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23rd eNewsletter from Chi Rho Press

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    Twenty-third eNewsletter 4 September 2000 Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Please pass this eNewsletter on to your friends and colleagues.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Twenty-third eNewsletter
      4 September 2000

      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Please pass this
      eNewsletter on to your friends and colleagues.

      To join our list and get your own copy of our eNewsletter, send an e-mail
      message to ChiRhoPress-subscribe@egroups.com.

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      1. Losing the Ads!
      2. Books of the Month AIDS
      3. Christian Social Action Books
      4. Web Links of the Month
      5. Positively Gay
      6. Adam's Last Word


      1. Losing the Ads!

      eGroups, the list-serve host which houses our subscription list, makes its
      money by adding advertisements onto each message we send out. This seems like
      a good way for them to make money without charging us for their valuable and
      important service. Recently they moved the ads at the top of the messages.
      This is a bit harder to ignore, so when eGroups offered to make our mailings
      ad-free for only about $60 a year, we decided it was a worthy expense to make
      Chi Rho Press� eNewsletter a little bit more helpful and friendly to our

      We have had confirmation from eGroups that they have received our payment and
      will be eliminating their ads we hope this is true starting with this edition
      of our eNews!

      We would prefer that the only ads you read in the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      the ones that we put in! <G> And we hope that you find this makes our
      mailings more congenial and pleasant to read.


      2. Books of the Month

      HIV/AIDS is still an important issue in our community and throughout
      we are featuring three important, small books on the HIV health crisis.

      FAMILIES RE-MEMBERED: Pastoral Support for Friends and Families Living with
      HIV/AIDS, by the Rev. Louis F. Kavar, Ph.D. HIV/AIDS causes families to be
      re-structured, enlarged and changed -- "re-membered." This book explores the
      dynamics of family systems and the realities of extended families of choice in
      the context of HIV/AIDS. $10.95 each, six or more copies for $8.25 each, plus
      shipping and handling.

      TO CELEBRATE AND TO MOURN: Liturgical Resources for Worshiping Communities
      Living with AIDS, by the Rev. Louis F. Kavar, Ph.D. "As people who
      continue to
      live in the midst of AIDS, one of our greatest resources is that of the
      community of faith." Dr. Kavar discusses liturgical symbols that have special
      meaning in the AIDS crisis for churches, and provides parts of liturgies for
      various HIV/AIDS-related worship experiences. $3.95 each, six or more copies
      for $2.95 each, plus shipping and handling.

      I'M STILL DANCING! A Gay Man's Health Experience, by the Rev. A. Stephen
      Pieters. A powerful book by a long-term survivor of AIDS: articles, sermons
      and journal entries chronicle life with AIDS. Sick since 1982 and diagnosed
      with AIDS in 1984, Steve's cancers have gone into complete remission and he
      remains well to this day. He served for many years as Field Director of the
      UFMCC's AIDS Ministry. $8.95 each, six or more copies for $6.75 each, plus
      shipping and handling.

      Order on line at www.ChiRhoPress.com, using your credit card!


      3. Christian Social Action Books

      We are featuring two Christian Social Action resources by Adam DeBaugh this
      month. They are small booklets, but have sold well over the years. As summer
      comes to a close and we enter into the busy autumn season, churches are
      restarting the education and small group programs.

      The first of these books is an excellent small group course that lays the
      foundations of a program of Christian Social Action in a local church or other

      THE LEAST OF THESE: A Christian Social Action Bible Study on Matthew 25:31-46,
      by R. Adam DeBaugh. This seven part Bible study is perfect for small groups,
      cell groups, discussion groups, and Christian education classes. The author
      was Director of UFMCC's Department of Christian Social Action for 11 years.
      is a powerful study series on a vital Biblical mandate for all Christian
      action ministries. $2.00 each, six or more copies for $1.50 each, plus
      shipping and handling.

      The second book is a basic primer used to equip people of faith to communicate
      with their elected representatives in government.

      WRITING TO CONGRESS: "Prophesy Against the Shepherds of Israel," Ezekiel 34:2,
      by R. Adam DeBaugh. A description of how best to write and visit your elected
      representatives in government, with ten tips for effective communications, and
      a fascinating Bible study about the responsibility of the person of faith to
      address his or her government. This is the third edition. Adam was director
      of the UFMCC Washington Field Office and (starting in 1975) was the first
      person ever hired to lobby the US Congress on LGBT civil rights. $1.00 each,
      six or more copies for $0.75 each, plus shipping and handling.

      Order on line at www.ChiRhoPress.com, using your credit card!


      4. Web Links of the Month

      http://www.rcp.org/openhands/ Open Hands is the web site for the Resources
      Ministries Affirming the Diversity of Human Sexuality. Open Hands is the
      quarterly magazine of the ecumenical welcoming church movement. Initiated by
      the Reconciling Congregation Program in 1985, Open Hands is now published
      cooperatively with Open and Affirming Program (UCC), Reconciling in Christ
      Program (Lutheran), More Light Presbyterians (PCUSA), Welcoming & Affirming
      Baptists (ABC/USA), Open & Affirming Ministries (Disciples), Affirming
      Congregation (United Church of Canada). Chris Glaser is the editor of Open
      Hands and is the best-selling author of �Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality
      and Community as Gay Men and Lesbians,� published by Chi Rho Press ($19.95).

      www.theotherside.org The web site of �The Other Side� magazine, which says
      about itself, �We're a lively, bimonthly, ecumenical magazine. Since 1965,
      we've been advancing a healing Christian vision -- a vision grounded in the
      redeeming ways of God.� �The Other Side� is very LGBT-friendly and has an
      excellent mail order catalog for books and other resources. The magazine
      contains articles, meditations, and reflections on a wide variety of social
      justice/social action issues.

      http://www.whosoever.com/ Whosoever.com is the wonderful on-line magazine for
      LGBT people of faith. Edited by the remarkable Candace Chellew, Whosoever.com
      provides excellent articles, reflections, Bible studies, and news all on


      5. �Positively Gay�

      This is really under the category of �books we wish we had published!�
      �Positively Gay: New Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Life,� was edited by Betty
      Berzon, Ph.D. It was first published in 1979, with a second edition in 1992,
      and now a third edition is in the works for publication in 2001.

      The reason we mention this is that Adam DeBaugh wrote, and is revising, the
      chapter on �Using Your Gay and Lesbian Voting Power.� Even though Celestial
      Arts is once again publishing �Positively Gay,� we will be carrying it too!
      Watch this eNews for further information.


      6. Adam's Last Word.

      Well, it is the evening of Labor Day. We had a good and productive long
      weekend with some good work and some fun play times. And now summer is
      �officially� over and autumn is beginning. It didn�t seem much like summer
      a lot of the time this year lots of rain and cool weather here in the
      Washington DC area.

      I don�t believe in summer slumps for churches, but now that summer is over, it
      is time for our churches, organizations, and projects back into high gear.
      for you all to buy some books! <G>

      Seriously, we all hope that the summer was a blessing for you all and that the
      coming months will be filled with every good thing for all our readers and
      partners in ministry.

      We are working on some exciting and challenging new plans that I hope I
      will be
      able to announce in the very near future. Keep us in your prayers, please!
      God bless you all.


      We are glad you are partners with us here at Chi Rho Press. We are eager for
      your comments, your suggestions, your assistance with selling our books, and
      your own purchases! And of course, we covet your prayers for this ministry.

      Grace and peace,

      Adam DeBaugh, Director

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      Copyright 2000, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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      Grace and peace,

      R. Adam DeBaugh
      Chi Rho Press
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