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Chi Rho Press' eNewsletter, Vol. II, No. 9

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* Chi Rho Press eNewsletter Vol. II, No. 9 11 April 2001 ************************* Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2001
      Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      Vol. II, No. 9
      11 April 2001


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Thank you for
      passing this eNewsletter on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to mailto:ChiRhoPress-
      subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please visit our Web site at
      http://www.chirhopress.com to see our entire lines of books, handouts,
      tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@.... See the end of this
      eNewsletter for a complete list of e-mail addresses at ChiRhoPress.com.



      1. Handouts Reprinted at Last!
      2. Second Printing of �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse�
      3. Rembert Truluck�s Preface to the Second Printing
      4. �Called OUT!� Now More Than Ever
      5. Adam's Last Word: New Printings, Kevin�s Baptism, Easter


      1. Handouts Reprinted at Last!

      Chi Rho Press is pleased to announce the full availability of its complete
      of Handouts. Churches and other ministries can now order without delay the
      Handouts that have been out of print for some time, including �Welcome to
      MCC� and �What Do We Believe?�

      Three of our four Handouts are specifically designed for Metropolitan
      Community Churches, while the fourth, �Free to Be: A Brief Look at the
      Bible and Homosexuality,� is useful for anyone.

      The Chi Rho Press line of Handouts includes:

      �FREE TO BE LESBIAN/GAY: A Brief Look at the Bible and
      Homosexuality,� by the Rev. Michael England. A brief analysis of the
      Biblical passages traditionally used to condemn homosexuality. Based on
      his best selling book, �The Bible and Homosexuality,� now in its fifth
      edition from Chi Rho Press, Michael England has distilled the most important
      information from the book into this convenient, pocket-sized Handout.

      �WELCOME TO MCC!� by R. Adam DeBaugh. Basic background
      information about the UFMCC. Useful for visitors to MCC churches or
      anyone interested in learning about MCC.

      �WHAT DO WE BELIEVE?� by R. Adam DeBaugh. An explanation of the
      UFMCC Statement of Faith, the creedal statement that binds MCC members
      together worldwide.

      DeBaugh. A description of the requirements for membership in MCC.

      The four Handouts are helpful ministry tools for membership classes, visitors�
      packets, Pride events, while traveling on church business, or during visits to
      friends in the community. All four Handouts clearly and quickly inform
      readers about issues important to MCC congregations.

      Chi Rho Press�s Handouts are pocket size reference materials priced at $0.20
      each, plus shipping and handling. Discounts are available for orders of very
      large quantities. Handouts are six inches high by 18 inches long, and folded
      down to a handy, pocket-sized, six by three-inch brochure.

      In addition, Chi Rho Press offers other books useful to MCC�s ministry: �The
      UFMCC Mission Statement,� by Rev. Virginia G. Miles and R. Adam
      DeBaugh, and the �2001 Liturgical Calendar� specially designed for our
      churches by Rev. Tom Bohache of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

      The Press also offers two additional fun and informative MCC resources by
      Jean Gralley. Gralley�s insightful cartoons collected in �What a Fellowship�
      will add levity and meaning to the congregational life of any MCC. Also,
      Gralley�s �Whole Church Body Book� explains church history in a way that
      all members can enjoy, with special attention to the life and call of the
      in the church.

      Please visit our Web site at http://www.ChiRhoPress.com to learn about
      our full line of products that each celebrate the faith and sexuality of all

      Order materials from our Web site, http://www.ChiRhoPress.com, using a
      credit card and the fast and convenient shopping cart option. Or send your
      check or money order in the amount of the price of the materials plus
      shipping and handling to:

      Chi Rho Press
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898


      2. Second Printing of �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse�

      The second printing of one of our most exciting, important, and unique books
      has been delivered by the printer!

      �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� has only been improved with the second
      printing! The cover is now laminated and much more durable. The back cover
      features a bar code for easier handling by bookstores. This printing also
      includes the Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication information. And
      lastly, the author has written a short update that readers will enjoy (see

      Sales of �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� continue to be very strong.
      Ads for Dr. Truluck's book have appeared in the Advocate, and we are running
      advertisements in upcoming issues of The Other Side and Open Hands

      �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� continues to be our fastest-selling
      It is still available for only $24.95, or $18.75 each for six or more copies,
      shipping and handling.


      3. Rembert Truluck�s Preface to the Second Printing

      During the last year since this book was published in January 2000, many
      significant events related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT)
      spiritual issues and religious oppression have occurred. The largest church
      denominations in the U.S. held national conferences in which full
      by GLBT people in all of church life was debated at length without any
      positive results. Soulforce volunteers under the leadership of Dr. Mel White
      and the Rev. Jimmy Creech protested anti-gay religious oppression and abuse
      at each of these national gatherings.

      The campaign and election of a new U. S. President took place, bringing a new
      administration with vastly different attitudes towards GLBT issues and the
      separation of church and state. The long-term effects of these national
      for GLBT people are yet to be seen. Religion remains the primary source for
      homophobia and the oppression of GLBT people. Misinformation about
      GLBT people in politics and religion is being challenged, but the results so
      far have demonstrated little or no change in religious and political actions.

      The need for the information in this book now is greater than ever.

      An encouraging sign during the past year has been the development of many
      home study groups around the world using this book as a guide for information
      and dialogue. My visits to churches and conferences, leading workshops on
      this book were encouraging and led to local study groups being started in
      many places. My web site on �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� at
      http://www.truluck.com along with regular e-mail updates to thousands of
      readers have provided an on-going interactive dialogue and learning
      opportunity for many.

      A series of GLBT Sunday School lessons is the next step in this ministry of
      information. I am preparing this series of Sunday School type lessons on
      Jesus to be published soon by Chi Rho Press and to be made available in
      the form of weekly group study materials.

      A professional video to accompany �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse� will
      also be made available through Chi Rho Press. This video, produced by
      Adraine Bowie, will provide an inspirational example of possibilities arising
      from the use of �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.� The video is based
      on my visit at Resurrection MCC in Houston, Texas, in January 2001.

      Contact the author by e-mail at rembert@... to request to be added
      to the e-mail list for updates related to the web site and book.


      4. �Called OUT!� Now More Than Ever

      The big news this Spring is that a majority of Presbyteries have voted against
      an amendment that would have prohibited Presbyterian ministers from
      celebrating holy unions for same sex couples. A majority of the 173
      Presbyteries in the United States voted against Amendment O, which would
      also have banned same sex unions from even being held in Presbyterian

      This is a significant victory for LGBT Presbyterians and their supporters.
      It may herald a return of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to its traditional
      policies of tolerance and local autonomy.

      The struggle now moves toward the Presbyterian General Assembly this
      June in Louisville, where there are many �overtures� or bills pending that
      affect the role of LGTB people in Presbyterian churches. We believe that
      Presbyterians need to read �Called OUT! The Voices and Gifts of Lesbian,
      Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Presbyterians� now more than ever.

      �Called OUT!� was compiled by the Rev. Jane Adams Spahr, Kathryn
      Poethig, Selisse Berry, and Melinda McLain. In it 39 LGBT Presbyterians
      tell their stories about their lives in, and out of the Presbyterian Church.
      People from both the old northern and southern churches, and the reunited
      Presbyterian Church (USA), from all over the United States, tell their stories
      here with candor, wit, and faith. An important book for all who either are
      Lesbian or Gay or would seek to understand Gay people of faith, regardless
      of their religion. Now in its second printing, �Called OUT!� has been called
      an incredibly valuable book. Former Stated Clerk William P. Thompson
      (who was arrested with Soulforce activists at last year�s General Assembly)
      said, �Presbyterians should read �Called OUT� within the year.�

      �Called OUT!� is available from Chi Rho Press for $17.95 each, six or more
      copies for $15.25 each. You may order on our web site at


      5. Adam's Last Word

      This has been a busy season as you can guess from the fact that we haven�t
      had an eNewsletter since March 16. We have taken delivery of the new
      printing of �Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse,� with a much improved and
      durable cover.

