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Chi Rho Connection, Vol. III, No. 4

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    ************************* CHI RHO CONNECTION The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter Vol. III, No. 4 25 February 2002 ************************* Contents: 1. More
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002

      The Chi Rho Press eNewsletter
      Vol. III, No. 4
      25 February 2002



      1. More Changes on the Web Site!
      2. Presbyterians Defeat Amendment A
      3. Featured Book: 'Come Home!'
      4. We are Seeking Guardian Angels
      5. FYI: Changing Technology
      6. Adam's Last Word:


      Welcome once again to the Chi Rho Connection, the
      electronic newsletter of Chi Rho Press. Thank you for
      passing this Chi Rho Connection on to others.

      To join our list, send an e-mail message to

      To unsubscribe send an e-mail to

      Please visit our Web site at http://www.chirhopress.com
      to see our entire lines of books, handouts, tchochkas,
      and stained glass.

      Direct all other e-mail to Adam@.... See
      the end of this eNewsletter for a complete list of
      e-mail addresses at ChiRhoPress.com.


      1. More Changes on the Web Site!

      The Chi Rho Press Web site continues to change and improve,
      thanks to the hard work of our new Web minister. Check out
      the changes at http://www.ChiRhoPress.com.

      All of our current books and other products are on the web
      site now, with pictures of the book cover or item. New
      additions include the book 'Positively Gay: New Approaches
      to Gay and Lesbian Life,' edited by Betty Berzon, and the
      video, 'Family Stories: Journeys of Spirit in Mixed
      Orientation Families,' produced by John Davis and featuring
      our own Roberta Kreider. Now you can order these two
      important items on our Web site, and pay using your credit
      card. 'Positively Gay' is in our Gay and Christian
      section, http://www.chirhopress.com/products/gayandchristian.html.
      The 'Family Stories' video is in the Videos section, http://www.chirhopress.com/products/videos.html.

      We have also added biographies of our Board of Directors
      and staff. Click on the About Us link above the Send E-Mail
      icon or click on this link, http://www.chirhopress.com/contact.html.

      The last edition of this Chi Rho Connection is now up on
      the e-news page http://www.chirhopress.com/newsletters.html)
      along with past issues in an easier-to-read archive format.
      We expect to be putting the Connection up soon after it is
      published in the future.

      There is a much more user-friendly sponsors and contributors
      page, http://www.chirhopress.com/sponsor.html, where you can
      make contributions to the ministry of Chi Rho Press and
      become a Guardian Angel on line, using your credit card.

      We have added some new links to our links page (http://www.chirhopress.com/links.html) and will be adding
      more links and continuing to organize them as time goes on.

      Of course, the new Alphabetical List of Products is up (http://www.chirhopress.com/products/products_alpha.html)
      as well as our Products by Category (http://www.chirhopress.com/products/products_category.html).

      We will be adding some authors' biographies and book reviews
      soon. Keep watching! Please check out the new look and
      easier navigation of our Web page. And buy a book or two
      while you are at it!


      2. Presbyterians Defeat Amendment A

      We are sad to report that the Presbytery of South Louisiana
      cast the 87th and deciding vote against Amendment 01-A on
      Feb. 19, 2002.

      This means that, for at least one more year, that officers
      of the Presbyterian Church (USA) will continue to be
      required to practice 'fidelity within the covenant of
      marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in
      singleness.' Presbyterian officers include deacons and
      elders, elected and ordained lay leadership positions,
      and clergy.

      Amendment 01-A, which would have deleted section G-6.0106b
      from the church's Book of Order, which states: 'Those who
      are called to office in the church are to lead a life in
      obedience to Scripture and in conformity to the historic
      confessional standards of the church. Among these
      standards is the requirement to live either in fidelity
      within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman
      or chastity in singleness. Persons refusing to repent of
      any self-acknowledged practice which the confessions call
      sin shall not be ordained and/or installed as deacons,
      elders, or ministers of the Word and Sacrament.'

      As the Chi Rho Press book 'Called OUT!' eloquently attests,
      there are many LGBT Presbyterians whom God has called to
      ministry in their church. We believe that Presbyterians
      need to read 'Called OUT! The Voices and Gifts of Lesbian,
      Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Presbyterians' now more
      than ever.

      The anthology 'Called OUT!' was compiled by the Rev. Jane
      Adams Spahr, Kathryn Poethig, Selisse Berry, and Melinda
      McLain. In it 39 LGBT Presbyterians tell their stories
      about their lives in, and out of the Presbyterian Church.
      People from both the old northern and southern churches,
      and the reunited Presbyterian Church (USA), from all over
      the United States, tell their stories here with candor,
      wit, and faith. An important book for all who either are
      Lesbian or Gay or would seek to understand Gay people of
      faith, regardless of their religion.

      Now in its second printing, 'Called OUT!' has been called
      an incredibly valuable book. Former Stated Clerk William
      P. Thompson said 'Presbyterians should read 'Called OUT'
      within the year.

      'Called OUT!' is available from Chi Rho Press for $17.95
      each, six or more copies for $15.25 each. You may order
      on our web site at http://www.ChiRhoPress.com.


      3. Featured Book: 'Come Home!'

      'Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality and Community as
      Gay Men and Lesbians,' second edition, by Chris Glaser.
      First published in 1990 by HarperCollins, the second
      edition was published in 1998 by Chi Rho Press with the
      addition of five new chapters to the original 20.

      'Come Home!' is perhaps Chris Glaser's best book. It is
      divided into five sections, each with five chapters.
      The five sections are entitled, Welcoming God's
      Acceptance, Receiving Our Inheritance, Discerning Our
      Call, Making Our Witness, and Declaring Our Vision.

