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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. IV, No. 23

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. IV, No. 23 15 December 2003
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2003

      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. IV, No. 23
      15 December 2003


      1. Pre-publication Sale of LIVING AS THE
      BELOVED: One Day at a Time
      2. The New "2004 Liturgical Calendar" is Out!
      3. Link of the Month
      4. Books Make Great Gifts!
      5. Sanctoral Cycle
      6. Adam's Last Word


      This Issue's Quotes:

      Take the first step in faith. You don't have to
      see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
      ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Three things in human life are important. The first
      is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the
      third is to be kind.
      ~ Henry James


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you
      for passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to

      To remove yourself from this list send an e-mail to

      Please visit our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com
      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, videos,
      tapes, tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@....


      1. Pre-publication Sale of LIVING AS THE
      BELOVED: One Day at a Time

      Chi Rho Press is pleased to announce the imminent
      publication of a new book of daily devotions, "Living
      as the Beloved: One Day at a Time," by the Rev. Dr.
      Sandra L. Bochonok. We expect to go to press by the
      end of December and this pre-publication sale is on
      through the release of the book in the end of January,

      The list price for the book will be $20.95, but until
      the book rolls off the presses in January, the special
      pre-publication sale cost is only $16.95 (plus shipping
      and handling), a savings of $4.00! Six or more copies
      are $14.95 each plus shipping and handing, an even
      greater savings. You can find this great opportunity
      on our Web site at

      If you are buying this as a holiday gift we can send you
      specially printed gift cards with a full color photo of
      the cover!

      Dr. Bochonok is the founder of the very popular Soul
      Food Ministry Web site (www.soulfoodministry.org), a
      special work of Metropolitan Community Church of
      Washington, DC.

      "Living As The Beloved" has a Scripture reading,
      meditation, and prayer for every day of the year.
      Dr. Bochonok's meditations are poignant, wise, and
      amazingly pastoral. Her many years of ministry as
      a military chaplain and pastor, and now as an Internet
      pastor shine through her every word. Her meditations
      are simple, basic Christian teaching, yet glow with
      power, grace, and beauty. These are devotions that
      will light your days for many years to come.

      Dr. Bochonok's beloved grandmother is the inspiration
      for many of the daily devotions found in "Living as
      the Beloved." Her familiar saying, "One day at a time,
      dear Lord, one day at a time" is reflected from time
      to time throughout the book.

      Read this small section from Dr. Bochonok's Foreword,

      "My beloved grandmother blessed me with a rich
      spiritual legacy that I wish to pass on to the
      next generation. Her faith was deep and simple.
      She prayed every day of her adult life and would
      often croon, 'One day at a time, dear Lord, one
      day at a time.' 'One day at a time' became her
      mantra for living when life was difficult. She
      loved reading the Bible and she loved her church.
      I wish to honor her blessed memory and faithful
      life with the title of this book.

      "Several years after her death, my life and
      ministry was transformed when I first read the
      late Henri J. M. Nouwen's devotional book, 'Life
      of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular
      World.' Belovedness was something I desperately
      needed. . . . I read Nouwen's book numerous times
      and eventually co-facilitated the first Beloved
      Retreat specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual,
      and transgendered people. . . . I became determined
      to spend the remainder of my life helping people
      reclaim their belovedness, especially among those
      the traditional mainstream churches often rejected
      because of their sexual orientation."

      We are sure you will agree that Dr. Bochonok has
      fulfilled her goal of "helping people reclaim
      their belovedness" with this wonderful new book.

      Order your special pre-publication sale copy of
      "Living as the Beloved: One Day at a Time" today.
      Only $16.95, plus shipping and handling, six or
      more copies are $14.95 each plus shipping and


      2. The New "2004 Liturgical Calendar" is Out!

      The 2004 church year has officially started! There is
      still time to purchase your copy of "A Liturgical
      Calendar and Lectionary, Year C, November 2003 through
      November 2004," compiled by Dr. David Kerr Park. Spiral
      bound, 8 ½" x 11", 84 pages. $10.95 each, six or more
      copies for $8.95 each, plus shipping and handling.
      Now available on our Web site at

      Our Liturgical Calendar is packed with useful information
      for planning worship and preaching in the local church
      for each Sunday and Holy Day of the Church Year. It
      is intended for use by pastors, musicians, altar guilds,
      teachers, theological students, and anyone using the
      Church Year as a basis for worship or education. The
      Liturgical Calendar is spiral bound so it can lie flat
      for easy use, in a new, larger 8 ½" x 11" format.

      Order your copy of the 2004 Liturgical Calendar today!
      See it on our Web site at:

      $10.95 each, six or more copies for $8.95 each.


      3. Link of the Month

      A brand new list-serve has been created by folks who
      are members of the Whosoever.org list-serve. The new
      group, Whosoever Bible in a Year, will go through the
      Bible in a year's time, with discussion and prayer.
      Whosoever is a wonderful LGBT Christian on-line magazine
      found at www.whosoever.org.

