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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. VIII, No. 8

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. VIII, No. 8 13 September 2007 *************************
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      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. VIII, No. 8
      13 September 2007



      1. New 2008 Liturgical Calendar: Advance Orders
      2. New Sterling Silver Pendants
      3. May We Suggest Stained Glass?
      4. "Christian with a Twist"
      5. Labyrinth Retreat!
      6. Adam's Last Word


      This issue's Quote:

      In a letter written near the end of his life,
      J. R. R. Tolkien said, "so it may be said that
      the chief purpose of life, for any one of us,
      is to increase according to our capacity our
      knowledge of God by all the means we have, and
      to be moved by it to praise and thanks."


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you
      for passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to

      To remove yourself from this list send an e-mail to

      Please visit our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com
      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, videos,
      tapes, tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@....


      1. New 2008 Liturgical Calendar Advance Orders

      We have been working hard on the Liturgical Calendar
      and Lectionary for the Church Year, which starts with
      the first Sunday in Advent, December 2, 2007. It is
      almost ready and our Web minister has put it on the
      Chi Rho Press Web site (http://www.ChiRhoPress.com)
      so you can place your advance orders and we will be
      ready to ship your Calendars to you the minute they
      come off the press!

      The NEW 2007-2008 Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary
      Year A is now on the Chi Rho Press Web site. You may
      view it and order it at this link:

      The 2007-2008 Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary sells
      for $11.95 each, $9.50 each for six or more copies, plus
      shipping and handling.

      The Lectionary in the Liturgical Calendar is from the
      Revised Common Lectionary, widely used as the
      ecumenical consensus on readings for each Sunday and
      holy day in the three-year cycle of the church year.
      Our Liturgical Calendar is packed with useful
      information for planning worship and preaching in
      the local church. It is intended for use by pastors,
      musicians, altar guilds, teachers, theological students,
      and anyone using the Church Year as a basis for worship
      or education. The Liturgical Calendar is spiral bound
      so it can lie flat for easy use, in the popular 8 ½" x
      11" format.

      Featured in this new Liturgical Calendar are these
      sections: A Heading that identifies the day in the
      church year (for example, the first Sunday of Advent)
      with alternative descriptions where appropriate.
      The Revised Common Lectionary readings, including
      a brief summary of each reading. (These are intended
      as only a very brief overview to identify general
      themes as an aid to worship planning. We do not
      represent them as anything approaching a thorough

      The First Reading is usually from the Hebrew Testament,
      but there are exceptions, such as the use of readings
      from Acts during the Easter season. These are sometimes
      selected thematically to fit the Liturgical Calendar,
      but often are simply being read through key passages
      over a series of weeks. This is followed by a Response,
      usually a Psalm. The Epistle Reading is next, like the
      Hebrew Testament Reading typically a series of key
      passages from the same book being read over a number
      of weeks. Finally the Gospel Reading follows the story
      of Jesus through the Christmas and Easter cycles, plus
      the teachings of Jesus the rest of the year.

      Next is a section called "Worship Planning." This
      includes suggestions for decorations or symbols for
      special seasons, such as Advent wreaths; the
      liturgical color for the day; etc.

      Rev. Witt has added lots of Notes in the Worship
      Planning section, which serve to explain in more
      detail information about the time of the church
      year, provide resources for further study and
      information, and develop liturgical themes to make
      your worship experience more rich and meaningful.

      Then comes a section called "Special Events," which
      includes any special events occurring that day or that
      week that you may wish to commemorate, such as World
      AIDS Day, and some special occasions for celebrations
      of diversity, such as celebration days for specific
      cultures (e.g., Cinco de Mayo) and special days for
      the GLBT community (e.g., a day of remembrance for
      Matthew Shepard).

      As a special added section, we have included
      alternative readings for the five Sundays of
      Pride-Tide (June) prepared by the Rev. Gordon
      McCoy. The five sets of readings for Pride-Tide
      may be used at any time in the year that the faith
      community celebrates LGBT Pride. The standard
      Revised Common Lectionary readings are included
      for the five Sundays in June as well.