      Bishop John Shelby Spong called 'Come Home!' 'powerful,
      sensitive, and provocative. . . . Glaser stands inside
      his own humanity as a gay male and hears the word of God
      through the Bible. Christians, gay and straight, need
      this book if we are to be the body of Christ.'

      This is a brilliant and important book by perhaps the
      best-known Gay Christian writer in the U.S. today.

      The Rev. Carter Heyward called 'Come Home!' 'an
      enthusiastic compelling testimony to the power of faith
      in the lives of many gay and lesbian Christians.'

      Virginia Ramey Mollenkott said, 'If courage, honesty,
      and insight are beautiful, then this is one beautiful
      book. . . . I rejoice that in this book all the gay
      men and lesbian women who have been robbed of their
      spirituality are issued an urgent invitation: Come home!'

      'Come Home!' by Chris Glaser offers a vision of faith,
      hope, and affirmation inviting gay men and lesbians to
      come home to their spirituality through Christian faith
      and community. Order your copy today!

      'Come Home!' is available for $19.95 each, $14.95 each
      for six or more copies, plus shipping and handling.


      4. We are Seeking Guardian Angels

      All contributions to Chi Rho Press are fully tax
      deductible. If you are able to make a financial gift to
      this ministry, we would welcome your support. Gifts and
      contributions of any size are welcome and appreciated!

      Our Guardian Angel Individual Sponsors program starts
      with a minimum gift of $150 a year and our Guardian
      Angels receive discounts on Press publications, free
      gifts during the year, and special other perks.

      You may contribute on line, paying with your credit
      card at http://www.chirhopress.com/sponsor.html or send
      your check or money order to Chi Rho Press, P.O. Box 7864,
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898.

      Thanks for your support!


      5. FYI: Changing Technology

      Things certainly have changed since we began Chi Rho Press
      in 1990. We used to send typewritten manuscripts to be set
      in type, then lay out books on what were called 'boards' for
      the printer, using my handy waxer. The waxer rolls a thin
      layer of melted wax on the back of the print galleys, which
      can then be positioned on the boards. Using wax as an
      adhesive enables the layout artist to take up and
      reposition material on the boards, and still provides a
      good bond.

      Now, of course, the vast majority of our lay out work is
      done on the computer and printed out directly. No
      typesetting, no wax, no fuss nor muss. Back in 1990 we
      didn't even have a computer! Things have changed

      And the World Wide Web changed things even more. In the
      past sending a newsletter out to more than 850 people
      would take a long time. Not just writing it, but laying
      it out, printing, folding, preparing envelopes, stuffing
      the newsletter, sealing the envelopes, and preparing them
      for the arduous bulk mail requirements of the U.S. Post
      Office, all can take days! Now most of the time we spend
      on the Chi Rho Connection is in the writing. Distribution
      is instantaneous through our opt-in subscription at

      But that is not without its difficulties and mistakes.
      For most of the existence of our weekly meditation
      supplements, the Chi Rho Reflection, we had the
      unsubscription address incorrect. Our loyal readers
      know that the Chi Rho Reflection is a selection from
      that week's meditations found in 'The Road to Emmaus,'
      which we send out at the beginning of each week. Well,
      we made a mistake when we first entered the information
      about how to subscribe and unsubscribe, leaving off the
      final s in Yahoogroups.com in the unsubscribe address.
      A frustrated reader who needed to unsubscribe wrote asking
      for help and we discovered the error. Our apologies to

      Of course, we hope you do not unsubscribe but rather stay
      with us. We are going through some major changes on the
      Web page. 'Positively Gay' and the 'Family Stories' video
      are now on the Web site, along with a new, easier to work
      with sponsors/contributors page, and a new look to the
      Newsletter page and our archives. New changes are being
      added weekly. Board and staff bios went up this weekend.
      Soon we will have author's bios, blurbs, and reviews for
      many books. Other exciting changes are in the works.
      Please visit us at http://www.ChiRhoPress.com, see our
      changes and buy some books, handouts, stained glass, or
      other goodies!

      As we continue to explore the brave new world of computer
      technology, we hope to find ways to serve you better.
      Maybe publishing e-books? A place for you to write your
      own reviews of our books? It is an exciting process and
      thrilling to be a part of it!

      Just For Your Information!


      6. Adam's Last Word:

      There's a lot going on, as you can tell from this issue of
      the Connection. We are keeping busy and appreciate your
      support! Keep checking out the Web site for new additions
      and changes.

      Thanks for being a part of this ministry and thanks for
      your support!


      We are glad you are partners in ministry with us here at
      Chi Rho Press. We are eager for your comments, your
      suggestions, your assistance with selling our books,
      and your own purchases! And of course, we covet your
      prayers for this ministry.

      If you've received the Chi Rho Connection as a result of the
      good offices of someone passing it along to you (which
      we certainly encourage) and would like to receive it
      directly from us, please follow the directions at the
      end of this Connection to subscribe.

      To order, please visit http://www.ChiRhoPress.com. You
      may pay by credit card on our web page or we will ship
      your order after receiving your check or money
      order. Include your e-mail address, mailing address,
      and telephone number please.

      If you have questions, please write to

      For comments and suggestions
      about this eNewsletter, please write

      To learn about our Guardian
      Angel Individual Sponsor Program, please write

      For all other correspondence,
      please write Adam@....

      Our snail mail address is:

      Chi Rho Press, Inc.
      P.O. Box 7864
      Gaithersburg, MD 20898

      Our telephone and fax number is 301/926-1208.

      Customers outside the U.S. and especially our Canadian
      friends can order using credit cards on our Web page or
      through our Canadian distributor, MAP Enterprises, Mary
      Ann Pearson, at her new Web page,

      Copyright 2002, Chi Rho Press, Inc.


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