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17th eNewsletter

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    Eighteenth eNewsletter 2 May 2000 Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Please pass this eNewsletter on to your friends and colleagues. To join
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2000
      Eighteenth eNewsletter
      2 May 2000

      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Press eNewsletter. Please pass this
      eNewsletter on to your friends and colleagues.

      To join our list and get your own copy of our eNewsletter, send an e-mail
      message to ChiRhoPress-subscribe@egroups.com.

      All other e-mail should be directed to Adam@.... See the end of
      this eNewsletter for a complete list of e-mail addresses at ChiRhoPress.com.



      1. New Price on “The Road to Emmaus”
      2. New Canadian Distributor for Selected Chi Rho Press Books
      3. New $500 Promissory Notes Are Now Available
      4. Travel Plans
      5. A New Feature: “I Wish We Had Published That!”
      6. “Gay Dating” Workshops from Board Member Ron DeVrou
      7. Two Opportunities to Tithe on Your Time to Chi Rho Press
      8. Hot Selling Books that You Won’t Want to Miss!
      9. Adam's Last Word


      1. New Price on “The Road to Emmaus”

      The UFMCC Mid-Atlantic District and Chi Rho Press have agreed to lower the
      price of “The Road to Emmaus,” one of the most popular and successful daily
      devotionals ever published. The District, which owns the rights to the book,
      and the Press, which is its sole distributor, have agreed to lower the retail
      price of “The Road to Emmaus” from $12.95 to $9.95, an almost 25% decrease.

      “The Road to Emmaus: Daily Encounters with the Risen Christ,” was edited by
      Joseph Houle and published by Emmaus House of Prayer. When Emmaus House
      its doors a few years ago, Chi Rho Press as assigned to distribute the book by
      the Mid-Atlantic District, the successor agency for Emmaus House.

      “The Road to Emmaus” is inclusive in tone, language, and content, and contains
      a Gospel reading for every day of the year and a meditation written by LGBT
      Christians based on the reading. “The Road to Emmaus” is a valuable resource
      for recollection and spiritual refreshment. Its underlying message is that
      Gospel is good news for all people a message that is reinforced with
      for every day of the year.

      You may order “The Road to Emmaus” by e-mail at Orders@.... The
      new price is $9.95 plus shipping and handling.


      2. New Canadian Distributor for Selected Chi Rho Press Books

      Our Canadian friends can now order through our new Canadian distributor, Mary
      Ann Pearson at MAP Enterprises. Mary Ann is starting a new business, and will
      be distributing tapes and CDs by popular lesbian Christian vocalist Marsha
      Stevens (who wrote the now-familiar hymn “For Those Tears I Died” and who sang
      at the March on Washington) and selected books from Chi Rho Press.

      Out of country sales are difficult for small businesses like Chi Rho Press.
      Shipping is often prohibitive, especially when customs duties are factored in,
      and many US banks now charge exorbitant fees for checks drawn on non-US banks
      and on non-US money orders, even when the checks and money orders are US
      currency. The fees are so high that they are more than some small orders we
      have received! Having a Canadian distributor enables us to make large
      shipments to her and to process larger checks on a quarterly basis, helping to
      minimize customs and bank fees.

      Mary Ann currently has seven titles in stock: “Steps to Recovery from Bible
      Abuse,” “The Bible and Homosexuality,” “Called OUT,” “Come Home!,” “From
      Wounded Hearts,” “What a Fellowship,” and “The Road to Emmaus.”

      We encourage our Canadian friends to contact Mary Ann directly to place orders
      for these popular Chi Rho Press books! Our Canadian distributor can be
      at MAP Enterprises, Mary Ann Pearson, Box 340, 54 Centre St., Odessa, ONT.,
      Canada, K0H 2H0; e-mail: mapenterprises@...; phone or fax:
      1-613-386-5711; or toll free (leave a message) 1-877-245-9569.


      3. New $500 Promissory Notes Are Now Available

      The Board of Directors has decided to offer $500 Promissory Notes to
      who wish to invest in Chi Rho Press. Like our $1,000 Promissory Notes, the
      $500 Notes are repaid at 8% simple interest over a two-year period, with
      payments being made every three months. For more details, e-mail

      Promissory Notes in both $500 and $1,000 denominations are available now.
      Income from these investments will be used to complete debt consolidation and
      retirement and as capital for the production of new books and for new
      of existing inventory.

      We are especially looking for people to invest in the reprint of two of our
      popular “Handouts,” called “What do We Believe” and “Welcome to MCC.” Please
      invest in YOUR LGBT Christian publishing house now and get a good return on
      your money!


