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Re: Roy G. Guerrero Park Bench Donation?

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  • dn_shults
    Okay, So I got in touch with the right person and he told me this: Hi Donald, Thanks so much for your interest in donating a bench to an Austin Park. We
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 18, 2012
      So I got in touch with the right person and he told me this:

      "Hi Donald,

      Thanks so much for your interest in donating a bench to an Austin Park. We really appreciate it.

      The two main options for donating a bench are:

      1.) Donate a standard park bench from the park amenity catalog (Recycled Plastic Model is $650 plus shipping and install, Metal Bench is $1,800 plus shipping and install). The standard benches do not include any type of marker or plaque.
      2.) Donate a memorial bench that comes with a dedication plaque ($2,400)

      Unfortunately, the Parks Department cannot accept most homemade benches made from wood and similar materials. It is possible to consider a custom bench built by a craftsperson or artisan as long as the bench is of a comparable quality of construction to the standard benches and is made of similar durable and sustainable materials. Also, the bench could not include any markers or messaging or promote a particular hobby. This would be the exception to the standard benches and the design, materials and builder would need to be reviewed and approved in advance.

      An artist designed and built item would be coordinated by the City's Art in Public Places Program.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else you need."

      And I asked this:
      "I have a few more questions before I come back to the group with this. Forgive me if they are a little dumb:)
      What sort of info can be put on a memorial bench? For example could it simply say

      "Donated By:
      Central TX Geocachers Assoc
      Date - ##/##/####

      Or is that even too personalized (the number on the bottom is something geocachers could use to mark a "visit" the bench) of info?

      Also, if a custom bench were created and approved as a piece of art, is there a possibility of still marking it with a "memorial plaque" if the $2,400 was paid?

      Do you have any alternative ideas for things that could be possibly donated that we have maybe not considered.

      I really appreciate your response and time. I hope we're not being too much of a bother.

      Thank You,
      Donald Shults"

      Finally, he replied with this:
      "Hi Donald,

      These are good questions! No bother at all.

      The memorial bench plaque has three lines of text. I don't see why we couldn't have the geocaching # on the plaque. We don't do company names or any type of advertising or cause marketing on the plaques, but any type of neutral message is ok. The main challenge is trying to make everything fit. Each line is approx 25-30 characters. This seems like a good option to me.

      The only option for the plaque in the park is through the bench program.

      I think this may be the best option to meet your needs for a donated item that includes the dedication language and the TB#. "

      Is this worth having an event and discussing further, or should I drop it?
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