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  • II sI just saw on the news that much of the Central Texas area is flooded. Hope all of you are safe. I saw on the news that much of the area is flooded. Hope all of you are safe.The cheapest flight back to the US is on Icelandair with a free stop over in Iceland. So why not !!! Off to Iceland we go. Lyni9
    iris9@... May 26, 2015
  • Glad you enjoyed Spain. Your knees are still young - enjoy everything you can now. We really enjoyed Spain in 1970 - one small suitcase between us, walked everywhere, used Europe on $5 a Day! Had a blast. Will never forget that trip. But we can't do that now, which is very irritating. I still want to be young. Lyni9
    iris9@... May 26, 2015
  • We definitely have not done as much caching as I expected to do. It has rained every day - we’ve been in England and Scotland since May 4. It has been such a hassle finding lodging and meals. They have more holidays over here when everything is closed than I have ever encountered anywhere. In all our travels around the world we have never had as much trouble as we have here. I...
    Iris Scott May 25, 2015
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  • Missed the opening of chigger season this year - it is much too cold, and rainy in Scotland for them! What's going on there? I was wondering if I had been removed from the list as there has only been one post this month. Hope everyone is just too busy caching. Iris Lyni9
    iris9@... May 24, 2015
  • Congrats Melanie !!! Glad you made your goal - and now on to the next one. Have fun and happy geocaching. Iris / Lyni9
    iris9@... Jan 4, 2014
  • Yes you did it! We wouldn't be where we are today if it hadn't been for the Cen Tex group that befriended us and showed us how to play the game. We still remember meeting you for the first time at an event in Fredericksburg and getting so much helpful information that really changed our lives. Changed from punching every cache in manually to GSAK and a whole new world opened. Love...
    iris9 Aug 8, 2013
  • Way to go Tygress !!! Lyni9/Iris
    Iris Scott Jul 19, 2013
  • Carlin, I think we will be in Utah in August just before we return to Texas to fly to Australia. We are in Wyoming now and will be crossing Idaho and Nevada and plan to be in Utah if we don't run out of time. Where in Utah is your geocoin. Iris / Lyni9 --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@^$1, "carlinart" wrote: > > Almost 2 years ago I won a beautiful Compass Rose Geocoin at one of...
    iris9 Jun 19, 2013
  • Glad you both are safe. Amazing that the rescue dog even rescued your GPSr. Lyni9/Iris
    Iris Scott Mar 9, 2013
  • ...want to talk more about it. If he hasn't already put his fist through the screen. > > Pam/pblt > > On Mar 1, 2013, at 10:19 PM, iris9 wrote: > > > We were having a wonderful time today solving puzzles for our trip later this year. Then we came up with one that...
    iris9 Mar 2, 2013