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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. V, No. 15 -- Special Notice

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. V, No. 15 Special Notice 21 September
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      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. V, No. 15 Special Notice
      21 September 2004



      1. 2004-2005 Liturgical Calendar Published
      And Posted on Web Site


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you
      for passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

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      1. 2004-2005 Liturgical Calendar Published

      Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary, Year A, November
      2004 through November 2005, compiled by Raye-Anne
      Dorn and the Rev. Clay Witt. $11.95 each, six or
      more copies, $9.50 each, plus shipping and handling.
      The 2004-2005 Liturgical Calendar is published and
      is up on our Web site, thanks to the efforts of our
      Web minister.

      Chi Rho Press is pleased to announce a brand new
      Liturgical Calendar for the coming 2004-2005 church
      year. The Liturgical Calendar features readings from
      the Revised Common Lectionary, widely used as the
      ecumenical consensus on readings for each Sunday and
      holy day in the three-year cycle. Our Liturgical
      Calendar is packed with useful information for
      planning worship and preaching in the local church
      for each Sunday and Holy Day of the Church Year.
      It is intended for use by pastors, musicians, altar
      guilds, teachers, theological students, and anyone
      using the Church Year as a basis for worship or
      education. The Liturgical Calendar is spiral bound
      so it can lie flat for easy use, in the popular 8 ½"
      x 11" format.

      Featured in this new Liturgical Calendar are these
      sections: A Heading that identifies the day in the
      church year (for example, the First Sunday of Advent,
      or Proper 20) with alternative descriptions where
      appropriate. The Revised Common Lectionary readings,
      including a brief summary of each reading. (These
      are intended as only a very brief overview to identify
      general themes as an aid to worship planning. We do
      not represent them as anything approaching a thorough
      exegesis.) The First Reading is usually from the
      Hebrew Testament, but there are exceptions, such as
      the use of readings from Acts during the Easter season.
      These are sometimes selected thematically to fit the
      Liturgical Calendar, but often are simply being read
      through key passages over a series of weeks. This is
      followed by a Response, usually a Psalm. The Epistle
      Reading is next, like the Hebrew Testament Reading
      typically a series of key passages from the same book
      being read over a number of weeks. Finally the Gospel
      Reading follows the story of Jesus through the
      Christmas and Easter cycles, plus the teachings of
      Jesus the rest of the year.

      Next is a section on Worship Planning, including the
      liturgical Color of the day, Symbols and decorations
      that can be used to enhance the worship experience,
      and Special Events and secular and Jewish holidays
      for the week which the congregation may want to
      remember and commemorate on Sunday.

      Rev. Witt has added lots of Notes in the Worship
      Planning section which serve to explain in more
      detail information about the time of the church year,
      provide resources for further study and information,
      and develop liturgical themes to make your worship
      experience more rich and meaningful.

      The last section for each Sunday is called Following
      God's Footprints and is the unique contribution of
      Raye-Anne Dorn. For every day of the year, Raye-Anne
      gives us a traditional saint, with a brief overview of an
      important theme for which the saint is remembered and
      what that particular saint can teach us. Some Diversity
      Dates are also included, special occasions for celebrations
      of diversity, such as special celebration days for
      specific cultures (e.g., Cinco de Mayo) and special
      days for the GLBT community (e.g., a day of remembrance
      for Matthew Shepard).

      The 2004-2005 Liturgical Calendar will be a helpful
      aid for anyone involved in planning worship, as well
      as a useful resource for all who want to know more
      about the Church year and the rich liturgical life
      of the Church Universal. We think you will like this
      new Liturgical Calendar.

      About the Authors:

      Raye-Anne Dorn is a former Roman Catholic clergy who
      describes herself as being "stuck in pre-Vatican II
      times." She is a full-time wife, mother, professional
      student, and federal government employee in Washington
      DC. She presently seeks, and finds, God at Holy Redeemer
      MCC in College Park, Maryland as well as at the local
      Catholic Churches, United Methodist Churches, Churches
      of the Nazarene, and AME Churches of the metropolitan
      Washington DC area. She is a member of the Board of
      Directors of Chi Rho Press.

      The Rev. Clay H. Witt received his theological education
      at Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C., where he was
      granted an M.Div. in 1996. He also holds a J.D. from
      the University of Tennessee and a B.S. in accounting
      from Steed College in Johnson City, Tennessee. He is
      currently serving as a Pastoral Assistant at MCC
      Washington, with a focus on Internet ministry. Among
      other things, he is the author of the weekly reflections
      called "Soul Food for the Week's Journey" at
      <www.soulfoodministry.org>. He served as the founding
      pastor of MCC Washington's parish extension, Holy
      Redeemer MCC in College Park, Maryland, from 1998
      through April 2003. He is a member of the Board of
      Directors of Chi Rho Press. He also has a full-time
      position as an attorney with the Federal government.

      Clay grew up in Eastern Tennessee as a member of the
      United Methodist Church. He was active as a layman
      in the Protestant chapel program while serving in the
      military. He attended worship with Roman Catholic
      congregations from time to time in the 1970s and
      early 1980s. He had his first experience as a member
      of an MCC in San Diego in the mid-1970s. He has been
      a member of MCC Washington since the mid-1980s.


      How to order: you may now order the 2004-2005
      Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary on the Chi Rho
      Press Web site at this link

      You may also order by sending your order, along with your
      name, address, telephone, and credit card name and expiration
      date by e-mail (to Orders@...), snail mail (to
      Chi Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898),
      or telephone or fax (at 301/926-1208). Or if you
      prefer you may send a check or money order to our
      post office box.

      The Liturgical Calendar is $11.95 each, six or more
      copies are $9.50 each, plus shipping and handling.


      Gracia y paz,

      R. Adam DeBaugh, Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
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      prayers for this ministry.

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      Copyright 2004, Chi Rho Press, Inc.

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