      We also reprinted all four of our Handouts (10,000 copies of each!), this time
      all in a restful purple ink. I especially recommend all four Handouts for the
      Metropolitan Community Churches they make excellent handouts for
      new visitors, membership classes, and at Pride events.

      And �Free to Be: A Brief Look at the Bible and Homosexuality� is an
      excellent little handout for everyone to use this is our third printing of
      10,000 for that one! All churches that are welcoming and affirming of
      LGBT people could make use of this important little brochure.

      A word about pricing: when the Handouts were first produced in 1995 we set
      the price at 15 cents each, regardless of the number ordered. Over the past
      years, the prices of paper and printing went up dramatically and as a
      result we
      have had to increase the price of our Handouts to 20 cents each. I think this
      still a bargain! And it is the first price increase for our Handouts since
      first came out six years ago.

      I hope you will order large quantities of the Handouts for your churches.


      We had a wonderful event in the life of our little Press family a couple of
      weeks ago. Our Editor/Office Manager, Kevin Stone Fries, was baptized on
      his birthday, April 1. He was also brought into membership of Open Door
      MCC, Boyds, Maryland, following his baptism. Kevin�s entire family
      (biological and family of choice) joined Chi Rho Press board and staff people
      and the congregation of Open Door MCC for this joyous event.

      Coincidentally, it was the first Sunday of Open Door�s new pastor, the Rev.
      Dr. David Park, who comes to Maryland from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Dr.
      Park presided over a powerful and Spirit-filled worship service, made all the
      more special for us at Chi Rho Press because of our brother Kevin�s baptism
      and rite of membership. Congratulations, Kevin!


      It is Holy Week as I write this. A week filled with worship opportunities,
      powerful readings and meditations, and solemn events. This week is the
      centerpiece of Christian life, leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection
      of Jesus Christ. It is a week of palms, Bible study, Seders, foot washings,
      contemplation, and great joy.

      For me, this week includes a Seder on Maundy Thursday at Open Door
      MCC. But I am doing something a little different on Good Friday. A local
      Methodist Church has a labyrinth, which they are going to set up on Good
      Friday and Kevin and I are going to walk the labyrinth Friday evening. It
      should be a wonderful time of meditation and reflection a spiritual
      highly recommended by one of our authors, Dr. Sandy Bochonok.

      As part of my spiritual discipline in the labyrinth on Good Friday, I will be
      lifting up in prayer all of you in the Chi Rho Press community of faith. I
      be praying for the faithful readers of this eNews, our customers, our
      our generous contributors, our board and staff, our authors, and all those
      whose lives this ministry touches and whose lives and ministries touch us.

      May God�s wildly inclusive love enrich and bless you in this Eastertide.

      Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen indeed!


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at Chi Rho Press. We
      eager for your comments, your suggestions, your assistance with selling our
      books, and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your prayers for this

      If you've received our eNewsletter as a result of the good offices of someone
      passing it along to you (which we certainly encourage) and would like to
      receive it directly from us, please follow the directions at the end of our
      eNewsletter to subscribe.

      To order, please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com/. You may pay by credit
      card on our web page or we will ship your order after receiving your check or
      money order. Include your e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone
      number please.

      If you have questions, please write to Question@.... For
      comments and suggestions about this eNewsletter, please write
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      Our snail mail address is:

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      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Our Canadian friends can order using credit cards on our web page or through
      our Canadian distributor, MAP Enterprises, Mary Ann Pearson, Box 340,
      Odessa, ONT, Canada, K0H 2H0; e-mail: mailto:mapenterprises@...;
      phone or fax: 1-613-386-5711; or toll free (leave a message) 1-877-245-9569.

      Copyright 2001, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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      Grace and peace,

      R. Adam DeBaugh
      Chi Rho Press
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