      You can join the new list-serve at

      The list owner says, "This is a spin-off group from
      the Whosoever Magazine list, for those of us who want
      to read the Bible through in a year and share our
      insights with each other as we do so. This group
      is open to all God's children: straight, lesbian,
      gay, bisexual, transgender -- truly Whosoever!

      "You do not need to be a member of the Whosoever
      Magazine list to be part of this group. Whosoever
      is an online magazine for GLBT Christians:

      "We will follow the readings as listed for each day
      in the One Year Bible, ESV (English Standard Version).
      You can access each day's readings online at

      "Feel free to join us if you're reading another
      translation. A diversity of translations (and
      denominations and theologies) will make for
      interesting discussions. Diversity is good!"

      We encourage you to join us in this adventure in
      Scripture for the coming year.


      4. Books Make Great Gifts!

      What if we could point you to a store which is open
      24 hours a day, seven days a week; where you can shop
      in your pajamas if you want; where you can buy books,
      stained glass, and even stocking stuffers; and where
      shipping is free for orders over $100! Of course, we
      are talking about our own Web page,

      Books make great gifts! Titles such as "Steps to
      Recovery from Bible Abuse," "The Bible and Homosexuality,"
      "Come Home!," "Called OUT!," "Positively Gay, " "My
      Memory Book," the new "2004 Liturgical Calendar and
      Lectionary," "The Children are Free," "The Road to
      Emmaus," and "Together in Love" are all available and
      ready to ship. Plus we have a video tape, an audio
      tape, five different stained glass designs, rainbow
      key chains and bracelets, and more!


      We have designed gift certificates that can be made out
      for any amount you care to give.

      The gift certificates are not available on our Web site,
      so send your check with a note indicating that you are
      buying a Gift Certificate and we will make up an
      attractive Gift Certificate for the amount of your
      check for you to give along with a copy of our catalog.

      Chi Rho Press Gift Certificates make excellent gifts!
      Order some today at Chi Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864,
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898.


      Come shop at Chi Rho Press!


      5. Sanctoral Cycle

      As a regular feature in the Chi Rho Connection, we
      are offering up traditional and modern saints and
      various holy days and holidays listed in the 2004
      Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary from today until
      our next scheduled electronic newsletter.


      Wed. Dec. 17, Dom Bede Griffiths (1906-1994). Monk
      and Sannyasi. Raised in a middle-class English family
      and student of C. S. Lewis at Oxford, Griffiths'
      spiritual journey led him first to the Catholic
      faith and the life of a Benedictine monk. While
      sent to establish a monastery in India, he came to
      believe that the secularized West had much to learn
      from the East. He helped found a Christian ashram
      that was faithful to Christian traditions, but
      adopted the disciplines of the East, including yoga
      and meditation. He dressed in the saffron robes and
      lived as a sannyasi, or Hindu holy man. His liturgies
      combined Christian and Hindu prayers and readings.
      He believed he could find the truth of Christ present
      within all the religions of the world.

      Fri. Dec. 19 (sunset) Dec. 27, Hanukkah (Jewish).
      The Feast of Lights begins at sunset. Commemorates
      Maccabean recapture of Temple in Jerusalem (165 BCE).
      Readings and music focus on themes of liberty, freedom,
      and light. An eight candle Menorah is lit.

      Mon. Dec. 22, First Day of Winter (Northern Hemisphere)
      Winter solstice. In Wiccan celebrations this is
      celebrated as Yule, from a Norse pagan celebration
      of the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth
      of the sun.

      Tues. Dec. 23, Rabbi Abraham Heschel (1907-1972).
      Teacher and prophet. A major force in Jewish spiritual
      renewal, Heschel came from a long line of Hasidic rabbis.
      After studying philosophy at Warsaw and Berlin he taught
      at several universities, eventually escaping to the United
      States from Nazi Germany. As a champion of interfaith
      dialogue, his writings exerted a tremendous influence
      on Christian thought. With a deep sense of prophetic
      justice, he sought to connect the mysticism of his
      Hasidic faith with the modern secular world.

      Thu. Dec. 25, Nativity of Jesus (c. 4 bce). The
      celebration of Christmas at the darkest days of
      Winter marks the birth of light and hope for the
      world. The traditional date of Jesus' birth was
      determined in Rome in 336, taking the place of an
      existing Roman holiday, the birth of the Unconquerable
      Sun. The actual date Jesus was born was more likely
      in the Spring. The word "Christmas" goes back to the
      12th century and is a contraction of "Christ's Mass."

      Fri. Dec. 26 - Jan. 1, Kwanzaa (African-American).
      African-American celebration of family and culture.
      Candles are lit representing seven virtues of life.

      Fri. Dec. 26, Boxing Day (Australia, Canada, New
      Zealand, United Kingdom)

      Fri. Dec. 26, St. Stephen. Deacon and martyr. Most
      likely a Hellenistic Jew, Stephen is remembered as
      one of the first deacons chosen in the early Christian
      community in Jerusalem to aid the Apostles by caring
      for the sick and needy. Accused of blasphemy for his
      new faith, he was brought before the Sanhedrin, the
      ruling Council. Without a trial they dragged him
      outside the city gate and stoned him to death. Thus
      he became the first Christian martyr. His execution
      was supervised by Saul, who was later himself
      converted and became the Apostle Paul. Stephen's
      story is told in Acts 6-7. His witness reminds us
      that being a disciple of Christ can demand that we
      meet the same fate as our Master.

