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Message for the day 01.04.10

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    *Message for the day 01.04.10* * * The best positivity is to have good wishes for the self. *Projection:* * * When I recognise someone s mistake I do
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      Message for the day          01.04.10
      The best positivity is to have good wishes for the self.
      When I recognise someone's mistake I do make effort to have good wishes for him, but when I make a mistake I am not able to have good wishes for myself in the same way. I identify myself with that weakness so much that I am not able to have positive feelings for myself.

      Whatever happens, even if I make mistakes, I should not leave having good wishes for myself. I need to only have attention to learn from my mistakes and to maintain my own positive state of feeling for myself. When I do this I will be able to progress with ease.

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