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2003 Liturgical Calendar published!

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    Dear friends, We are very pleased to announce the publication today of A Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary, Year B, December 2002 through November 2003. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2002
      Dear friends,

      We are very pleased to announce the publication today
      of 'A Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary, Year B,
      December 2002 through November 2003.' I just sent the
      information off to our Web minister, so it isn't on
      the Web site yet, but information about how to order
      is below. We are very excited about the publication
      of this new, improved, and expanded version of the
      Liturgical Calendar we have published for many years.
      I know it will be an important resource for your

      Here's more detailed information.

      A Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary, Year B, December
      2002 through November 2003, compiled by Dr. David Kerr
      Park. Spiral bound, 8 ½" x 11", 78 pages. $9.95 each,
      six or more copies for $7.95 each, plus shipping and

      Chi Rho Press is pleased to announce a brand new
      Liturgical Calendar for the coming church year. Our
      newly designed Liturgical Calendar is packed with
      useful information for planning worship and preaching
      in the local church for each Sunday and Holy Day of
      the Church Year. It is intended for use by pastors,
      musicians, altar guilds, teachers, theological
      students, and anyone using the Church Year as a
      basis for worship or education. The Liturgical
      Calendar is spiral bound so it can lie flat for
      easy use, in a new, larger 8 ½" x 11" format.

      Because we are rushing this Liturgical Calendar
      into print, it is not yet up on our Web site,
      though it will be there soon! To order, call
      us at 301/926-1208 and leave a message with the
      number of copies you want, your name, address,
      and phone number, and a credit card number, the
      card holder?s name as it appears on the card, the
      type of card it is (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover),
      and the expiration date. Or send us e-mail with
      this information.

      You may also send your order with a check or money
      order, made out to Chi Rho Press, to Chi Rho Press,
      P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898. (To figure
      shipping and handling, for orders up to $9.99 add
      $2.50; orders of $10 to $19.99 add $3.50; orders
      of $20 to $39.99 add $4.50; orders of $40 to $59.99
      add $5.50; orders of $60 to $79.99 add $6.50; orders
      of $80 to $99.99 add $7.50; orders of $100 or more,
      add 9% of the order.)

      Featured in this new Liturgical Calendar are these
      sections: Celebrations that may be featured on a given
      Sunday, or alternate ways of naming a day in the
      Liturgical Calendar. Next are Visual Elements,
      including the standard color for the day (based on
      modern ecumenical consensus), alternative colors,
      commonly used symbols, and other creative suggestions.

      Then the Revised Common Lectionary readings, including
      a brief summary of each reading. The First Reading is
      usually from the Hebrew Scriptures, but there are
      exceptions, such as the use of readings from Acts
      during the Easter season. These are sometimes
      selected thematically to fit the Liturgical Calendar,
      but often are simply being read through key passages
      over a series of weeks. This is followed by a Psalm
      or a Canticle. The Second Reading is next, usually
      from the Epistles, like the First Reading typically
      a series of key passages from the same book being
      read over a number of weeks. Finally the Gospel
      Reading follows the story of Jesus through the
      Christmas and Easter cycles, plus the teachings of
      Jesus the rest of the year.

      On many Sundays there is a section of Alternative
      Readings, some from the Revised Common Lectionary
      and others are based on the suggestions of other
      writers seeking to better balance the place of women
      in the Lectionary or address other concerns. All
      the Alternative Readings are from the Bible.

      Finally comes Liturgical Notes, which includes a
      Calendar for the week, Suggestions for that day,
      and an empty space for your own Planning notes.
      The calendar includes a new Sanctoral Cycle (the
      list of saint?s days), days from the secular
      calendar, both official holidays and other days
      that mark people?s lives, as well as days from
      other faith traditions.

      A word about the new Sanctoral Cycle: A major
      element of the calendar for each week includes
      remembering the lives and deaths of those who have
      gone before us. This is traditionally called the
      Sanctoral Cycle (or list of saint?s days). The list
      used in this resource, however, was developed for
      use in GLBT congregations to reflect the particular
      needs we have for modern spiritual models.

      This list is designed intentionally to be more
      reflective of the faith and contributions of women
      (Fanny Crosby, Julian of Norwich), lay persons
      (Dorothy Day, Henry David Thoreau), ethnic minorities
      (Sojourner Truth, Seattle), non-Europeans (Oscar
      Romero), Protestants (Martin Luther, Søren
      Kierkegaard), and especially modern examples we
      can better relate to (Mother Teresa, Anne Frank).
      This is an inclusive, contemporary Sanctoral Cycle
      that can be used in practical ways in a gay and
      lesbian context. It is a work in progress, and
      as such will continue to be updated in future
      editions of the Liturgical Calendar published by
      Chi Rho Press, and hopefully soon in book form.

      A core of historical and Biblical names that are
      still meaningful today have been retained (Mary the
      Mother of Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi). Then others
      not usually represented have been added, such as
      persons of other faith traditions through whom the
      light of Truth has also shown (Rabbi Abraham Heschel,
      Gandhi), or artists and musicians (Michaelangelo,
      Bach). In selecting contemporary examples Dr. Park
      has emphasized persons who stood for inclusiveness,
      justice, and spiritual diversity (Martin Luther King,
      Clarence Jordan). Many gay and lesbian ?saints? are
      included as well (Dag Hammarskjold, St. Aelred, Sts.
      Sergius and Bacchus) and martyrs (Matthew Shepherd,
      Harvey Milk) because it is important for us to
      reclaim our own heritage as spiritual leaders and
      people of faith.

      Order your copy of the 2003 Liturgical Calendar today!
      $9.95 each, six or more copies for $7.95 each.

      R. Adam DeBaugh
      Chi Rho Press, Your LGBT Christian Publishing House
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