      4. Travel Plans

      The Gulf Lower Atlantic District Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, May 19
      through 21, at the Hilton Knoxville, 501 West Church Ave., SW, Knoxville, TN.
      The guest speakers at this district conference will be evangelist and singer
      the Rev. Delores Berry and Southwest District Coordinator and author, the Rev.
      Donald Pederson. Our own Dr. Rembert Truluck will be there also to lead a
      workshop and sign our book! GLAD District Coordinator, the Rev. Jay Neely, is
      an old friend and colleague and his conferences are always a real blessing.

      The Great Lakes District Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2
      through 4,
      will be at the Holiday Inn Select North at the Pyramids, I-465 at Michigan
      Road, Indianapolis, IN. Special guests at District Coordinator Judy Dale’s
      conference will be the Rev. Elder Jeri Ann Harvey, a UFMCC evangelist, and the
      Rev. Elder Hong Tan from London, England.

      Both of these conferences promise to be a lot of fun, with inspirational
      speakers, workshops, and worship experiences. Adam DeBaugh will be setting up
      a Chi Rho Press bookstore at each of these District Conferences. If you are
      near Knoxville or Indianapolis, please stop by and visit! E-mail Adam at
      Adam@... for more information about these conferences, which
      promise to be excellent events!


      5. A New Feature: “I Wish We Had Published That!”

      From time to time, we come across a book that moves and inspires us. Often
      Adam can be heard to say, “I wish we had published that!” as he reads a new
      book. The rumor that Adam only reads books published by Chi Rho Press is NOT
      true, though he wishes it were true for more people!

      Assistant Editor Kevin Stone Fries recently turned Adam on to a book called
      “Joshua” by Joseph F. Girzone, 1983 and 1987 by Scribner Paperback Fiction,
      published by Simon & Schuster. “Joshua” tells the story of a mysterious
      stranger who moves to a small town and proceeds to turn the established
      religious and social order upside down. A simple, humble man, Joshua is a
      wood carver and carpenter. He is quiet and strong, but very friendly,
      attracting men, women, small children, and even animals to his magnetic
      presence. And his quiet religious teachings are revolutionary in their
      yet eloquent faith. Finally, local religious leaders confront Joshua and the
      story moves to its dramatic, yet strangely familiar end. We recommend this
      easy-to-read, yet powerful book.


      6. “Gay Dating” Workshops from Board Member Ronald DeVrou

      Chi Rho Press board member, Ronald DeVrou, is a therapist and life coach in
      private practice in Washington, DC. He has some exciting workshops coming up
      that we think might benefit you. First of all on Thursday May 4th at 9 pm
      Eastern there will be a free telephone workshop called GayDating2000. This
      workshop will be exploring “Dating Traps & Solutions,”
      “Requirements/Needs/Wants,” and places to attract a Life Partner.

      This will be an interactive workshop using some of the Life Partner Quest
      material. The only cost will be your long distance expense for the hour-long

      Secondly the slots are filling up for an eight-week “Life Partner Quest:
      Relationship Success Training For Singles Workshop” which will begin Monday,
      May 8th at 9 pm Eastern time. Ronald will be sending out the 47 page
      next week and begin assigning Buddy Coach's also. The fee for this eight-week
      workshop is only $195 and credit cards are accepted.

      For more information, e-mail Ronald DeVrou at Ronald@... or call the
      toll free number (888/569-4673) to Washington office. I'm confident you'll
      benefit from either or both of these programs.


      7. Two Opportunities to Tithe on Your Time to Chi Rho Press

      We are looking for two dedicated people to fill two new volunteer positions at
      Chi Rho Press.

      First, we are looking for a volunteer bookkeeper or accountant to assist us
      with reports and taxes. The person should have experience or at least
      knowledge of Federal and Maryland State taxes and reporting, or at least the
      ability to get the required Maryland State information.

      Second, we are looking for a volunteer Bookstore Liaison, someone who will
      assist us in being in touch with LGBT bookstores, religious bookstores,
      bookstore chains, and other outlets for our books, alerting them to our titles
      and discounts, and selling books to them. This person would also explore
      distribution houses as well.

      Both these positions are volunteer staff (at least for now) and neither of
      has to be near our offices. Your expenses will be paid, of course.

      Please contact Adam DeBaugh at Adam@... if you are interested in
      either of these positions. Thank you!