      The 2007-2008 Liturgical Calendar will be a helpful
      aid for anyone involved in planning worship, as well
      as a useful resource for all who want to know more
      about the Church year and the rich liturgical life
      of the Church Universal. We think you will like
      this Liturgical Calendar.

      Order the 2008 Calendar at this new link:

      The 2008 Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary sells for
      $11.95 each, $9.50 each for six or more copies, plus
      shipping and handling.


      2. Sterling Silver Pendants

      Chi Rho Press, your MCC LGBT Christian publishing house,
      totally sold out of our first two orders of Sterling
      Silver MCC crosses and logos! Our silver smith is
      working now to create a new order for us. They will
      be ready soon! Order now, but be patient! Real
      craftsmanship sometimes takes time.

      A Gay jewelry artist has cast the traditional MCC
      Chi Rho cross and the newer MCC logo in Solid
      Sterling Silver for Chi Rho Press.

      The traditional MCC Cross with the overlapped Greek
      letters Chi and Rho in the center (a traditional
      monogram for Christ, being the first letters in the
      Greek word Christos) and the Greek letters Alpha and
      Omega on the cross bar (the first and last letters
      in the Greek alphabet, signifying the Jesus is the
      Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end).
      On the reverse of the cross is the dove of the Holy
      Spirit. The Solid Sterling Silver crosses are 13/16
      inches wide and 1 inch tall, and sell for $19.95 each,
      plus shipping and handling. Six or more are $14.95
      each, plus shipping and handling. Chains are extra.

      The new MCC logo on a round pendant with the flame
      of the Holy Spirit intersecting the stylized globe.
      The Solid Sterling Silver MCC logos are 7/8 inch in
      diameter, and sell for $24.95 each, plus shipping
      and handling. Six or more are $18.95 each, plus
      shipping and handling. Chains are extra.

      We also have 24 inch chains in polished steel for
      $2.50 each and in Solid Sterling Silver for $10.00
      each, plus shipping and handling.

      Please see and order your MCC Crosses or MCC Logos
      at this link:


      3. May We Suggest Stained Glass?

      We have on our Web site eight photos of stained glass
      windows made by resident stained glass craftsperson,
      Adam DeBaugh. Adam specializes in windows and also
      created the small pieces that Chi Rho Press sells.

      The stained glass pieces made especially for Chi Rho
      Press are the basic cross ($12.00), the gay/lesbian
      rainbow flag ($18.00), the red stained glass AIDS
      ribbon ($7.50), the rainbow cross ($18.00), and the
      rainbow star of David ($18.00). See them at

      Contact him at Adam@... for further
      information and to discuss commissions for larger

      Please visit the Chi Rho Press Web site and take a
      look at the stained glass windows and buy some of
      the smaller pieces that are readily available.


      4. "Christian with a Twist"

      Here is a selection from our book of reflections,
      "Christian with a Twist: Reflections on Scripture
      that are a bit more inclusive, a bit more relevant,
      and with a bit of a bite," by the late William Gaston.

      "Christian with a Twist" is available for $19.95 each,
      $14.95 each for six or more copies, plus shipping and
      handling. You can read more about it and order it at

      As the subtitle suggests, Bill's writing has a bit
      of a bite, and we believe you will enjoy his sharp,
      but loving take on Scripture, life, and faith.

      Here is a selection entitled "ALL Things Work for
      Good" from the Ordinary Time section of "Christian
      with a Twist."

      Please read Romans 8:28-32.

      I am trying to be nicer to Paul lately. A few weeks
      ago when Paul was being a pain in my flesh complaining
      about the sins of his own actions, I resisted the urge
      to criticize and instead encouraged us all to pray for
      the Pauls of this world. That was good of me I suppose,
      but the credit goes to my teachers from Jesus himself
      to our own pastors. Occasionally I do listen, even to

      Today though, I just want to tell Paul to stop while
      he is ahead. The lectionary passage is really longer
      than what I have included here, and I wanted to shorten
      it even more. I do not believe God puts conditions on
      us. Yes, we certainly should love God, but that really
      does not need to be commanded of us. We will love God
      more and more as we break down the barriers of fear
      that separate us, or step out of the way and let God
      reach through them. All of us are surely called by
      God according to a special and unique purpose. This
      is not always evident from our limited perspective,
      but it has been true from the beginning of time when
      God spoke the word that set creation in motion and
      breathed life into the first living creature.

