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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. IX, No. 6

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. IX, No. 6 16 April 2008 ************************* Contents: 1.
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      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. IX, No. 6
      16 April 2008



      1. New John McNeill Book
      2. May We Suggest Chi Rho Cards?
      3. Special for Churches
      4. "Christian with a Twist"
      5. Adam's Last Word


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you
      for passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to

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      Please visit our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com
      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, videos,
      tapes, tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@....


      1. New John McNeill Book

      Progress is accelerating on the new book by the
      Reverend John J. McNeill, to be published this
      year by Chi Rho Press.

      "Sex as God Intended it to Be" is a meditation
      on sex and sexuality by one of the premier
      pioneers of the theology of sexuality. Under
      the leadership of the Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski,
      the book will also be a "festschrift," or a
      compilation of tributes to the ministry of this
      remarkable man of faith.

      In addition to Father McNeill's new manuscript,
      "Sex as God Intended it to Be," there will be
      essays on his life and ministry by Mark Jordan,
      Ken Paige, Bob Goss, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, James
      Donahue, Mary Elizabeth Hunt, Jim Mitulski, and

      John McNeill is a former Jesuit priest who has
      been involved in LGBT ministry for over 40 years.
      Fr. McNeill has a doctorate in philosophy from
      Louvain University in Belgium. In 1972 McNeill
      decided to dedicate himself to ministry to LGBT
      people through writing and direct ministry. He
      helped found Dignity/NYC, a ministry to gay and
      lesbian Catholics in New York City. He published
      his first work "The Church and the Homosexual" in
      1976. This was the first work by a competent,
      qualified theologian to question Church teaching
      on homosexuality. McNeill argued that all the
      traditional arguments against homosexuality were
      invalid. Consequently, the churches should
      seriously reexamine their teaching on

      One year later, the Vatican ordered McNeill to
      silence on issues concerning homosexuality. He
      observed that order for nine years. In 1988 he
      decided he could no longer obey that order in
      conscience. As a result, McNeill was expelled
      from the Jesuit order after forty years of
      membership. He continued to publish. His next
      two books, "Taking a Chance on God: Liberating
      Theology for Gays, Lesbians and Their Lovers,
      Families and Friends," (1988), and "Freedom,
      Glorious Freedom: The Spiritual Journey to the
      Fullness of Life for Gays, Lesbians and Everbody
      Else" (1995) were published by Beacon Press.
      His autobiography, "Both Feet Firmly Planted
      in Midair: My Spiritual Journey," was published
      by Westminster/John Knox press in 1998.

      In 1972, John was invited to give a retreat to
      LGBT people at Kirkridge, an ecumenical retreat
      center in the Poconos, He gave two retreats
      every year for the next twenty-five years.

      At present, John has retired to Fort Lauderdale,
      Florida. While retaining his identity as a Roman
      Catholic priest and theologian, John is an active
      associate in the pastoral ministry of Sunshine
      Cathedral, a Metropolitan Community Church.

      In March, 2007 the National Gay and Lesbian Task
      Force gave its lifetime achievement award to John
      McNeill, "for leading the way in understanding
      that being gay is a gift from God."

      For further biographical information visit John
      McNeill's website: www.johnjmcneill.com

      There are ways you can partner with us in the
      publication of this landmark book. First, pray
      with us as we finalize the gathering of the
      festschrift essays, the final editing, and
      layout and design of the book.

      Second, help us financially as we gather the
      funds needed to print and bind the book. You
      can make a tax-deductible contribution for the
      McNeill book by either sending a check to Chi
      Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD
      20898, USA, or pay with your Visa, MasterCard,
      or Discover card on our secure Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com/sponsor.html

      We are also soliciting loans to be repaid out
      of the sale of the book. Write Adam@...
      for more information about this opportunity.

      And third, watch for new of pre-publication
      sales of the book and order your copy!

      Lastly, celebrate with us as we publish an
      important book by an important, openly Gay
      theologian, who has inspired many over the
      past 30 years with his writing, his teaching,
      and his inspirational leadership.


      2. May We Suggest Chi Rho Cards?

      Please check out Chi Rho Cards: A line of Gay
      and Lesbian greeting cards from Chi Rho Press.

