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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] My Top 10

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  • Scott & Charlotte
    Hi Richard... Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. It’s been generally accepted at geocaching.com to post your favorites under your profile. That
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      Hi Richard...


      Thanks for sharing your favorites with us.  It’s been generally accepted at geocaching.com to post your favorites under your profile.  That way, when you do a cache that you really like, you can look at the cacher’s profile and see what kind of caches he/she/they think are good. It’s also an easy way to keep things updated so that you don’t have to send out your favorites every time they change (your favorites now may not be the same as your favorites next year, if you’re still caching then). Also, when I travel to other cities, I just sort the cache list by people that have been hiding them for a while and look at their profiles to see what caches I should do when I get there. 


      See our favorites list under our profile at http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default.asp?A=65788


      Scott of Team GeoDillo

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      W 97° 50.4'


      "Trying is the first step towards failure."

                                    -- Homer Simpson


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      Someone on a board I read posted a top 10 favorite Geocache find
      thread.  Their list didn't mean too much since they were not in our
      area.  Here's my Top 10.  The order changes from time to time. 
      What's yours?
      1.  The Diver's Hitchhikers Series.  Far out in the uncharted
      backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of
      Lake Travis lies a series of 5 very well done caches. Easily my
      number 1.
      Central Texas Cache Scramble.  This took so much time to find
      all the redirectors then figure out the clues requiring visits to
      some new parks.  Thoroughly enjoyable.
      3.  Demise of Dot Com. The thrill of the first time lingers
      forever.  No, I meant first FIND.
      4.  Dubble Bubble, Very well hidden cache that took us two attempts.
      5.  Cliff Hanger, Another great hide requiring some agile moves.
      6.  Cache on
      Prayer Mountain, Dang that's a long way up those
      steps.  Read the logs before going.  Slick soled dress shoes are not
      7.  The now defunct Faire Maiden, I never understood the name.
      8.  The Empire Strikes Back, A virtual on the observation deck of
      Empire State Building. We did it on a very cold windy night.
      9.  Dam Cache.  This dam cache was so frustrating because we arrived
      on location before anyone and could not find it.  When we found it
      we had been standing on the hiding spot.  Dam cache!
      10. All the rest

      Cache on,
      Richard aka Blizzard

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