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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. IV, No. 8

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House Vol. IV, No. 8 30 April 2003
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      The eNewsletter of Chi Rho Press,
      Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
      Vol. IV, No. 8
      30 April 2003


      1. Correction Caught by an Urban Myth!
      2. "The Journey is Our Home:" Sharing Our Faith
      Journeys, by Kathy S. Quinn, Ed.D.
      3. Reminder, Our Newest Books
      4. Remaindered Table
      5. Sanctoral Cycle
      6. Adam's Last Word:


      This Issue's Quote:

      "Religion is indeed a principal thing, but too much is
      worse than none at all. The world abounds with knaves
      and villains, but of all knaves, the religious knave
      is the worst; and villainies acted under the cloak of
      religion are the most execrable."
      -- Benjamin Franklin


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you for
      passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

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      tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@....


      1. Correction Caught by an Urban Myth!

      Remember that splendid quote we posted in the last
      issue? The one from Nelson Mandela's 1994 inaugural
      address? It started, "Our deepest fear is NOT that
      we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are
      powerful beyond measure." Great quote, right? Only
      there is one problem.

      Nelson Mandela didn't say it.

      Many thanks to alert and faithful reader, Ric Beattie,
      who wrote us about our mistake. Ric writes, "The
      wonderful quotation you include in this issue is
      actually from Marianne Williamson's book, 'A Return
      to Love,' copyright 1992. The quotation is found on
      pages 190-191 in the paperback edition.

      "Interestingly, I have researched Mr. Mandela's inaugural
      speeches (there were several) and have not found any
      reference to his ever having spoken these words. This
      frequent misquotation is one of the all-time greatest
      urban legends."

      Right you are, Ric! Thank you for the correction, and
      our apologies to our faithful readers and especially to
      Marianne Williamson. This is pretty embarrassing for a
      publisher! I have always warned people about checking
      out things they get on the Internet and now am guilty
      of not doing that myself!

      Oddly enough, while I was doing my own (belated)
      research and reading Nelson Mandela's actual inaugural
      address from 1994, I came across a Web site which
      correctly identified the quote, but said that Mandela
      had quoted it in his 1994 inaugural speech! These urban
      myths are just pernicious!

      Thanks again to Ric Beattie!

      And just for the record, that kid in England (or wherever)
      who wants you to send him e-mail is grown up by now, Bill
      Gates is not going to send you money for forwarding e-mail
      to all your friends, that cookie recipe is a fraud, and
      some relative of some African leader does not want to
      share millions of dollars with you! And don't get me
      started on those "enlargement" e-mails!


      2. "The Journey is Our Home:" Sharing Our Faith
      Journeys, by Kathy S. Quinn, Ed.D.

      The Chi Rho Connection is pleased to continue its
      series in which people tell about their faith journeys.

      To continue "The Journey is Our Home" series, we have
      called upon Kathy S. Quinn, Ed.D. Kathy is co-chair
      of Lutherans Concerned/South Carolina and a member of
      a Lutheran Church (ELCA). She is assistant professor
      of business administration and actively involved in
      diversity issues, the GLBT community, and the
      interfaith community. Her interests include Myers-Briggs
      Type Indicator, photography, computers/technology,
      reading, and her 16 year old cat.

      Here is Kathy's story of faith, "Surviving Protestant
      Fundamentalism." We hope you are blessed by this part
      of her spiritual journey.

      + + +

      At the age of seven I was baptized in a protestant
      fundamentalist church in the rural south. One short
      year later, my mother missed church for two months to
      take care of a dying relative. The first Sunday after
      the relative's death, when mother and I returned to
      church, the pastor stood in the pulpit, pointed and
      shook his finger directly at my mother, and said anyone
      who missed church to take care of the dying was going
      straight to hell. We never went back to that church

      This was just the first of many traumatic events that
      my mother and I experienced in protestant fundamentalist
      churches in the rural south. We were Christians, had
      been lifelong members of that denomination, wanted to
      attend church, and worship God. I remember a minister
      saying once that regardless of where a person lived in
      the south, they could always find a home in the small
      churches of that particular denomination. My mother
      and I both tried dutifully and diligently to find that
      church home. Time after time we were turned away from
      church after church first because of my parents' divorce
      and then because I found myself working for an atheist
      and a devil worshiper.

      After the horrible experiences mother and I had
      previously encountered with fundamentalist churches,
      I should have known better than turn to the church
      where I was a member for help in dealing with the
      atheist and devil worshiper. However, in tears and
      desperation, the only place I knew to go for help was
      the church.

      Since I had always lived in small towns in the rural
      south, I had never expected in my worst nightmare to
      encounter an atheist and/or devil worshiper. I was
      unprepared to cope with the situation and felt I needed
      spiritual help and guidance. Once again to my horror,
      I was turned away from the church and refused pastoral
      counseling, guidance, or assistance. Finally, I
      realized that despite my best efforts, I would never
      find a church home in protestant fundamentalism.
      Sobbing, I walked away from that fundamentalist church
      and denomination believing that I could never again
      attend any church for fear of having my heart, soul,
      and faith completely destroyed by the church.

