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Chi Rho Press eNewsletter, Vol. II, No. 4

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* Chi Rho Press eNewsletter Vol. II, No. 4 27 January 2001 ************************* “A good book is the best of friends, the same
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      Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      Vol. II, No. 4
      27 January 2001

      �A good book is the best of friends, the same to-day and for ever.� Martin
      Tupper (1810-1889), �Proverbial Philosophy�

      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Thank you for passing
      this eNewsletter on to others.

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      1. A Tribute to MCC (on the anniversary of the arson of MCC Los Angeles,
      2. My Memory Book
      3. Final Week! January White (Paper) SALE!
      4. Staff Bio: Kevin Stone Fries
      5. Featured Book: The Bible and Homosexuality
      6. Adam's Last Word


      1. A Tribute to MCC (on the anniversary of the arson of MCC Los Angeles,

      On Jan. 26, 1973, the Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles on Union
      Street was destroyed by arson. The building had been the first property in
      America owned by an organization with a primary outreach to gays and lesbians.

      The Sunday after the fire, the Rev. Troy Perry, the pastor, led worship in the
      street next to the church for a massive crowd. Despite the fiery attempt to
      destroy the first MCC, God�s LGBT people sat in the bright sunshine, unafraid
      and unashamed of who God had made them to be.

      The movement continued to grow. There are now MCC�s all over the world and
      many own their own buildings.

      Chi Rho Press pays tribute to Troy Perry, and all the saints of MCC, who have
      paved the way for a vibrant LGBT religious reformation.


      2. My Memory Book

      We are very pleased to announce to the young and the young-at-heart a second
      printing of �My Memory Book: A Journal for Grieving Children, Second Edition�
      by Gretchen Gaines-Lane, LCSW-C. Please visit
      http://www.chirhopress.com/products.html and click on the social action button
      on the left to see a cover of the book.

      Though created for children by a children's grief and bereavement specialist,
      many adults are using �My Memory Book� to create memorials for loved ones who
      have died. Like a panel in the AIDS quilt, a copy of �My Memory Book� can
      become an important part of the grief process after losing a beloved friend or

      �I love this workbook for children of all ages,� says Patricia Kelly,
      of �Final Gifts� and a consultant in the Washington, D.C. area. �This is a
      book to treasure.�

      Space is available throughout the book for the grieving person to write or
      draw. Directions for over 20 exercises are given on the left hand side page,
      and the right hand side page is devoted to the grieving person�s creative
      The reader uses �My Memory Book� to create a book of memories about the loved
      one who died that is uniquely his or her own. �My Memory Book� encourages
      written exercises, collage, journaling, and drawings in any medium the user
      cares to employ.

      Dr. Phyllis Silverman, one of the most reknowned experts in the bereavement
      field, writes, �This is one of the best workbooks I have seen to help . . .
      understand the nature of grief. It legitimates . . . ties to the deceased and
      helps find ways to talk about these connections.�

      The unique genius of this book is that it is wonderful for anyone to use,
      regardless of age. �My Memory Book� provides enough exercises for readers of
      any age to return to it again and again to celebrate the life of one recently
      lost and of their life together. The book also includes a special section in
      the back for readers to design their own exercises.

      Though many buy this book for family members, many counselors in the
      professional community have also recognized the therapeutic benefits of �My
      Memory Book� and use the book with their clients. �This workbook is a
      wonderful tool to assist therapists and counselors in their work with bereaved
      children,� says Nancy Boyd Webb, DSW, BCD, Professor, Fordham University
      Graduate School of Social Service.

      An Illinois hospice and hospital just ordered another 100 copies of �My Memory
      Book� for their on-going use. We are proud of their recommendation of this
      important book as a bereavement tool for people of all ages.

      �My Memory Book� is available from Chi Rho Press for $10.95 each, $8.95 each
      for six or more copies, plus shipping and handling.


      3. Final Week! January White (Paper) SALE!

      These are the final days for our special sale in the month of January 2001.
      have been calling it our January White (Paper) SALE!

      For all paid orders received through snail mail and postmarked in January
      we will pay the shipping and handling.

      We want to make a special gift to readers of this eNewsletter so rather than
      changing the Web page shopping cart, this sale is only for prepaid orders sent
      to us via snail mail.

      You can use our web page as your Chi Rho Press catalog. Just choose as many
      books, handouts, stained glass, or other products as you want from what you
      find on our Web page (http://www.ChiRhoPress.com). If you would prefer a
      printed copy of our catalog, just email us with your mailing address.

      Jot down a list of the items you want in a letter to us. Figure the cost of
      the items, and send a check or money order for that amount. Don't add
      and handling, we will pick up the tab for that!

