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Re: Music practice Tuesday

I won’t be available tomorrow as its Callan’s 21st Birthday:) ... I won’t be available tomorrow as its Callan’s 21st Birthday:) On 6 Jul 2015, at 8:47
Roni Gors
Jul 5

Music practice Tuesday

Hi musicians I won't be available for music tomorrow, due to another airport pickup. If others would like to get together for a music practice that's fine.
Rachel Kerr
Jul 5

dance sets for midwinter

Hi musicians Here are the dance sets for midwinter: 1. Black Alman Lybens Distonys Petit Vriens Rufty Tufty Jenny Plucks Pears Galliard (or Goddesses instead
Genie Rachel
Jul 2

Music tonight

Hi all Sorry for the late notice but won’t be at music tonight. I am coming down with a cold and I am sure you don’t want it! Will try and shake it by the
Roni Gors
Jun 30

Re: Music tomorrow

I'll be there. Ariel
Jun 29

Music tomorrow

Hi Musicians, Music practice tomorrow night is at our place in Heathridge. Feel free to park in the driveway when you get here... Richard is out for the night
Suzie Taylor
Jun 29

sheet music for songs

Hi singers Sheet music for the songs we practiced last night (Pastime with Good Company, Senora de Hermosura and Sing We & Chant it) can be found in the "new
Genie Rachel
Jun 28

sing we and chant it - sound files

Hi Here are sound files in nwc format for anyone who wishes to listen and sing along to practise their part. You play control the speed of play if you wish.
Genie Rachel
Jun 28
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    Sing we - tenor.nwc
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    Sing we - sop 2.nwc
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    Sing we - bass.nwc
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    Sing we - alto.nwc
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    Sing we & chant it.nwc

Re: singing practice next Sunday

I won't be able to make singing this arvo, because I'll be at Supanova.Ariel
Ariel Lyons
Jun 27

La Rosa Enflorece

Here is the noteworthy file for La Rosa Enflorece. Sorry, my 'later' got a bit later than expected. Also, just following up regarding singing on Sunday -
Genie Rachel
Jun 23
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    Rosa Enflorece.nwc

Re: Rosa Enflorece

Yep, it was a printer setting at my end, got it now. Thanks Roni ... Yep, it was a printer setting at my end, got it now. Thanks Roni On 23 Jun 2015, at 1:02
Roni Gors
Jun 22

Re: Rosa Enflorece

The PDF file prints ok for me on 2 A4 pages. The non-functioning of the sound file could be a blessing in disguise. The sound quality is so poor on a midi
Genie Rachel
Jun 22

Re: Rosa Enflorece [2 Attachments]

Thanks Rachel I just printed it, but it went over 4 pages to end up with A3 sized pages. It could be a weirdness at my end with my computer deciding that my
Roni Gors
Jun 22

Rosa Enflorece

Hi Musicians Here as promised is La Rosa Enflorece on 2 pages to make life easier. I have taken the liberty of writing a shorter introduction and getting rid
Genie Rachel
Jun 22
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    Rosa Enflorece.pdf
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    Rosa Enflorece.mid

Re: singing practice next Sunday

Sounds good. Catherine From: CeoltoiriAneala@yahoogroups.com [mailto:CeoltoiriAneala@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Monday, 22 June 2015 11:48 AM To:
    Catherine Harvey
    Jun 21
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