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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. II, No. 22

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter Vol. II, No. 22 5 October 2001 ************************* “Blessed are those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2001

      The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      Vol. II, No. 22
      5 October 2001


      �Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be
      comforted,� Matthew 5:4.

      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you for
      passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

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      1. Positively Gay Published!
      2. Soulfoodministry.org
      3. RCYM.org
      4. Featured Book: Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse
      5. The Third Step
      6. Upcoming Chi Rho Press Events
      7. Don't Forget These Exciting Opportunities
      8. Adam's Last Word


      1. Positively Gay Published

      Chi Rho Press has copies of the third edition of
      �Positively Gay: New Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Life�
      (Celestial Arts, 2001).

      Chi Rho Press is now carrying this book in part because
      our founder and Director, Adam DeBaugh, wrote the chapter
      entitled, �Using Your Gay and Lesbian Voting Power.�
      This is an important book and the new edition, in the
      bright red cover, is an important addition to every LGBT

      �I wish we had published that!� says Adam DeBaugh. �But
      I am proud to have been a part of Positively Gay since the
      publication of the first edition in 1979. This book has
      been a basic primer for LGBT life for 22 years!�

      �Positively Gay has been widely and consistently praised
      for its practical treatment of the variety of topics
      affecting the lives of gays and lesbians. In this revised,
      third edition, Dr. Betty Berzon has brought together an
      impressive list of contributors from diverse backgrounds,
      disciplines, and approaches to spotlight significant but
      frequently overlooked issues that often take center stage
      in a gay or lesbian person�s life.

      �From lawyers, writers, psychologists, social workers,
      rabbis, and priests, you�ll read about building successful
      same-sex partnerships, reconciling religious dilemmas,
      coming out to your family, creating gay families, using
      your voting power, dealing with legal and financial issues,
      and living as a gay person of color. Although much has
      changed since 1979, this fully updated edition of Positively
      Gay holds true to the original mission of focusing on those
      aspects of gay and lesbian life that can most directly
      enhance one�s positive identity.� (From the book jacket.)

      Author Michelangelo Signorile says, �Positively Gay was the
      first gay book I ever read. It scared me. It challenged
      me. It excited me. And it eventually made me feel good
      about myself.�

      Sections of the book include, Being Gay: Personal Issues,
      Social Options; Partnering: The Special Issues of Same-Sex
      Coupling; Family Relations: Fresh Perspectives; Aging: A
      Season of Grace; Religion: Reconciling the Spiritual
      Dilemma; The Practical Aspects: Taking Control of Your
      Life; People of Color: The Special Experiences of
      Minorities Within a Minority; Young People: The Future
      of Our Community; and Telling Our Stories. There is
      also a helpful discussion guide.

      Authors include the compiler and editor, Betty Berzon,
      Mark Thompson, Betty Fairchild, Del Martin and Phyllis
      Lyon, Rabbi Denise Eger, Rev. William Johnson, Father
      Robert Nugent, Brian McNaught, R. Adam DeBaugh, Teresa
      DeCrescenzo, and John Preston. U.S. Rep. Barney Frank
      wrote the Foreword.

      �Positively Gay� sells for $14.95, plus $2.50 shipping
      and handling. Currently it is only available from Chi
      Rho Press through mail order (not on the Web page).
      Please send your check or money order for $17.45 to Chi
      Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898.


      2. Soulfoodministry.org

      The Rev. Dr. Sandy Bochonok continues to update and improve
      her wonderful Web site at www.Soulfoodministry.org. We
      encourage you to visit and look for the Sandy�s spiritual
      response to the Sept. 11 tragedy.

      Press Editor Kevin Stone Fries is over halfway through
      editing Sandy�s new book, �Living as the Beloved: One Day
      at a Time,� a book a daily devotionals.


      3. RCYM.org

      Our new friend Steve Payne runs a wonderful Web site for
      gay and lesbian Christian youth. The Rainbow Christian
      Youth Ministry (RCYM) can be found at http://www.rcym.org.

      RCYM now has an on-line store and some of the Chi Rho
      Press books are featured.

      Please visit RCYM.org and thank Steve for his wonderful
      ministry with LGBT Christian youth.