      With original artwork by talented New York artist
      Timothy Leetch, Chi Rho Cards are designed by and
      for the Lesbian and Gay community. Chi Rho Cards
      are printed on 100% recycled paper and are affordably
      priced, selling single cards (for $1.49 each), in
      packs of five of one design (for $6.95), packs of
      ten of one design (for $12.95), and in a sample
      pack of two of each of the eight cards (for $16.95).

      Women's Relationship Card. A religiously-themed card
      for a Lesbian couple, suitable for Holy Unions,
      Anniversaries, legal marriages, or just to celebrate
      their relationship. On the cover, a dove of peace
      holding entwined female symbols is superimposed over
      the cross. Inside: "God's Blessings on Your

      Men's Relationship Card. A religiously-themed card for
      your favorite Gay male couple, suitable for Holy Unions,
      Anniversaries, legal marriages, or just to celebrate their
      relationship. On the cover, two men stand hand in hand in
      a grand cathedral. Inside: "God's Blessings on Your

      Lesbians' Anniversary Card. Two women, very much in love,
      silhouetted on a seashore, make this a striking card for a
      Lesbian couple's anniversary. Inside: "Happy Anniversary!"

      Gay Men's Anniversary Card. An intimate scene of a Gay male
      couple's bathroom decorates our card to celebrate your
      favorite Gay couple's anniversary. "His and His" towels
      are next to a steamed up mirror on which is written, "I
      luv U" in a heart. Inside: "Happy Anniversary!"

      All Purpose Anniversary Card. Our all purpose anniversary
      card is ideal to celebrate anniversaries of relationships,
      employment, sobriety, or any other special occasion. On
      the cover, festive cards pinned to spell out "Happy
      Anniversary." Inside: blank so you may write your own
      specific message.

      Get Well Card. Send our little bear to cheer up a friend
      who is ill, and speed their recovery. On the cover, little
      Aloysius the Teddy Bear in his sick bed. Inside: "I Can't
      Bear That You Are Ill. Get Well Soon."

      Sympathy Card. An empty chair poignantly calls to mind the
      loss of a loved one, through death or divorce. Inside:
      "Grieving With You at Your Loss. You are in my Prayers."

      Thank You Card. Our leaping figure celebrates all that we
      have to be thankful for. Express your gratitude with this
      joyous card. Inside: blank, write your own specific message.

      All Chi Rho Cards measure 4-1/4" wide by 5-1/2" high and
      come with plain white envelopes. Our packaging isn't fancy,
      to save you money.

      Order your selection of Chi Rho Cards now! Single cards are
      $1.49 each, packs of five of one design are $6.95, packs of
      ten of one design are $12.95, and a sample pack of two of
      each of the eight cards is $16.95; plus shipping and handling.

      Find them and see pictures of each card at


      3. Special for Churches

      Here's a way for your local congregation to partner with
      Chi Rho Press and to make some money as well. Chi Rho
      Press is an LGBT Christian publishing house that is part

      Chi Rho Press will give your church a donation of 10%
      of sales from people who list your church in the on-line
      secure Web site order form.

      Let your congregation know about this special offer and
      send them to the Chi Rho Press Web site,
      http://www.ChiRhoPress.com When they place an order,
      ask them to list your church name and address in the
      "Special Instructions and Comments" box on the check
      out page.

      Chi Rho Press will send 10% of the total order,
      including shipping and handling, to your church.

      Please advertise this in your church bulletin, newsletter,
      Web site, list-serve, or other communication medium.
      Spread the word and earn money for your ministries while
      helping this ministry to grow.

      Please let us know if you are going to participate but
      writing Adam@.... Thank you!


      4. "Christian with a Twist"

      Here is a selection from our book of reflections,
      "Christian with a Twist: Reflections on Scripture
      that are a bit more inclusive, a bit more relevant,
      and with a bit of a bite," by the late William Gaston.

      "Christian with a Twist" is available for $19.95 each,
      $14.95 each for six or more copies, plus shipping and
      handling. You can read more about it and order it at

      As the subtitle suggests, Bill's writing has a bit
      of a bite, and we believe you will enjoy his sharp,
      but loving take on Scripture, life, and faith.

