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Re: BNO this Sunday and upcoming Frosty Fund Run

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  • Buster
    19:34, a PW by 4 minutes but being I haven t ran a race since Oct.07, took off 52 days with heart problem and only back running 3 weeks, I ll take it...for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 9, 2008
      19:34, a PW by 4 minutes but being I haven't ran a race since Oct.07,
      took off 52 days with heart problem and only back running 3 weeks,
      I'll take it...for now. Even the two ultras and all the marathons
      never had a pace that slow! *&^%$#@! I guess it's time to do
      some "punish work".<G>

      cya at Bastille Day Race, how's the course, any improvements since
      last year?

      --- In ChalmetteTrackClub@yahoogroups.com, jennifer gioia
      <jlgioia88@...> wrote:
      > Thanks. It was good to see you today. How did you do?
      > Jennifer
      > Buster <busterm2@...> wrote:
      > This Sunday is CTC's Battle of New Orleans Race (BNO) 2
      miler at 8:15
      > am at Chalmette Battlefield. The main gate will open for 7:30 am.
      > There will be no access to the park from the cemetery as it is
      > construction. The plantation house will also be off limits as it is
      > undergoing renovations. The restroom facilities will be available
      > for the duration of our stay at the park.
      > CTC member Johnny Frost was diagnosed with cancer earlier this
      > In a recent email, Frosty wanted to let the membership know how he
      > doing and inform all of an upcoming race on his behalf. The flyer
      > attached. Please join Johnny and Claudia in this upcoming race on
      > Wednesday, June 25th at 7 pm. Johnny's recent letter to the
      > membership follows:
      > Hey Jennifer,
      > I think the word is getting out, but I wanted to bring you guys up
      > speed. The Chalmette 2 mile series, after Katrina brought so much
      > meaning & reflection into our lives. We look forward to running
      > you all soon. however, for now, I was diagnosed with a large mass
      > my Pancreas early March. By March 20th it was confirmed to be
      > My Dr is Laura Brinz. I'm very pleased with her. The Dr's reports
      > just aren't good. The cancer is already large (on a relative
      > it is an aggressive cancer, typically detected "late", It is
      > unresectable (cannot operate due to complications of other things
      > being encased by the mass), and standard Chemo really just won't
      > help. Fortunately, at this exact time, MD Anderson become
      > with my office doc's & EJ Hospital. God has me in the best place at
      > the time of my greatest need. As of today, I have received my
      > Chemo, & the day went without a hint of pain or discomfort. That
      > hasn't always been the case, but today was reassuringly "peaceful".
      > have a CaT scan scheduled for June the 6th, and the follow up visit
      > on June the 10th to check out the "PROGRESS". I don't need pain
      > throughout the day & my Doc is very encouraged by that alone. I
      > had the have a stint put into the main bile duct coming from the
      > liver. As it passes through the Pancreas the mass was compressing
      > causing me to jaundiced. In short several things had to be at the
      > right levels before the could start the Chemo, and if gone
      > it would lead to liver disease &/or failure. No thanks, I have
      > for now.
      > That being said some local running clubs are sponsoring a two
      > mile "Frosty" fund walk/run in City park on June the 25th. that's a
      > Wednesday evening. You may have, or will soon receive an E-mail
      > to post to the club. I HUMBLY ask for all the support Chalmette's
      > finest can muster up on somewhat short notice. There will be
      > BEER!!!!!!!!!!!.
      > Perhaps you could get this out to you CTC list. I'd all to know of
      > current health condition. Many know already, but I,m sure many an
      > friend have not yet heard. I love the news letter section on CTC
      > sightings.
      > Counting On God's Continued Healing, "Frosty"
      > " In bibliothecis loquuntur defunctorum immortales
      > "Immortal spirits of the dead speak in libraries."
      > -- Pliny the Elder
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