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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. III, No. 7

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter Vol. III, No. 7 9 April 2002 ************************* Success has nothing to do
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      The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      Vol. III, No. 7
      9 April 2002

      'Success has nothing to do with what you gain
      in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you
      do for others.'
      Danny Thomas


      1. Seeking Guardian Angels
      2. More Changes to our Web Page
      3. Featured Book: 'Families Re-Membered'
      4. Now More Than Ever: Make a Gift of Information for
      your Church or Local Library
      5. Adam's Last Word


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you for
      passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

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      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, videos,
      tchochkas, and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@.... See
      the end of this eNewsletter for a complete list of
      e-mail addresses at ChiRhoPress.com.


      1. Seeking Guardian Angels

      Would you like to make a difference? Books are important
      resources in the struggle for acceptance and liberation
      for the LGBT community. For 12 years, Chi Rho Press has
      been in the forefront of the LGBT Christian community,
      publishing books no one else would publish, giving voice
      to some of the best LGBT Christian writers around.

      You can be a part of this ministry. We need your financial
      assistance. Please prayerfully consider becoming a Guardian
      Angel of Chi Rho Press by donating a minimum of $150 a year
      to this ministry. Your donation is completely tax deductible.

      And you can become a Guardian Angel on-line! You
      may make contributions to the ministry of Chi Rho Press
      on our Web site, http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. Don't
      forget, contributions to the ministry of Chi Rho Press are
      fully tax deductible.

      To view a complete invitation letter on our Web site, please
      go to http://www.chirhopress.com/guard_angel_letter.html.

      To put tax deductible contributions on your credit card,
      using our secure shopping cart on our Web page, go to
      http://www.chirhopress.com/sponsor.html. Of course, you may
      also send us a check directly for $150, made out to Chi Rho
      Press, at P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898, USA.

      Be sure to give us your mailing address as well as e-mail
      address so we can send you your welcome gifts.

      If you have specific questions about the Guardian Angel
      Program, you may e-mail us at Angels@...,
      or telephone us at 301/926-1208.


      2. More Changes to our Web Page

      Our wonderful new Web Minister continues to make changes
      to the Chi Rho Press Web site (http://www.ChiRhoPress.com).

      There is an alphabetical listing of products, including
      stained glass, rainbow key chains and bracelets, and
      handouts. We have started adding authors' biographies.
      Some reviews have been posted as well. The books with
      reviews and authors' bios have special links that say
      'About the Author' and 'Reviews for This Book.'

      Please come visit and let us know what you think! Let us
      know of any links that don't work or changes you would
      like to suggest as well.

      Would you like to write a review of a Chi Rho Press
      publication? Just submit your review to Adam@...
      and we will consider posting it on the Web page!

      And while you are visiting www.ChiRhoPress.com please buy
      a book!


      3. Featured Book: Families Re-Membered

      'Families Re-Membered: Pastoral Support for Friends and
      Families Living with HIV/AIDS,' by the Rev. Louis F.
      Kavar, Ph.D. Dr. Kavar has observed that HIV/AIDS causes
      a shift in family dynamics and that families are often
      re-structured, enlarged and changed, 're-membered' as a
      result of the impact of the health crisis on the family
      system. From a pastoral perspective, ministers and others
      working with people living with HIV and their families and
      friends need to re-member families to include family
      members of choice. This book explores the dynamics of
      family systems and the realities of extended families of
      choice. It goes beyond the dynamics of HIV/AIDS to embrace
      all families of choice. This is a valuable book for all
      people doing ministry with the LBGT community and our

      $10.95 each, six or more copies for $8.25 each, plus
      shipping and handling. Find 'Families Re-Membered' at http://www.chirhopress.com/products/hivaids.html.

      Dr. Kavar holds the degree of Master of Arts from the
      Institute of Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University,
      Pittsburgh, in spirituality and Doctorate of Philosophy
      from the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh
      in counseling. He is an ordained United Church of Christ


      4. Now More Than Ever: Make a Gift of Information for
      your Church or Local Library

      Now More Than Ever, I believe it is important to us to
      equip ourselves with good resources to combat homophobia
      and hatred in the church. May we suggest buying books for
      your church library or for your local public library?