      Here is a selection entitled "Christ in Her"
      from the Easter section of "Christian with a Twist."

      Please read Mark 16:1-2.

      Where do we find Christ? Certainly not in a tomb.
      Most Christians take the story of Jesus' physical
      resurrection literally, and those of us who do not
      need to be a bit careful how we express ourselves.
      No matter what the actual events looked like long,
      long ago; Jesus is very much alive for us. But where
      do we find him?

      I think we often catch glimpses of Jesus when one
      person serves another out of love. Sometimes we
      see Jesus in the face of the server and sometimes
      in the gratitude of the one served. In fact,
      allowing another to serve you is often a way of
      serving them.

      Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of Jesus in this
      gospel version of the story went to serve Jesus one
      last time. He was beyond need of that particular
      service, but they were not beyond the need to serve
      him. And they were not beyond the reach of his love
      for them.

      In another story about Mary and Martha, two sisters
      and friends of Jesus, it was Mary who knew that the
      best way to serve Jesus was to sit and listen to him.
      Martha, more practical and more like most of us,
      measured her own service in work accomplished.
      Jesus told her that her sister had chosen the
      better part.

      Some say it was that same Mary who anointed Jesus'
      feet and dried them with her hair in John's Gospel.
      That is about as loving and personal as service can
      get. Some of those gathered around just did not get
      it and even complained that the expensive ointment
      could have been sold and the money given to the poor.
      There is no way to put a price tag on service when
      Christ is found in it.

      On the evening of the Last Supper Jesus insisted on
      washing the feet of his disciples. In a way this is
      the beginning of the course of events that transformed
      the person of Jesus into Christ for us. Again, some
      did not get it and wanted to wash his feet instead,
      or to take the gesture to a meaningless extreme of
      a total bathing.

      But Jesus taught us that divinity dwells in the
      ultimate servant, not he or she who demands service
      valued in gold or dollars. We can do a lot of good
      with our money and our resources, but it is when we
      give of ourselves that Christ is revealed. Christ
      was in each of the women named Mary in his story,
      and each of them sought Jesus by giving of themselves.
      It is in giving ourselves away that we find the
      resurrected life that Jesus promised.



      5. Adam's Last Word

      We are very excited about Father John McNeill's book
      and hope you will join us in this venture. As we
      explain in the first article, there are three ways
      you can help. First, keep Chi Rho Press in your
      prayers as we continue final work on this manuscript.

      Second, help us financially to assist in paying for
      the printing of this important book, either by making
      a loan to be repaid out of sales of the book or by
      making a generous, tax-deductible contribution to
      Chi Rho Press.

      Third, watch for the announcement of the pre-publication
      sale and buy advance copies of the book.

      I believe "Sex as God Intended it to Be" will be an i
      mportant contribution to the theology of sexuality
      that John McNeill pioneered in 1976. Won't you help?


      Please encourage members of your church to participate
      in the special fund raising offer from Chi Rho Press.
      We will make a donation of 10% of all sales from
      people who mention your congregation in the "Special
      Instructions and Comments" box on the check out page.
      Please let your people know as soon as possible about
      this opportunity to help both our ministries.


      We had a wonderfully successful Traveling Bookstore
      at Open Door MCC in Boyds, Maryland, USA last Sunday.
      Chi Rho Press' old friend and former editor Kevin
      Stone Fries was on hand to help out. Many thanks
      to our generous friends at this wonderful church.
      Read about Open Door at http://www.opendoormcc.com


      The new Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary is still
      available. Chi Rho Press' annual Liturgical Calendar
      and Lectionary for 2007-2008, Year A is now on the
      Chi Rho Press Web site and ready to ship. You may
      view and order it at this link:


      I really encourage you all to become Guardian Angels
      of Chi Rho Press. This will help us a lot as we
      prepare our next books for publication. Just $150
      for a year will make you an important participant in
      this ministry.

      Thank you!


      Gracia y paz,

      Brother R. Adam DeBaugh, OSL
      Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of
      someone passing it along to you and would like to receive
      it directly from us, please follow these directions:

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      Please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com You may
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      order. Please always include your e-mail address,
      mailing address, and telephone number.

      For all e-mail correspondence, please write

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Copyright 2008, Chi Rho Press, Inc.
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