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129Chi Rho Reflection for the Week of June 2, 2002

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  • Adam DeBaugh
    Jun 2, 2002
      Chi Rho Reflection for the Week of June 2, 2002


      As one of the on-going ministries of Chi Rho Press, here
      is a meditation from 'The Road to Emmaus,' a book of
      daily meditations written by and for the LGBT community
      of faith. As always, this meditation starts with a Gospel
      reading and a meditation based on it written by Nancy Eichert.

      Thank you for forwarding this to your friends.

      Please read Luke 16:10-15

      God has entrusted to us the riches of the world. So
      often we seem to hoard and squander those riches,
      ignoring the needs of the poor in our midst.

      Are we serving two rulers in our quest for the comforts
      of life? We are the bearers of God's Spirit on earth,
      yet we often waver, serving two rulers, lukewarm, neither
      hot nor cold.

      But what if God is calling us to take sides? Perhaps
      there is no longer time for us to sit with the Pharisees,
      justifying ourselves before humanity. The poor of the
      world cry out to us from afar and from next door. The
      oppressed cry out for freedom, and the disenfranchised
      cry out for justice.

      Have we divorced ourselves from our commitment to love
      God first and our neighbor as ourselves? Have we wed
      ourselves to mammon?

      My friend, imagine a new way to answer God's call to
      justice. Imagine yourself as God's Spirit-bearer on
      earth. Imagine yourself standing beside the poor, before
      God's altar, promising to love, honor, and cherish.
      Imagine all humanity in committed relationship before

      Holy Spirit, you are my vision. Open my eyes to the
      many ways I can stand in commitment with the poor and
      oppressed of the earth. Clear my heart of any need to
      collect and display the world's wealth. Show me myself
      before the mirror of your love. Let my self-esteem be
      in my nakedness, my vulnerability. Let the nakedness of
      the oppressed of the earth be my mirror image. Holy
      Spirit, unite us in God?s work on earth, God's purpose,
      love. Amen.

      Grace and peace,

      Chi Rho Press

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