      Yes, God gave up God's most special and beloved Son
      to the world. God sends all of God's children into
      the world for that is where we live and grow. God
      knows that we will make mistakes and even die, but
      in so doing we add to the magnificence of what God
      has wrought. God takes delight in the faltering
      steps we take as well as our occasional triumphs.
      Yes, God is for us cheering us on with more
      enthusiasm than the most aggressive soccer parent.
      We are God's! If God drove a car it would be
      plastered all over with bumper stickers saying
      we are on the honor roll of life. God calls us
      each by name and cheers each of us on.

      All things work for good. They may hurt for a
      while sometimes they hurt a lot and for what seems
      like a long while. Growing can be a painful
      process. But God is always there to make our
      hurts better. God does not run out of time for
      us, and in the end it will all be very good indeed.



      5. Labyrinth Retreat!

      Walking toward Holiness and Wellness
      October 12-14, 2007
      Leaders: The Rev. Reg Richburg and the Rev. Marian

      Join us for a weekend retreat for all who seek the
      path to healing and wholeness with God, with others,
      or with oneself. There will be time for personal
      reflection and group interaction. Presentations on
      using sacred objects for personal prayer, praying
      with the sacred path of the Labyrinth, and letting
      go of old wounds for God's healing touch will be

      The retreat will begin Friday evening after dinner,
      and continue all day Saturday. A Labyrinth will be
      available for prayerful walking and meditation, and
      for teaching purposes. Retreatants are invited to
      remain for the Sunday worship service at Open Door
      MCC at 10 am Sunday morning, and for additional
      training and Labyrinth work Sunday afternoon.

      The retreat costs $75. Friday evening snacks, a
      light breakfast and full lunch on Saturday will
      be served. Scholarships are available.

      Send your check or money order for $75 made out
      to Open Door MCC, P.O. Box 127, Boyds, MD, 20841.
      301/916-5777. See www.opendoormcc.com for

      Please include your name, mailing address,
      telephone number, and e-mail address; and the
      name of this retreat.

      Housing is not included in the registration fee.
      We have made arrangements with the Holiday Inn
      Gaithersburg, 2 Montgomery Village Avenue,
      Gaithersburg, MD 20879; 301/948-8900. Web site:

      The hotel has an indoor pool, exercise room, and
      Jacuzzi. They provide a shuttle to the Shady Grove
      Metro Stop (Washington DC's subway system) until 9
      pm. Our block of rooms will be held until two weeks
      before the retreat.

      The room rate is $79.00 a night, plus 12% tax.
      Room rates are for single, double, triple, or
      quad occupancy. We will provide shuttle service
      to and from the hotel to the Center for
      Spirituality throughout the retreat. Please
      indicate when you register that you will need
      a ride.

      For further information about this and other
      retreats in our first season, please e-mail
      Adam DeBaugh at Adam@....

      * * * * *

      Marian Humphrey was ordained in the Metropolitan
      Community Churches in 2003. Most of her career has
      been in the human services field as a Licensed
      Clinical Social Worker in Virginia.

      Marian has had a deep abiding interest in spirituality
      work from every day to Celtic Spirituality. She has
      designed and facilitated retreats for both adults and
      youth for over 20 years.

      Rev. Humphrey is a May 2007 graduate of Wesley
      Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. She has
      earned Master's degrees in Social Work and Pastoral
      Ministry. She is a graduate of the Shalem Institute
      Group Leader's Retreat Training Program and has
      taken courses in Spiritual Direction at Washington
      Theological Union in Takoma Park, Maryland.