      I felt betrayed and abused by the church. I felt very
      lost and alone. I was angry that I had wasted so much
      precious time trying to be a Christian and trying to
      find a church home. I could not believe any church
      could treat people, especially Christians, the way my
      mother and I had been treated by protestant
      fundamentalist churches. Based on our experiences,
      I finally came to the conclusion that protestant
      fundamentalism does not practice, preach, or teach
      the principles of Jesus Christ. I believe if Jesus
      Christ walked into protestant fundamentalist churches
      He would be as unwanted and unwelcome in those churches
      as my mother and I were.

      It is amazing that somehow my faith and soul survived
      protestant fundamentalism. I eventually found my way
      into a mainline protestant church and denomination,
      where for the first time I feel welcome, wanted,
      accepted, and loved. I feel I have finally met true
      Christians who know, understand, preach, and teach
      about God's unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness
      something I never heard or learned about in protestant
      fundamentalist churches.

      + + +


      3. Reminder, Our Newest Books

      "THE CHILDREN ARE FREE: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence
      on Same-sex Relationships," by Rev. Jeff Miner and John
      Tyler Connoley. (ISBN: 0-9719296-0-2) 91 pages.
      $12.95 each, six or more copies for $9.75 each.

      Published by Jesus Metropolitan Community Church,
      Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, this book is a positive and
      concise new look at what the Bible really says about
      homosexuality and same-sex relationships. See it on
      our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com/products/gayandchristian.html#Miner


      "Together in Love," the new anthology by Roberta Showalter
      Kreider, who compiled "From Wounded Hearts" for Chi Rho
      Press. $24.00 each, $18.00 each for six or more copies,
      plus shipping and handling.

      "Together in Love: Faith Stories of Gay, Lesbian,
      Bisexual, and Transgender Couples" is an anthology of
      LGBT couples, telling their stories of their faith
      journeys as people in non-traditional relationships.
      "Together in Love" is 360 pages, and contains 26 stories
      by LGBT couples, other stories, poems, and a father's
      message to the church. (ISBN: 0-9664822-1-2)

      See "Together In Love" on our Web site at


      "A Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary, Year B, December
      2002 through November 2003," compiled by Dr. David Kerr
      Park. Spiral bound, 8 ½" x 11", 78 pages. $9.95 each,
      six or more copies for $7.95 each, plus shipping and
      handling. Web site link,

      Though we are already five months into the liturgical
      year, this calendar has so much useful information that
      it is still selling well. Look for the 2004 Liturgical
      Calendar to be published by Chi Rho Press in late summer
      this year.


      "For Another Flock: Rainbow Meditations and Study Guide
      for Lent" is spiral bound, 5 ½" x 8 ½", 104 pages. $10.95
      each, $8.95 each for six or more copies, plus shipping and
      handling. See it on our Web site at

      Though Lent is over for this year, you should pick this
      book up to plan for your Lenten devotions in 2004.
      Written out of the deep faith and learning of a gay
      practicing Roman Catholic and from a Catholic
      perspective, "For Another Flock" includes daily
      meditations for all the days of Lent and Holy Week,
      beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter
      Sunday. Scripture readings are provided for every
      day in Lent and Holy Week followed by a reflection
      from a uniquely gay and Catholic point of view and a
      prayer. A weekly Bible study is also included in this
      valuable little book.


      We have a video in stock featuring Roberta Kreider
      and Mary Lou Wallner, with an introduction by the Rev.
      Peter J. Gomes. "Family Stories: Journeys of Spirit in
      Mixed Orientation Families" was produced by John Davis
      and is available for $26.95, plus shipping and handling.

      "Family Stories" presents the journeys of two women whose
      lives have changed dramatically in working through issues
      of sexuality and religion. The untimely deaths of family
      members (one a gay brother, the other a lesbian daughter)
      lead them to confront their feelings of confusion and
      hypocrisy. They provide hope for families, as well as
      religious and social organizations, by clearly
      demonstrating how minds can and do change.

      "Family Stories" is in VHS format, color, and 35 minutes,
      and sells for $26.95, plus shipping and handling.
      See it on our Web page at


      4. New Remainder Table on Web Site

      We are pleased that so many of you have taken advantage
      of a new money-saving opportunity for our customers, the
      Remainder Table.

      Find it at http://www.chirhopress.com/products/remainders.html.

      From time to time, books are returned to us from
      bookstores or distribution houses. Often these
      returned books are not able to be sold as "new"
      because the bookstore has put a price sticker on
      the back cover or the covers have been damaged in
      transit. As a result, we now sell these slightly
      damaged books on our new Remainder Table at a
      significant saving to you.