      8. Hot Selling Books that You Won’t Want to Miss!

      These are the Chi Rho Press books that are our best sellers this spring:


      “Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse,” by Dr. Rembert Truluck. Over 550 pages
      of information and encouragement to equip gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
      transgendered people and all others who have been abused and oppressed by
      religion to learn the truth and to rejoice and grow in their God-given
      worth as

      The first five chapters contain introductory material, including essays on
      this Book is Here,” “My Story” by Dr. Truluck, “Jesus Heals Sick Religion,”
      “Guidelines for Small Groups,” and “How to Use this Book.”

      The next 13 chapters are the Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. Each of the
      13 Steps contains four Bible Study Lessons, suitable for personal study or
      small group use. As a result there are 52 Lessons, one for each week of the
      year. The 13 Steps are organized into five parts, “Jesus and Spiritual
      Freedom,” “Eliminate the Negative,” “Accentuate the Positive,” “Reach Out,”
      “Beyond Recovery.”

      In addition, there are six special studies in the book's appendix: “How I Lead
      Workshops and Small Groups,” “Homosexuality and the Bible,” “Challenging the
      Ex-Gay Industry,” “The Dynamics of Religious Abuse,” “A Gay Christian's
      Response to the Southern Baptists,” and “How Do You Name God?”

      “Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse” is available for $24.95 each, six or more
      copies for $18.75 each, plus shipping and handling.


      “Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality and Community as Gay Men and Lesbians,”
      second edition, by Chris Glaser. First published in 1990 by HarperCollins,
      second edition was published in 1998 by Chi Rho Press with the addition of
      new chapters to the original 20. “Come Home!” is perhaps Chris Glaser’s best
      book. It is divided into five sections, each with five chapters. The five
      sections are entitled, “Welcoming God’s Acceptance,” “Receiving Our
      Inheritance,” “Discerning Our Call,” “Making Our Witness,” and “Declaring Our

      Bishop John Shelby Spong called “Come Home!” “powerful, sensitive, and
      provocative. . . . Christians, gay and straight, need this book if we are
      to be
      the body of Christ.” This is a brilliant and important book by perhaps the
      best-known Gay Christian writer in the U.S. today.

      “Come Home!” is available for $19.95 each, $14.95 each for six or more copies,
      plus shipping and handling.


      “From Wounded Hearts: Faith Stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
      Transgendered People and Those Who Love Them,” compiled and edited by Roberta
      Showalter Kreider. In this wonderful anthology 49 people of faith write their
      very personal stories, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered
      people, and their non-gay family members and friends. The 49 people whose
      stories are in “From Wounded Hearts” comprise a cross section of spiritual
      in North America. They are from the United States and Canada. They come from
      many different religious backgrounds. Many are from the Anabaptist tradition
      (Mennonites, Brethren, and Brethren in Christ), but there are also folks from
      the American Baptist, Assemblies of God, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian,
      Lutheran, Methodist, Metropolitan Community Churches, Nazarene, Pentecostal,
      Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Quaker, Southern Baptist, and United Church of
      Christ traditions, as well as a lesbian Jewish rabbi.

      Roberta Kreider writes, in her Introduction to “From Wounded Hearts,” “It is
      easy to judge and condemn someone whom we do not know. It is especially easy
      to judge a group of people whom we think does not measure up to our
      interpretation of what the Bible says. However, when we take time to learn to
      know gay people as individuals, our perception of them changes. This is
      why it
      is so important to tell our faith stories to one another. As the issue of
      homosexuality is debated in our churches we seldom ask the people we are
      calling sinners to tell us about their own personal experience of relationship
      with God. My own life and attitude has been profoundly changed by
      listening to
      the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people and their

      “From Wounded Hearts” is available for $19.95 each, $14.95 each for six or
      copies, plus shipping and handling.


      “The Bible and Homosexuality,” fifth edition, by the Rev. Michael England.
      Many thousands of this book are in circulation and it is Chi Rho Press’
      all-time bestseller! Now in its fifth edition, this standard text is even
      valuable and timely. This is an essential book for the library of every
      of faith. Now in perfect binding with a new color cover featuring a
      by Colin Winterbottom of the Washington National Cathedral, the fifth edition
      updates this excellent study. Included are chapters on our understanding of
      inspiration; critical interpretation; textual, historical, source, and form
      criticism; detailed discussion about scripture verses used to condemn
      homosexuality; the contra naturam (against nature) argument; heterosexual
      marriage as the only Biblical model; adultery and fornication; and a

      “The Bible and Homosexuality” is available for $10.95 each, $8.95 each for six
      or more copies, plus shipping and handling.


