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Chi Rho Connection, August 2011

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. XII, No. 1 4 August 2011 ************************* Contents: 1.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2011

      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. XII, No. 1
      4 August 2011



      1. Special Order Month Free Books with Each Order
      2. "I'm Still Dancing: A Gay Man's Health Experience"
      3. Presbyterians Finally Ordain LGBT People
      4. Sterling Silver MCC Crosses and Logos
      5. Adam's Last Word


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you
      for passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to

      To remove yourself from this list send an e-mail to

      Please visit our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com
      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, videos,
      tapes, tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@....


      1. Special Order Month Free Books with Each Order

      August is special order month! Order any book or other
      item from our Web site, http://www.chirhopress.com, and
      receive another item from our catalog of equal or lesser

      Just place your order and e-mail Adam DeBaugh at
      Adam@... and let him know what else you
      would like in your shipment!

      God's blessings on you.


      2. "I'm Still Dancing: A Gay Man's Health Experience"

      In honour of the Rev. Steve Pieter's birthday this week,
      we have copies of his excellent book about his early
      years of living with HIV. We urge you to order it at

      A powerful book by a long-term survivor of AIDS: articles,
      sermons and journal entries chronicle life with AIDS.
      Sick since 1982 and diagnosed with AIDS in 1984, Steve's
      cancers have gone into complete remission and he remains
      well to this day. He served for many years as Field
      Director of the UFMCC's AIDS Ministry.

      "I'm Still Dancing" sells for $8.95 each, six or more
      copies for $6.75 each, plus shipping and handling.

      Order at http://tinyurl.com/ImStillDancing


      3. Presbyterians Finally Ordain LGBT People

      In honour of the Presbyterian Church finally agreeing
      to ordain open LGBT people, order an anthology that
      helped! "Called Out: Voices and Gifts of LGBT
      Presbyterians" sells for $17.95 each, six or more
      copies for $15.25 each, plus shipping and handling.

      Order at http://tinyurl.com/CalledOutPresbyterians


      4. Sterling Silver MCC Crosses and Logos

      Chi Rho Press, your MCC LGBT Christian publishing
      house, carries Solid Sterling Silver MCC crosses and

      A Gay jewelry artist has cast the traditional MCC
      Chi Rho cross and the newer MCC logo in Solid
      Sterling Silver for Chi Rho Press.

      The traditional MCC Cross with the overlapped Greek
      letters Chi and Rho in the center (a traditional
      monogram for Christ, being the first letters in
      the Greek word Christos) and the Greek letters
      Alpha and Omega on the cross bar (the first and
      last letters in the Greek alphabet, signifying
      the Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the
      beginning and the end). On the reverse of the
      cross is the dove of the Holy Spirit. The Solid
      Sterling Silver crosses are 13/16 inches wide and
      1 inch tall, and sell for $19.95 each, plus shipping
      and handling. Six or more are $14.95 each, plus
      shipping and handling.

      The new MCC logo on a round pendant with the flame
      of the Holy Spirit intersecting the stylized globe.
      The Solid Sterling Silver MCC logos are 7/8 inch in
      diameter, and sell for $24.95 each, plus shipping
      and handling. Six or more are $18.95 each, plus
      shipping and handling.

      Please see and order your MCC Crosses or MCC Logos
      at this link:


      5. Adam's Last Word

      If you live in Maryland, join us for the Upper
      Montgomery and Frederick (UMaF) PFLAG Support Group,
      the second Sunday each month from 4 to 6 pm, at Open
      Door MCC, 15817 Barnesville Road, Boyds, MD 20841
      (for directions, go to www.opendoormcc.com).

      UMaF PFLAG is part of a national organization, Parents,
      Family, and Friends of LGBTQ People.

      Ample parking at the church and all are welcome. Come
      join our One Big, Happier Family. For more info write
      UMaFPFLAG@... or call Adam DeBaugh at 301/926-1205.

      If you are on Facebook, please �like� our brand new
      UMaF PFLAG's page at http://tinyurl.com/UMaF-PFLAG.

      And join us on the second Sunday of each month at 4 pm.


      Can you help Chi Rho Press? Let all your friends know
      about us and encourage them to visit www.ChiRhoPress.com
      and buy a book or other product!

      And please see our Facebook page at
      http://tinyurl.com/ChiRhoPress and �like� our page.

      Thanks and grace and peace to you all.


      Please encourage members of your church to participate
      in the special fund raising offer from Chi Rho Press.
      We will make a donation of 10% of all sales from
      people who mention your congregation in the "Special
      Instructions and Comments" box on the check out page.
      Please let your people know as soon as possible about
      this opportunity to help both our ministries.


      Shipping and Handling Tip: This tip will be
      especially important if you are ordering one or
      two Liturgical Calendars!

      When you are ordering from the Chi Rho Press Web
      site, be sure to tell us your preferred shipping
      method. The way the shopping cart is set up, the
      shipping method defaults to United Parcel Service.
      This is NOT the most economical way to ship for
      orders under seven pounds. If you want the most
      inexpensive shipping (within the United States)
      it is usually best to pick USPS (United States
      Postal Service Domestic Parcel Post) for packages
      weighing under seven pounds. UPS (United Parcel
      Service) Ground is more economical for packages
      heavier than seven pounds. The shopping cart will
      tell you how much your order weighs in the box right
      next to your order amount and price. There is a link
      there to change your shipping method as well.

      When I order one copy of the Liturgical Calendar and
      allow the default UPS Ground shipping method, the
      shipping cost is almost as much as the book, $10.11!
      But if I change the shipping method to USPS Parcel
      Post shipping is only $6.28, and it is $6.46 for USPS
      Priority Mail.

      Be smart shoppers and choose your shipping options
      carefully to avoid paying too much!


      Gracia y paz,

      Brother R. Adam DeBaugh, OSL
      Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of
      someone passing it along to you and would like to receive
      it directly from us, please follow these directions:

      To SUBSCRIBE send blank e-mail to:
      To UNSUBSCRIBE send blank e-mail to:

      Please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. You may
      pay by credit card on our web page or we will ship
      your order after receiving your check or money
      order. Please always include your e-mail address,
      mailing address, and telephone number.

      For all e-mail correspondence, please write

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Copyright 2011, Chi Rho Press, Inc.
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