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  • busybeetoni
    And I am proud to say that I was there on your first day of caching Bill. That was quite an adventure we had that day. I think I reached my 300th find that
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 23, 2012
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      And I am proud to say that I was there on your first day of caching Bill. That was quite an adventure we had that day. I think I reached my 300th find that weekend. And now look at me. I just reached 4700 on Wednesday.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "John Daleske" <john@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Great effort!
      > To me, the most important part is that you found a passion. Finding that
      > particular cache on your anniversary is great! A definite on my list to do!
      > That you have found about four times as many as me and I've now been caching
      > two years, well, shows that the hobby supports a variety of directions. Until
      > I came to Austin I hadn't learned about fizzing out or any of the other
      > statistics approached caching. Some folks go for counts, for example. I try
      > to find the creative, challenging caches. Others want urban and some want
      > bush whacking. It covers us all!
      > I just helped a fellow this evening at the trailhead of River Place Nature
      > Trail (Panther segment). He saw my yellow eTrex 10 on the lanyard around my
      > neck and asked if I was geocaching. He had his daughter on a kid carrier
      > backpack and said he was going out for his very first cache, Aphrodite 101. I
      > explained the Premium plan and how there are 20+ caches along just that trail.
      > He was using an android and not even with a geocaching app. I told him about
      > c:geo, which is no cost and I've used successfully. I suggested he'd be able
      > to take his daughter along and start doing the trade even or up and have quite
      > a fun adventure. A great way to make memories!
      > Cache on!
      > + John
      > On 3/22/2012 at 3:47:51 PM, Bill Ellis <zionzr2@...> wrote:
      > I am now a 1 year Old Cacher!
      > Today marks the First Anniversary of the first cache I found. It is a Virtual
      > The Tree That Wouldn't Die GC8A81
      > In the last year I have now found 1371 caches.
      > I have filled all 81 spots on the Difficulty / Terrain Matrix.
      > I have caches found in 6 states and Looking forward to someday adding more.
      > I have filled 308 days of the Calendar Matrix.
      > I was hooked right from the beginning when I attended The Tenth Anniversary
      > Get together GC2PNQM kicking off the XANN events. My first container find was
      > just after that event at the Necropolis of Britannia Manor III GC2B034.
      > I am currently working on a 366 Day streak where I am, as of this log, at 56
      > days.
      > All my other stats can be found on my profile page.
      > I finally found a hobby that I love! I needed that. Looking forward to many
      > more years and many more smilies!!!
      > I posted this in my log for the cache I found today. But also wanted to share
      > it here with the rest of the community. I have met several of you and enjoyed
      > caching with everyone I have met along the way.
      > Thanks for welcoming me with open arms and sharing in this Hobby... eerrrr....
      > Obsession.... errr.... Addiction
      > Happy Caching!!!
      > --
      > ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>
      > Bill
      > a.k.a ZionZR2
      > 512-789-1469
      > <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
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