you?' They said to him, 'Lord, let our eyes be opened.'
      Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes.
      Immediately they regained their sight and followed him."
      Matthew 20:29-34

      As usual, a large crowd was excitedly thronging around Jesus
      as he and his disciples departed from yet another city. We
      will never know if the two blind men sitting on the roadside
      were waiting for him. It might have been just a routine day
      for them as they begged passing travelers for alms.

      But when they heard through the noisy commotion, that the
      remarkable Healer, Jesus, was passing in front of them,
      they knew their lives could change forever. In a flash of
      a second, they realized this was a once in a lifetime
      opportunity. They seized it with gusto and shouted again
      and again, at the top of their lungs, for Jesus to have
      mercy on them. They refused to be hushed by the annoyed
      crowd. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
      They could not and would not be silenced.

      Jesus heard their cries for mercy and stopped. He halted
      in his tracks and came to a complete standstill. Through
      the din of the crowd, he heard their voices of blind faith.
      Their persistent shouts touched his compassionate heart.
      Even though many others were competing for his attention,
      Jesus focused on the blind men with tunnel vision, boring
      into the innermost depths of their souls as he inquired
      what they wanted from him.

      The blind men eagerly blurted out their desperate request
      for sight. They wanted to see and Jesus immediately granted
      their desire. It was a miracle and the astonished crowd
      cheered and praised God. The newly sighted men joyously
      joined the exuberant and celebrating crowd. They followed
      Jesus, close on his heels. They could not take their eyes
      off of their gracious Benefactor, memorizing every detail
      and gazing deeply into his wonderful face.

      These two men help us see Jesus with the eyes of faith.
      Even before Jesus stopped in his tracks, these desperate
      ones had seen Jesus more clearly than the sighted crowd.
      How could this be? Through their other God-given senses,
      they had learned to listen and hear with great alertness
      and attentiveness. As a result, their physical disability
      had taught them spiritual wisdom and discernment. Their
      faith in the Healer was not a foolish, reckless, or
      stupid faith. Even before Jesus stopped, they were
      utterly convinced Jesus would help them.

      There may be times when we feel blinded by doubt, despair,
      sorrow, disillusionment, hate, confusion, and exhaustion.
      Perhaps we need a new vision of God and these blind men
      can lead us into a clearer view of God's compassion and
      mercy through the Healer. These two men help us gaze
      deeply at Jesus. As Jesus stopped and listened so
      compassionately to them, he will likewise halt and listen
      to our cries for help. We can be comforted and strengthened
      through this knowledge.

      God, we want to see Jesus with new eyes. Bless us with
      the clarity of vision these blind men had. Give us, we
      ask, eyes full of faith. Amen.

      Grace and peace,
      Chi Rho Press

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