      Again, this is only for prepaid orders, sent to our mailing address (P.O. Box
      7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898), in the month of January 2001.

      Of course, if you prefer, you may still order on our Web page, using our
      convenient shopping cart and paying with your credit card, but shipping and
      handling will be included in your charges.

      Hurry and order today! Only five more days! We look forward to hearing from


      4. Staff Bio: Kevin Stone Fries

      We continue our board and staff bios with our newest paid employee, Mr. Kevin
      Stone Fries.

      Kevin Stone Fries, Chi Rho Press� Editor/Office Manager, first learned about
      the Press in 1998 and volunteered to help edit Roberta Showalter Kreider�s
      �From Wounded Hearts: Faith Stories of LGBT People and Those Who Love Them.�

      In the spring of 2000, after editing Dr. Rembert Truluck�s �Steps to Recovery
      From Bible Abuse,� the Board of Directors made him Editor. Last October,
      Director Adam DeBaugh and the Board hired Kevin as the Press� first paid
      Editor/Office Manager.

      An avid diarist, Kevin has kept various diary and journal projects going since
      1988. He hopes to build a professional expertise in the subject of
      life-writing (a quasi-subgenre including diaries and letters, autobiography

      Since 1997, he has been working with Felice Picano (author of many books and
      articles including �Like People in History,� and �Book of Lies�) to publish
      Picano�s diaries. To date, selections of Mr. Picano�s diary will soon appear
      in �a/b Auto/Biography� magazine (http://facstaff.uww.edu/hoganj/ab.htm), and
      �Afterwords: Real Stories from Gay Men's Erotic Diaries,� edited by Kevin
      Bentlek and to be published soon by Alyson Books.

      Last spring, Kevin began to learn about various modes of energy work, focusing
      mainly the Japanese tradition known as Reiki. Kevin�s interest in Reiki is
      inspired in part by Chris Hubble, a future Chi Rho Press author.

      A 1996 graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, and a 2000
      graduate of the George Washington University Center for Professional
      Development with a Professional Editing certificate, Kevin hopes to
      continue to
      develop his academic and trade credentials in the language arts.

      Kevin has lived most of his life in Montgomery Village, Maryland, a no-longer
      outer suburb of Washington D.C., very near the Press� offices.


      5. Featured Book: The Bible and Homosexuality

      Our first featured book of the new millennium takes us back to the basics.
      too many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people of faith, the Bible
      has been used as a club to batter and beat them down.

      Only six lonely little verses that have been used against LGBT people.
      the paucity of unequivocal condemnation in the Hebrew and Christian
      religious folk use those six verses to justify a world of hurt for LGBT
      their families, and supporters. These "clobber passages" are over-used and

      So for much of the LGBT community, "going back to the basics" of their
      oppression is going back to the Bible. The Rev. Michael England has written
      what we think is the best primer on "The Bible and Homosexuality." We are
      proud to have published this slim, but important volume, which has been our
      best seller for 10 years. In 1998 we published the fifth edition of Michael's
      important work.

      "The Bible and Homosexuality" is $10.95 each, $8.95 each for six or more
      copies, plus shipping and handling. You may order from our Web page at


      6. Adam's Last Word.

      January has been a busy month for us. We are very excited about the second
      printing of �My Memory Book� and we strongly recommend it to you all.

      Our contacts with bookstores and with LGBT religious organizations continue to
      grow, especially among the welcoming and affirming churches.

      We are looking at the necessity of a second printing of �Steps to Recovery
      Bible Abuse� very soon.

      There never seems to be enough time!

      I had thought that I would be able to relax a bit more once Kevin Fries
      working, but it seems that the more we do, the more there is to be done.
      Kevin�s efforts have increased sales, which have depleted inventory, which
      means more printing, which means more expenditures. Go figure!

      Yet, as I look at my life and ministry, I am generally pleased. I know God
      placed me and Chi Rho Press in this place and at this time for �such a time as
      this.� I have made some mistakes (don�t get me started!), and the Press still
      has its weaknesses, but overall I believe that God is doing a mighty thing
      us here.

      I am pleased you are with us on the journey!

      Have a wonderful week.


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at Chi Rho Press. We
      eager for your comments, your suggestions, your assistance with selling our
      books, and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your prayers for this

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      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Our Canadian friends can order using credit cards on our web page or through
      our Canadian distributor, MAP Enterprises, Mary Ann Pearson, Box 340, 54
      St., Odessa, ONT, Canada, K0H 2H0; e-mail: mapenterprises@...; phone or
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      Copyright 2001, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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