      Now More Than Ever, we recommend 'Called OUT' to our
      Presbyterian sisters and brothers. This is a book not only
      for Presbyterians, of course, but for all people who love
      God and seek to do God's will of justice and peace. Read
      this book and hear the authentic voice of Presbyterian
      Christianity. ($17.95 each.)

      Now More Than Ever, we also recommend an excellent book
      by Presbyterian layperson, the eloquent and brilliant
      Chris Glaser. 'Come Home!' is one of Chris' best books
      and we are proud to have published it. ($19.95 each.)

      Now More Than Ever, people need to read 'The Bible and
      Homosexuality' by the Rev. Michael England, a basic primer
      on the few passages that have been incorrectly interpreted
      as referring to homosexuality. ($10.95 each.)

      Now More Than Ever, people need to read Dr. Rembert
      Truluck's brilliant 'Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.'
      Dr. Truluck's Steps to healing and wholeness continued to
      be our best seller and a must-read book for any believer's
      library. ($24.95 each.)

      Now More Than Ever, 'Positively Gay,' edited by Dr. Betty
      Berzon, provides helpful articles about many aspects of
      gay life. ($14.95 each.)

      And Now More Than Ever, we round out our sextet of
      recommended books with 'The Road to Emmaus,' a book of
      daily devotions written by and for the LGBT community.
      All six of these books are available on our Web site, of
      course. ($9.95 each.)

      (All prices are for single copies, orders of six or more
      copies on the Web site will automatically include a
      generous discount, and shipping and handling will be
      added to all orders.)

      Make an Easter-tide gift to your church or seminary
      library or local library. Buy books!

      Only the truth can combat hatred and evil. Help make
      the truth of God's all-inclusive love available to as
      many people as possible.


      5. Adam's Last Word

      Well, this is a season of doctors for me. I have started
      a round of dental work. I had very minor, but painful
      surgery on my left foot big toe this morning. I have an
      MRI scheduled for next week for chronic pain in my lower
      back (I have had a compressed disk in my lumbar vertebrae
      for 20 years!). My cardiologist continues to monitor my
      heart. And my annual physical is next week. I don't
      always take as good care of myself as I should. I hope
      you do. Regular checkups, good diet, exercise, all that.
      I know what you should do, I just don't always do it all
      for myself! But my health is generally good and I am
      taking more proactive steps these days to ensure good
      health and long life!

      Working three jobs does tend to take a toll on me! Our
      faithful readers may not be aware, but I have a full-time
      secular job at a wonderful company called Westat in
      Rockville, Maryland.

      Then of course is my work with the Press, most evenings
      and weekends. The Press is truly a labor of love for me
      and I am gratified when people support and encourage this
      ministry. I have a wonderful board and Kevin Fries' work
      as the Press' editor is excellent. They are all a real
      blessing to me and to this ministry. And you all are a
      great blessing as well. Your encouraging notes, purchases
      of our books and other products, and contributions are what
      keep us going, not only as a small business, but as a
      ministry of the Gospel.

      But, stained glass has become almost a third job for me.
      I still make the five stained glass pieces we sell on the
      Chi Rho Press Web site
      I am almost finished with the second of four windows for
      my home church, Holy Redeemer MCC, College Park Maryland.
      And I have a large commission waiting for me to complete
      the church windows which will be very lucrative!
      Stained glass work is relaxing and creative for me and
      I enjoy it a great deal, though I don't often have time
      to work in the stained glass workshop as much as I would
      like (or need to!).

      Spring has finally come to the Washington DC area and
      flowers and trees are showing the beauty of God's creation
      in that special Easter way!

      Thanks for being a part of this ministry and thanks for
      your support!


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of the
      good offices of someone passing it along to you (which
      we certainly encourage) and would like to receive it
      directly from us, please follow the directions at the
      end of this Connection to subscribe.

      To order, please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. You
      may pay by credit card on our web page or we will ship
      your order after receiving your check or money
      order. Include your e-mail address, mailing address,
      and telephone number please.

      If you have questions, please write to

      For comments and suggestions
      about this eNewsletter, please write

      To learn about our Guardian
      Angel Individual Sponsor Program, please write

      For all other correspondence,
      please write Adam@....

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Customers outside the U.S. and especially our Canadian
      friends can order using credit cards on our Web page or
      through our Canadian distributor, MAP Enterprises, Mary
      Ann Pearson, at her new Web page,

      Copyright 2002, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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