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Re: thoughts about the archived caches

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  • candy8966
    ... Don t worry, Tom, I was just venting! And I m really happy to hear you are trying to contact her about them. I will do anything I can to help our case. I m
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      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@y..., "tlane3of6" <tlane@e...> wrote:
      > Candy,
      > Time to calm down.

      Don't worry, Tom, I was just venting! And I'm really happy to hear
      you are trying to contact her about them. I will do anything I can to
      help our case. I'm with you, I feel like this was an isolated thing
      and that there isn't really a policy against geocaching, and that all
      we need to do is educate. If need be, I would even be willing to do
      like they do at (LCRA) McKinney Roughs, sign in to get the coords so
      they know who is caching and when (in fact I think there are some
      other areas I think that would be a great idea, too); pay a
      reasonable fee for a yearly permit; etc. as long as they are willing
      to work with us.

      > A couple of points about these caches and this park:
      > 3) The trails in this park are so infrequently used, that it's over
      > grown in many sections. The one thing that you don't see on these
      > trails is trash. These are some of the most pristine hiking trails
      > in Central Texas. We would be there for weeks and not fill one
      > trash bag.

      I agree, but as they become better known, I feel uncomfortably
      certain that we will be of some help in that regard ... The only
      place in Austin we have not found trash is Wild Basin, and I think
      that's just because of the type of place it is. Public Parks
      inevitably become unwilling hosts for surreptitious rendesvous and
      underage drinking; we picked up more than a 12-pack worth of beer
      bottles and cans and a bunch of other trash in a tiny little park
      where we placed a cache this weekend, and that was what we could
      reach safely -- more were down the cliff where we couldn't get to
      them. I guess we can always hope I'm wrong, though!

      > Give me a week to meet with her and provide an update. On
      > the other hand, it would be great if someone wants to do some
      > leg work with the county parks department. The idea should be
      > to research what types of approvals we would need if on the
      > off chance that we might want to do this type of activity in
      > a county park ...

      We'll be watching for an update! And if all you want is theoretical
      questioning to Trans. and Parks Dept., I will do that and report back

      Thanks, Tom, for all you do for the sport ... we who are still pretty
      new at it look to you "vets" for advice and guidance.

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