      “My Memory Book! A Journal for Grieving Children,” second edition, by
      Gaines Lane. Designed for a child, ages 6 to 12 years (but being used by
      children and adults of all ages) who has experienced the death of someone
      to them, “My Memory Book” has space available throughout its pages for the
      grieving person to write or draw. Directions for over 20 exercises are given
      on the left hand side page; the right hand side page is devoted to the
      person’s creative use. The reader uses “My Memory Book” to create a book of
      memories about the loved one who died that is uniquely his or her own. “My
      Memory Book” encourages written exercises, collage, journaling, and
      drawings in
      any medium you wish to use. Though created by a children’s grief and
      bereavement specialist, many adults are using “My Memory Book” to create
      memorials to loved ones they have lost. “This workbook is a wonderful tool to
      assist therapists and counselors in their work with bereaved children,” said
      Nancy Boyd Webb, DWS, BCD, Professor, Fordham University Graduate School of
      Social Service.

      “My Memory Book” is available for $10.95 each, $8.95 each for six or more
      copies, plus shipping and handling.


      Chi Rho Press’ shipping and handling charges are $2.50 for orders up to
      $3.50 for orders of $20 to $39.99, $4.50 for orders of $40 to $59.99, $5.50
      orders of $60 to $79.99, $6.50 for orders of $80 to $99.99, and 7% of the
      for orders of $100 and over.

      Send your check or money order, made out to Chi Rho Press, to us at P.O. Box
      7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898. You may also order via e-mail and be invoiced,
      write to Orders@... with the books you want and your mailing
      address and phone number.


      9. Adam's Last Word.

      Well, the March on Washington was a huge success. I was especially gratified
      to hear the Gospel Choir from MCC of Washington DC sing, along with the Rev.
      Delores Berry, and to hear the Rev. Troy Perry’s inspiring address. There
      lots of PFLAG people represented as well and some amazing and exciting

      Dr. Rembert Truluck, author of our very successful “Steps to Recovery from
      Bible Abuse,” was in town and we were able to have a couple of meals with him
      and spend some valuable time talking as well. He is as inspirational in
      as he is in print!

      Assistant Editor Kevin Stone Fries and I attended the Interfaith Service on
      Saturday afternoon at the National City Christian Church with Dr. Truluck.
      What an incredible event that was! The National Religious Leadership
      Roundtable (sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Equal
      Partners in Faith) did a wonderful job putting the service together.

      I really believe that the LGBT spiritual community can and should be the
      of an effective, vibrant, and powerful movement for justice and equality for
      all of God’s sexual minority children. LGBT religious/spiritual organizations
      are the largest, more effective, and most prevalent organizations in the
      movement. Our people hunger and thirst for spiritual nourishment and
      refreshment. Our enemies most often base their attacks on LGBT people on
      twisted, bigoted, and hate-filled religious beliefs. Who better to counter
      wave of homophobia and religious bigotry than the LGBT religious community?

      I hope you are all inspired by the events surrounding the Millennium March on
      Washington to redouble your efforts in your churches, meeting houses, temples,
      and synagogues. Speak out your spiritual truth. Confront those who would
      God’s love for God’s sexual minority people. Affirm the glorious diversity of
      God’s good creation. And come out to someone today!


      We are glad you are partners with us here at Chi Rho Press. We are eager for
      your comments, your suggestions, your assistance with selling our books, and
      your own purchases! And of course, we covet your prayers for this ministry.

      Grace and peace,

      Adam DeBaugh, Director

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      passing it along to you (which we certainly encourage) and would like to
      receive it directly from us, please follow the directions at the end of our
      eNewsletter to subscribe.

      For orders, please write to us: Orders@.... If you have questions,
      please write to Question@.... For comments and suggestions about
      this eNewsletter, please write eNews@.... For all other
      correspondence, please write Adam@....

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      You may order any of our books via snail mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail at
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      e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone number please.

      Visit our web page at http://www.ChiRhoPress/com.

      For the convenience of our friends outside of the USA, we suggest ordering our
      books through Amazon.com.

      Our Canadian friends can order through our Canadian distributor, MAP
      Enterprises, Mary Ann Pearson, Box 340, 54 Centre St., Odessa, ONT., Canada,
      K0H 2H0; e-mail: mapenterprises@...; phone or fax: 1-613-386-5711; or
      toll free (leave a message) 1-877-245-9569.

      Copyright 2000, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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      R. Adam DeBaugh
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