      The Rev. Reg C. Richburg, LMSW, began his
      involvement with MCC in 1991. Reg was ordained
      at MCC New York in 2000 after completing training
      through the denomination's SIR program. He has
      become a specialist in Spiritual Companioning
      (Guild for Spiritual Guidance), Contemplative
      Prayer (Shalem Institute), and is a labyrinth
      facilitator (Veriditas Worldwide Labyrinth
      Project). Currently, Reg serves full time as
      the Director of the Wellness Center of MCC of
      Washington, DC.

      * * * * *

      The Open Door Center for Spirituality is an
      independent outreach program of Open Door MCC.
      Our mission is to provide opportunities for
      spiritual inquiry and growth through dialogue,
      experience, and education. Recognizing that
      spiritual growth is both personal and continual,
      and yet lived out in relationship with others,
      the Center for Spirituality exists to provide
      a safe atmosphere where all people, regardless
      of theological difference or sexual identity,
      may come together to find guidance and strength
      for the spiritual journey, both corporate and

      The Open Door Center for Spirituality will provide
      quality retreat programming (both day and weekend
      programs) to foster spiritual growth and
      understanding among persons of various theological
      and liturgical traditions. While the Center is
      grounded within the tradition of the Metropolitan
      Community Churches, its goal is to reach all people,
      both in and beyond the Christian tradition.


      6. Adam's Last Word

      This may be the earliest we have had our annual
      Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary available.
      But it's not QUITE finished! We are putting the
      finishing touches on it and waiting to hear from
      the Rev. Gordon McCoy with readings for a fifth
      Sunday in Pride-Tide, since June has five Sundays
      in 2008. We also hope to have a couple of surprises
      for you as well.

      The biggest change is that Raye-Ann Dorn, who worked
      with the Rev. Clay Witt for the last three years to
      produce the Liturgical Calendar, has retired. Raye-
      Ann created the "Following God's Footprints" section
      of the Liturgical Calendar for the past three years,
      containing information about traditional saints on
      each day of the year. I have stepped in to put the
      Calendar together and used much of what Clay has
      created over the last three years to give you a
      helpful and creative Year A with lectionary readings
      as specified by the ecumenical Revised Common

      Our Web minister has put the Calendar on the Web site,
      so order your advance copies today! Advance orders
      will be shipped as soon as the 2008 Liturgical Calendar
      comes off the presses, before the end of September.

      Order now at


      Shipping and Handling Tip: This tip will be
      especially important if you are ordering one or
      two Liturgical Calendars!

      When you are ordering from the Chi Rho Press Web
      site, be sure to tell us your preferred shipping
      method. The way the shopping cart is set up, the
      shipping method defaults to United Parcel Service.
      This is NOT the most economical way to ship for
      orders under seven pounds. If you want the most
      inexpensive shipping (within the United States)
      it is usually best to pick USPS (United States
      Postal Service Domestic Parcel Post) for packages
      weighing under seven pounds. UPS (United Parcel
      Service) Ground is more economical for packages
      heavier than seven pounds. The shopping cart will
      tell you how much your order weighs in the box right
      next to your order amount and price. There is a link
      there to change your shipping method as well.

      When I order one copy of the Liturgical Calendar and
      allow the default UPS Ground shipping method, the
      shipping cost is almost as much as the book, $10.11!
      But if I change the shipping method to USPS Parcel
      Post shipping is only $6.28, and it is $6.46 for USPS
      Priority Mail.

      Be smart shoppers and choose your shipping options
      carefully to avoid paying too much!


      I really encourage you all to become Guardian Angels
      of Chi Rho Press. This will help us a lot as we
      prepare our next books for publication. Just $150
      for a year will make you an important participant in
      this ministry.

      Thank you!


      Gracia y paz,

      Brother R. Adam DeBaugh, OSL
      Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of
      someone passing it along to you and would like to receive
      it directly from us, please follow these directions:

      To SUBSCRIBE send blank e-mail to:
      To UNSUBSCRIBE send blank e-mail to:

      Please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. You may
      pay by credit card on our web page or we will ship
      your order after receiving your check or money
      order. Please always include your e-mail address,
      mailing address, and telephone number.

      For all e-mail correspondence, please write

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Copyright 2007, Chi Rho Press, Inc.
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