      4. Featured Book: Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse

      'Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse' by Dr. Rembert
      Truluck will help you counteract fanatical, judgmental

      Dr. Truluck has identified a lethal trend in the religious
      community -- the tendency to be legalistic and judgmental
      and to use the Bible as a weapon to hurt people rather than
      a source of healing and love.

      He concentrates on the Good News of the Bible, Good News
      that is for everyone, not just heterosexual white men.
      Too often LGBT commentators concentrate on defending
      their position that the Bible doesn't really say anything
      bad about homosexuality.

      Dr. Truluck concentrates on those many passages of the Holy
      Scripture, which speak words of love, understanding,
      tolerance, and joy for God's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
      transgendered people and those who love them. Dr. Truluck
      proves that the Bible is our friend!

      We invite you to take this journey with us! Buy 'Steps
      to Recovery from Bible Abuse' on the Chi Rho Press Web
      site, http://www.ChiRhoPress.com, using your credit card
      on our secure shopping cart, or by sending $28.45 ($24.95
      plus $3.50 shipping and handling) to Chi Rho Press, P.O.
      Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898.

      Join us in the third Step in the next article.


      5. The Third Step

      (From Chapter 8 of 'Steps to Recovery from Bible
      Abuse,' by Dr. Rembert Truluck.)

      The Third Step: Examine Your Faith

      You cannot win the battle against abusive religion by
      yourself. Jesus won the victory for all people over
      oppressive religion.

      Take a fearless objective look at your faith. Is it
      really yours? Religion may have abused and oppressed you
      so that you have more doubts than faith. How can you
      regain your spiritual life and health? How can Jesus
      help? Jesus said, �Follow me� (Mark 8:34). What does
      following Jesus mean to you?

      Every person experiences Jesus Christ in his or her own
      way. No two people have exactly the same experience with
      Jesus, because no two people are exactly alike. Attempts
      by religious leaders to expect and demand conformity to a
      standard kind of �experience with Christ� for everyone are
      unhealthy and usually lead to a shallow and hypocritical
      temporary religious fix.

      Study the experiences with Jesus that are recorded in the
      Gospels and the Book of Acts and you will notice that no
      two experiences are exactly the same. Only Paul met
      Christ on the Road to Damascus. Your experience with God
      in Christ will fit you just as the biblical experiences
      always fit the personality and situation of each
      individual. Enjoy being yourself. Let Jesus be for you
      what truly fits you. You have the promise of the help of
      the Holy Spirit to guide you to discover and experience
      Jesus for yourself in the ways that best fit you.


      The Third Step continues with Bible studies on How to
      Become a Christian, The Truth Will Set You Free, What
      the Crucifixion Says About You, and Hope and the
      Resurrection of Jesus.


      6. Upcoming Chi Rho Press Events

      Nov. 9 and 10, the last Mid-Atlantic District Conference,
      Hagerstown, MD. Chi Rho Press will have a book table in
      the Conference Book Store, selling books, handouts,
      stained glass, videos and tapes, and other items.
      Visit www.mcc-midatl.org for more information.

      We will be holding a raffle of a holiday basket filled
      with Press Books, tapes, the Kreider video, and other
      goodies. Raffle tickets will be $1.00 each, six for
      $5.00. Come join us in Hagerstown and say hello!

      Nov. 25, Traveling Bookstore at Imago Dei MCC, Media, PA.


      7. Don't Forget These Exciting Opportunities

      Become an Angel On-line! You may make contributions
      to the ministry of Chi Rho Press on our Web site,

      Over the summer, Chi Rho Press launched its Guardian Angel
      Individual Sponsor Program. The support of our Guardian
      Angels will help the Press to publish new books and build
      this ministry.

      To put contributions on your credit card, using our secure
      shopping cart on our Web page, go to

      Highlight the numeral 1 in the box and type in the amount
      you want to contribute (for instance, $150 to become a
      Guardian Angel). Click the Add to Cart link to the right
      of the amount box and the Shopping Cart will come up
      and you can either continue shopping or click on Check Out
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      asking you for your credit card number, etc. Be sure to
      give us your mailing address as well as e-mail address so
      we can send you your welcome gifts.

      If you have specific questions about the Guardian Angel
      Program, you may e-mail us at Angels@...,
      or telephone us at 301/926-1208.