      Sat. Dec. 27, St. John the Evangelist. Apostle.
      Called from life as a fisherman to follow Jesus,
      John became, with Peter and James, one of the inner
      circle of Jesus' followers. He was impetuous and
      ambitious, and is remembered traditionally as the
      writer of the Gospel of John and book of Revelation.
      Ancient icons picture him as the "Beloved Disciple"
      at the Last Supper with his head on Jesus' breast.
      Tradition holds that he took care of Mary after
      Jesus' death on the cross, and that he later settled
      at Ephesus in modern Turkey. Exiled by Emperor
      Domitian to the island of Patmos (where he had his
      visions), he is the only one of the Twelve to live
      to an old age and escape a martyr's death. His
      symbol is an eagle. It is John who reminds us over
      and over of Jesus' command for us to love one another.

      Sun. Dec. 28, The Holy Innocents (c. 4 bce). Children
      of Bethlehem. These are the little children of
      Bethlehem who were murdered at the order of Herod the
      Great, whose goal was to kill the newborn baby Jesus.
      Herod ruled over Palestine for the Romans for 37 years.
      Always fearful of losing his power, he was ruthless
      and barbaric. When the Magi reported the birth of a
      new king, it is no surprise that he went to extreme
      measures to protect his tenuous throne. The church
      has always honored these children as martyrs. They
      remind us of all those who have died before their
      time, or who are cut down by the forces of oppression.
      Their power is doomed, for the Child lives.

      Mon. Dec. 29, St. Thomas Becket (1118-1170).
      Archbishop and martyr. Thomas was a close friend
      of the young King Henry II, who intended to place
      him as Archbishop of Canterbury. Reluctant at first,
      Thomas finally accepted. He took his position as
      spiritual head of England very seriously, and soon
      clashed with Henry, who intended to rule over every
      aspect of his country. Eventually Becket was murdered
      in the Cathedral for his stand against the power of the
      state to control the church. He was instantly acclaimed
      a 'saint' by the common people in much the same way as
      Princess Diana in our time.

      Thu. Jan. 1, Holy Name of Jesus. Perhaps as a
      counterbalance to the ancient pagan festivities around
      the New Year, the Church came to associate Jan. 1st
      with the naming of Jesus at his circumcision (Lk 2:21).
      Angels appeared to both Joseph (Mt 1:18-25) and Mary
      (Lk 1:26-38) telling them to name him Jesus, which was
      a common Jewish name meaning "God saves."

      Thu. Jan. 1, New Year's Day. In Catholic tradition
      this day celebrates Mary, Mother of God. It is also
      the Shinto New Year.


      Order the new 2004 Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary,
      complete with the entire year's Sanctoral Cycle, at


      6. Adam's Last Word

      December is winding down toward the holidays. Parties
      are gearing up, Christmas concerts, Messiah sing-alongs,
      non-stop Christmas music on the radio, and of course
      the shops are full of gift-buyers. Decorations are up,
      lights are strung, cards are mostly in the mail.

      Cookies, candies, cakes, pies, the dreaded fruit cake,
      and all the other gustatory compliments of the season
      are making their appearances.

      It is a busy, hectic, sometimes frantic time of year.
      And it is important for people of faith to take a break
      from all the rushing around during Advent to remember
      what it is all about.

      Please do take time to remember "God in a diaper," the
      little baby Jesus, born of low estate to save the world.
      Jesus is the reason for the season!


      I was deeply honored a week ago on Dec. 7 when the
      congregational meeting at Metropolitan Community Church
      of Washington, DC elected me one of five lay delegates.
      Although I attend Holy Redeemer MCC in College Park,
      Maryland, since we are a Parish Extension of MCC DC,
      we are all members of the "Mother Church" in Washington.
      Our Parent Church decided that one of the five lay
      delegates should be from Holy Redeemer and I got the

      It will be an exciting time as our Region gathers in
      Puerto Rico next July for our Regional Conference and
      we go to Calgary in 2005 for the international General
      Conference of the world-wide Metropolitan Community

      I give thanks for the honor and for the trust my home
      congregations place in me!


      Work is speeding along on "Living as the Beloved," by
      Sandy Bochonok and we are very excited about it's
      imminent publication. Be sure to order your copy
      now and save with our pre-publication sale!

      We are also working hard on a new book of Lenten
      Devotions by Randy Jedele. More about that in the
      next issue of the Chi Rho Connection, the last issue
      of 2003!


      Many blessings to you all in this holiday season.
      Have a blessed Christmas from all of us at Chi Rho
      Press to all of you!


      R. Adam DeBaugh, Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

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      Copyright 2003, Chi Rho Press, Inc.

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