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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] TC 2004 food survey

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  • Candy Lind
    Here s the link to the poll for San Antonio: http://www.txga.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1247 and for Austin:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2004
      Here's the link to the poll for San Antonio:
      and for Austin:
      Those of you in other places in CenTex, pick one! :-)
      If you are always logged in to the TXGA site (as I am) then these will come up for you. If not, you'll probably get a page where you have to sign in. Then just try clicking the link again and the site should recognize you.
      Thanks for the heads-up on this, Luther! :-)
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      There is poll and sign up for each area of the state that all who are planning to attend need to let the group know so they know how much food to buy.  This will give them a very accurate count.  This set up under the Texas Challenge thread by HackAttack yesterday afternoon.  Even though we are combining as a team both Austin and San Antonio have their own poll.




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