      New Promissory Notes are now available. The Chi Rho Press
      Board of Directors has authorized the issuance of new
      Promissory Notes. We have recently paid off the first four
      of the 17 Notes that are outstanding, and the Board feels it
      is timely to offer additional notes to continue our full
      capitalization program.

      As before, $1,000 Promissory Notes are available from
      Chi Rho Press, at 8% simple interest, repaid in eight
      quarterly payments over a two year period.

      Write Adam@... for the text of the Promissory
      Note, or send your check for $1,000 (or $2,000, $3,000,
      or even $5,000!). We will send a signed Note after the
      receipt of your check.


      'The Road to Emmaus' an inclusive daily devotional by and
      for LGBT people of faith, $9.95 each, six or more copies
      for $7.50 each, plus shipping and handling. Please order
      it on our secure shopping cart on our Web site at
      http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. (Subscribers to the Chi Rho
      Connection also receive the Chi Rho Reflection at the
      beginning of each week, featuring a reading from 'The Road
      to Emmaus' from that week.)


      Chi Rho Press author and Pennsylvania activist Roberta
      Kreider is now featured in a new video produced by
      John Davis. The new video, 'Family Stories: Journeys of
      Spirit in Mixed Orientation Families' produced by John
      Davis, featuring Roberta Kreider (compiler of 'From Wounded
      Hearts') and Mary Lou Wallner, with an introduction by the
      Rev. Peter J. Gomes. VHS format, color, 35 minutes,
      $29.95, shipping and handling included. It is only
      available through the mail. Please send your check or
      money order for $29.95 to Chi Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864,
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898. Pre-paid orders only please.


      8. Adam's Last Word:

      We are in Good Company. American Taliban leader Fred Phelps
      has added Billy Graham to his hate list!

      Fred Phelps, pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka,
      Kansas, on evangelist Billy Graham: �We are going to picket
      Billy Graham�s funeral. He�s a [former] friend of mine.
      He is a perverted, depraved, degenerate, back-sliding
      reprobate. . . . We�ve already got I think 12, maybe 14,
      big signs we�re going to use at his funeral.� (quoted in
      a Door interview). From Christian Century, Sept. 12-19,
      2001, issue. Can you believe this guy?

      That�s not all! Rush Limbaugh attacked Jerry Falwell and
      Pat Robertson for their ridiculous and absurd notion that
      �America got what it deserves� in the terrorist attack on
      the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Falwell asserted
      that the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the
      American Way, pro-abortion folks, and, of course, gays and
      lesbians, bore responsibility for the attacks since because
      of them, God has turned God�s back on America. That was
      too much for even the stalwart of the political right wing,
      Rush Limbaugh!

      Phelps, Falwell, and Robertson are part of the American-
      style Taliban! Clearly, fundamentalism is the world�s
      greatest enemy today. It doesn�t matter if it is the
      Muslim fundamentalism that apparently gave rise to the
      heinous attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
      on Sept. 11. Or the incredibly stupid and narrow-minded
      remarks by our own Osama bin Falwell on Pat Robertson�s
      television show. Or the over the top idiocy of Phelps and
      his rapid band of family members who are ready to picket
      Rev. Billy Graham�s funeral just like they picketed Mat
      Shepherds� funeral and many others.

      Narrow, legalistic, self-righteous, bigoted fundamentalism
      is the enemy. This is true whether it is the Islamic
      radical fundamentalism that was apparently the impetus for
      the murders of thousands in New York City, in Pennsylvania,
      and at the Pentagon, or the rabid radical Christian
      fundamentalism of the likes of Phelps, Falwell, and others
      in this country.


      The holiday season is fast approaching. We are going to be
      publishing the Chi Rho Connection more often through the
      end of the year. Please think of Chi Rho Press when you are
      making up your Christmas lists. Books make wonderful gifts!
      We also have stained glass, tapes, and videos. And don�t
      forget our rainbow key chains and bracelets they make
      great stocking stuffers!

      But most of all, as we prepare for the holiday season, in
      the midst of the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11
      and the coming conflict, let us covenant together to make
      this holiday season a time of giving, a time of reflection,
      and a time of peace.


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

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      Copyright 2001, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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