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Re[2]: [CentralTexasGeocachers] our GRIM adventure yesterday

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  • John Daleske
    Hey, Shawn. I think we must be psychotic!! + John On 3/26/2012 at 9:38:26 PM, Shawn Olsen wrote: I was thinking that!!! Shawn/s6 On Mar
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2012
      Hey, Shawn.  I think we must be psychotic!!
      + John

      On 3/26/2012 at 9:38:26 PM, Shawn Olsen <shawnolsen@...> wrote:


      I was thinking that!!! 
      On Mar 26, 2012, at 9:30 PM, "John Daleske" <john@...> wrote:



      I hesitate to point out to Waterweasel that *most* Leathermen (TM) have wirecutters on their pliers sections that work wonders for plastic ties...
      Oh.  Did I write that out loud?      ;-)
      + John

      On 3/26/2012 at 5:00:51 PM, <gumbietygress@...> wrote:


      Those who friend Team WAT (Waterweasel, ACCLanMan, & Tygress) on Facebook know this already... we had an ADVENTURE:

      Tygress found  What? No Grim? GC182FY

      You can remove the NEEDS MAINTENANCE icon. We replaced the cache. However... apparently we decided that this Not GRIM needed a tale =wowoWHOA!= most GRIM...

      We came out seeking caches
      A ways from our happy homes
      But you know we smiley seekers
      Surely love the roam.
      We had such plans for grabbing
      Caches here and here and there
      Maybe lunch in Moody
      Should circumstance find us there.
      And so we came to this one
      Which claims no grim intent
      And quickly to the searching
      The WAT team's skills were bent.
      We found the cache so quickly
      It's blue belly open to the sky
      Unlike the last its attitude
      Meant logs were no longer ply
      So we decided to help out
      In a camaraderie style.
      To save our friend, the cache owner
      From coming out this mile
      We have another container
      A log to tuck there in
      A zippy tie to hold it
      Waterweasel got his leatherman
      Ironically a SAFETY award
      And went to cut the zip tie
      Careful where the blade was toward
      But these zip ties, though hard workers
      Have an evil bent
      And once cut that stored kinetic energy
      The blade awry was sent
      "That's not good," Waterweasel said
      Too late bringing hand away
      And, indeed, left middle finger
      He'd managed to deeply flay
      "Do you need a stitch?" says I
      He felt that there was no need.
      But off to ACCLanMan's first aid kit
      He hustled with some speed.
      As I was zipping the replacement
      Didn't like the sounds from the rig
      For Waterweasel's sliced finger
      Opted for BLEEDING -- BIG
      Gauze more gauze a napkin
      More gauze and plenty of tape
      We won't discuss the splatter
      Or extra color on his caching shirt's drape.
      "Stitches" we decided
      Or at least some Urgent Care
      Out came the various smart phones
      Medical attention, please, but where?
      We found a place in Hewitt
      Tygress took the wheel
      ACCLanMan admitted some worry
      About how she made tires squeal.
      Choice one was closed and shuttered
      For another hour yet
      Again perusing smart phones
      For aid we had to get!
      This time we phoned, surprise
      For next 'urgent care' we found
      Was for psychiatric emergencies
      We're rattled, but not Ward bound.
      "My wife thinks I'm a klutz," Russ said
      "But don't think you can help."
      You know he's a pretty good patient
      Barely giving a yelp.
      Third time's a charm, they're in, we're off
      Through fair Hewitt Town
      Letting the Android's navigator
      Talk us the way down.
      Paperwork filled, ID cards scanned
      And Waterweasel is whisked away
      ACCLanMan has already posted
      Facebook picture of the day.
      Two hours and five stitches
      And a wrapping, well, bright red
      Out comes our Waterweasel
      From where this escapade led.
      Now we're off to Chuy's
      And, look! THREE caches here!
      Then back out to where we left off
      But... HAVE A CARE, MY DEAR!!!

      So this Grim now has a grim. Or: no good deed ever goes unpunished.
      Yes, the lid was missing, and the log for this one sopping mache. Cutting to the chase: We ended up at the Urgent Care down the hill from the hospital (beside Chuy's on 35 -- Hewitt). Russ tried to explain geocaching then opted for: "I was cutting a zip tie." The Physician's Assistant and his assistant both nodded knowingly: "They're notorious." 
      For more details, well, I'm sure there's an event coming soon -- but suffice that there were five stitches and a Novocaine shot (the most PAINFUL part of the ordeal -- Russ looked the PA in the eye and said (in about this tonality): "Ouch.") BUT, the Chuy's next door was a nice sick toy, as well as three caches. Then back out.

      Team WAT (Waterweasel, ACCLanMan, & Tygress) having an ADVENTURE!!!!





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