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Its not too late to register for WOW 2003 - August 14-17, 2003

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    We are sending our subscribers this special notice about the upcoming Witness Our Welcome conference. Chi Rho Press author of Called OUT! The Voices and
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      We are sending our subscribers this special notice
      about the upcoming Witness Our Welcome conference.
      Chi Rho Press author of "Called OUT! The Voices
      and Gifts of LGBT Presbyterians" Jane Spahr is one
      of the preachers, along with newly married MCC
      Founder, Troy Perry and other amazing preachers.
      Chi Rho Press authors and contributors Chris Glaser,
      Katie Morrison, Marvin Ellison, and Candace Chellew
      will be leading workshops. And David North, pastor
      of my home church will be leading a workshop and

      Please consider attending this exciting and important
      conference. I hope to see you there!

      It's not too late to register for WOW 2003
      Witness Our Welcome!
      (Please forward to others who may be interested -
      Thank you!)

      WOW 2003 is the largest Christian gathering of lesbian,
      gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight persons
      from Canada and United States.

      The largest Christian event ever to focus on welcoming
      people of all sexual orientations will be held August
      14 through August 17, 2003 at the University of
      Pennsylvania. Witness Our Welcome is an ecumenical
      gathering of sexually diverse and gender inclusive
      Christians from Canada and the U.S. which supports
      the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual,
      transgender, queer and straight persons in congregations
      and ministries, mostly within the tradition of mainline
      Protestant churches.

      The theme for WOW 2003 is God's Deliverance is for ALL!
      This powerful gathering will serve to build on the work
      of the Welcoming Church Movement within mainline
      Protestant traditions, that strives for justice and
      inclusion for ALL people within the Body of Christ.

      Rev. Wanda Floyd, founding pastor of Imani MCC Church
      in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, and Elder Marco
      Grimaldo of More Light Presbyterians serve as co-chairs
      of the WOW Coordinating and Planning Committee. "WOW
      2003 will be an exciting experience with inspirational
      Worship Services, provocative Bible Studies and a wide
      range of helpful and relevant workshops," said Rev.
      Floyd. In addition, WOW 2003 will also feature musical
      and dramatic performances, fun and exciting Youth
      programs and many other ways for people to connect
      with one another. Hundreds of people are expected to
      celebrate the power of the Welcoming Church, mobilizing
      diverse and powerful grassroots movements to realize
      God's vision for an inclusive community.

      Worship will be at the heart of the WOW2003 experience.
      Five plenary worship events will reflect a diversity of
      leadership and variety of faith traditions affirming
      that God's deliverance is truly for all persons. Worship
      leaders and speakers will include Yvette Flunder,
      founding pastor of the City of Refuge Community Church
      in San Francisco, Louise Rose, motivational speaker,
      educator, composer, and choral conductor in Victoria,
      British Columbia, and Rev. Troy Perry, founder and
      moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches.

      Breakfast Bible Studies and Dialogues will feature some
      of the country's most enlightened thinkers, scholars,
      and lecturers. Chris Glaser, writer, speaker, and
      Presbyterian activist believes that the Bible gives
      us both the strength and stamina to challenge our own
      and the church's less inclusive attitudes. Erin Swenson,
      co-founder and president of The Southern Association for
      Gender Education will lead a study titled Transgender
      Issues and the Church.

      WOW 2003 planners have worked hard to bring together
      individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds
      for a truly welcoming religious experience. Elder Marco
      Grimaldo of Baltimore, Maryland states, "WOW 2003 will
      reach out with a powerful message of God's love.
      Attending WOW 2000 as a Gay Latino and meeting other
      Queer Latinos was an amazing experience. It was
      empowering to meet others like me who are working to
      make the church a more welcoming place."


      The Entertainment component at WOW2003 has something
      for everyone and features a variety of performances
      ranging from musical theatre productions such as Doin'
      Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House, "How I Survived
      Ex-Gay Movement!" to a dynamic gospel duo performance
      by Rev. Delores Berry and David K. North.

      WOW2003 Schedule

      WOW 2003 begins on Thursday, August 14th with
      registration and hospitality starting at 12:00 pm
      and opening worship begins at 7:00 pm.

      Friday, August 15th begins with Breakfast Bible Studies
      and Dialogues at 7:00 am and Morning Worship at 8:00 am.
      Friday also includes a plenary titled Race, Racism, and
      the Welcoming Movement, as well as workshops and Evening
      Worship. On Saturday, August 16th following Bible Studies
      and Dialogues and Morning Worship, denominational and
      interest group meetings will be the highlight as well
      as workshops and evening entertainment. WOW 2003 closes
      with worship on Sunday morning.


      The WOW registration fee includes participation in all
      four days of WOW2003 activities and meals: breakfast
      and lunch on Friday and Saturday, dinner on Saturday
      evening and Sunday breakfast. Visit www.wow2k.org for
      more registration information.

      Adult $345
      Youth/Student $190
      Low Income
      Child (12 and under) $100

      WOW is part of the "Welcoming Church movement" which
      is a network of Christian communities that publicly
      affirm the full participation of all persons regardless
      of sexual orientation. The ecumenical Welcoming Church
      movement spans more than 10 Christian traditions and
      includes over 1000 congregations in the United States
      and Canada. For more information on WOW2003, visit our
      web site at www.wow2k.org or call toll free 1-866-550-3500.

      WOW WEBSITE - http://www.wow2k.org
      SUBSCRIBE - WOWResources-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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