      This insides of the books on our Remainder Table are
      not damaged, just the covers. Most of the damage is
      slight. The books on our Remainder Table are 40% off
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      These five great books are available on our Remainder
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      "Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse," by Dr. Rembert
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      "The Bible and Homosexuality," by the Rev. Michael
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      "From Wounded Hearts: Faiths Stories of Lesbian,
      Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered People and Those
      Who Love Them," compiled and edited by Roberta
      Showalter Kreider. This first edition is no longer
      in print, but we have a few remaindered copies at
      $11.95. That's a saving of $8.00 off the original
      list price!

      "Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality and Community
      as Gay Men and Lesbians," by Chris Glaser, remaindered
      at $11.95. That's a saving of $8.00 off the list

      "Called OUT! The Voices and Gifts of Lesbian, Gay,
      Bisexual, and Transgendered Presbyterians," compiled
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      Poethig, Selisse Berry, and Melinda V. McLain,
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      All sales from the Remainder Table are subject to
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      Visit the Remainder Table at
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      5. Sanctoral Cycle

      As a regular feature in the Chi Rho Connection, we
      are offering up traditional and modern saints and various
      holy days listed in the 2003 Liturgical Calendar and
      Lectionary from today until our next scheduled
      electronic newsletter.

      Thurs., May 1, May Day/Labor Day. This day is the day
      to recognize those who work in nearly every country in
      the world except the United States and Canada.

      Thurs., May 1, Beltane (Wiccan). Cross-quarter day,
      halfway between Spring equinox and Summer solstice.
      Celebration of joining of the goddess with the energy
      of the god in a sacred marriage that resulted in all

      Mon., May 5. Cinco de Mayo (Mexico). Anniversary of
      the battle of Puebla, in which Mexico defeated the
      French. This is an especially important day among

      Tues., May 6. Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862).
      Naturalist and social critic. While his writings were
      largely ignored in his lifetime, Thoreau's thoughts on
      social justice, freedom, and civil disobedience were
      to later influence Tolstoy, Gandhi, and Martin Luther
      King. A fiercely independent nonconformist, he followed
      no particular religion, but has been described as
      something of a Taoist sage and desert father. His
      mystical rapture with nature speaks to us today in our
      ecological concerns.

      Thurs., May 8. Bd. Julian of Norwich (1342-1416).
      Mystic. Few details are known of the life of Dame
      Julian, a recluse who was famed as a spiritual
      counselor. She is best known for writing "Revelations
      of Love Divine," the first book written in English by
      a woman. At the age of 30 she became gravely ill,
      but recovered following a series of visions of Christ
      on the cross. She spoke of God as our Creator,
      Protector, and Lover, and wrote of the motherhood of
      both God and of Jesus, emphasizing the goodness of
      creation and Gods mercy toward the weak. "As truly
      as God is our Father, so truly is God our Mother."

      Sat., May 10. Mother's Day (Mexico).

      Sun., May 11. Mother's Day (U.S.A.).

      Wed., May 14. Maulid el-Nabi (Islamic). Birth of
      Mohammed, the founder of Islam, in 571 ce. Not
      celebrated in all Islamic communities.


      Order the full 2003 Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary,
      complete with the entire year's Sanctoral Cycle, at,


      6. Adam's Last Word:

      Spring has well and truly arrived in the Washington
      area. My friends who are plagued with pollen allergies
      have been suffering, I have been going to work without
      a jacket, and green leaves are fast replacing the
      blooms on the many flowering trees around the area.
      I hear birds singing in the trees outside my house,
      there are rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks galore
      in my front court, and a red fox ran across the road
      in front of me on my way to work the other day. It
      reminds me of Easter, resurrection, and new life in
      Jesus Christ!


      I finally finished the third of four stained glass
      windows that I am making for my home church, Holy
      Redeemer MCC, College Park, MD. This window is the
      Noah's Ark window, in honor of the initial vision
      that started the church over five years ago, when
      founding pastor Clay Witt called it the Ark Project.
      The other windows are the Holy Spirit window and the
      Communion window.

      I am concentrating on building up our stock of smaller
      stained glass items that we carry in our catalog at
      Chi Rho Press for a bit, and then will be getting to
      work on the next big window project for the church,
      the Easter Lily window.

      You can see and purchase our other stained glass
      designs on the Web site at


      WRITERS! I know you are out there! I need your
      500-word faith stories. Please contribute to our
      series of faith stories, 'The Journey is Our Home:'
      Sharing Our Faith Journeys. Our readers would like
      to read about your experiences of faith. Won't you
      please write up even a small part of your journey
      of faith and submit it to us? Just send your faith
      story to Adam@.... You will be blessed
      by the exercise, just as you are a blessing to others.
      Thank you!


      R. Adam DeBaugh, Director, Adam@....


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of
      someone passing it along to you and would like to receive
      it directly from us, please follow these directions:

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      For all e-mail correspondence, please write

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Customers outside the U.S. and especially our Canadian
      friends can order using credit cards on our Web page or
      through our Canadian distributor, MAP Enterprises, Mary
      Ann Pearson, at her Web page, http://www.christiangays.com

      Copyright 2003, Chi Rho Press, Inc.

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