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GSAK Macro for 2013 ABC Challenge - GC4291X

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  • lignumaqua
    I ve just posted a GSAK macro file to this forum that will check your Found database for compliance with Big Guy in Texas / Blizzard s 2013 ABC Challenge
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2013
      I've just posted a GSAK macro file to this forum that will check your 'Found' database for compliance with Big Guy in Texas / Blizzard's 2013 ABC Challenge Cache - GC4291X

      The differences from last year are as I see it :

      1. Anywhere in Texas - not just CTX counties

      2. Addition of 'special character' caches. For the purposes of the macro I've used the following list of special characters, if there are others that need adding, please let me know.


      (It stops checking after 5 are found as that's all that is needed)

      3. WARNING There are many, many combinations of finds possible and order matters. For example - do you count 'Final Stop #1' as an 'F' or as a '#' or as a'1'? This macro does not check every possible order combination, life is too short, but it does check many. It is always possible that it might miss the 'perfect' combination.

      4. As written, the macro requires that finds are in 2013. If you want to change that, please do so. That's just my personal choice. Change $FoundDate = "2013-01-01" in line 21 to whatever date you want to use.

      After it runs you will get a window showing you your progress, and there is a copy of that in your clipboard ready to be pasted into a message, like this, I still have 11 to find this year...

      A 1/6/2013 GC4385E A shocking experience¬Ö
      B 1/2/2013 GC43N4T Booshie Box
      C 1/2/2013 GC12N7M Ceramics 101
      D 1/2/2013 GC1MCXM Down and Out the Spout
      E 1/20/2013 GC3CVD0 Electroshock Therapy
      F 1/20/2013 GC42MW5 Final Stop
      G 1/20/2013 GC2Q2F0 God's Acre
      L 1/13/2013 GC3H6KN Long Live the Trolls!
      M 1/6/2013 GC35699 My variation on an enigma puzzle
      O 1/6/2013 GC3AJKC On the fence!
      R 1/13/2013 GC3C2P3 Runner's Gold
      S 1/20/2013 GC2GWZ7 SeaBrook
      T 1/2/2013 GC43NF9 The "V" Tree
      W 1/6/2013 GC43826 Welcome to Formula 1 Austin TX. #1
      - - -
      1 1/6/2013 GC30170 The Geocaching Matrix 11
      3 1/6/2013 GC4383A Welcome to Formula 1 Austin TX #3
      - - -
      ' 1/3/2013 GC43QJE Dr. Wacko's Hideout
      / 1/20/2013 GC34CYF What-A-Cache / Bevo!
      - 1/20/2013 GC42MV4 Mt. Calvary - The Fattore Story
      # 1/6/2013 GC4383V Welcome to Formula 1 Austin TX #4
      ! 1/13/2013 GC37KVK Arf Arf Arf Arf!

      21 Caches found out of the 33 needed

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