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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] First Annual On-Line seminar on POISON IVY

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  • Grajek
    There use to be a product called ImuIvey we took every three months when I was a land surveyor. Does anyone know if they still make it? ... From: Candy Lind
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2003
      There use to be a product called ImuIvey we took every three months when
      I was a land surveyor. Does anyone know if they still make it?

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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] First Annual On-Line seminar on POISON

      I just read a post from someone who cannot attend the Geo-
      Extravaganza in FW because he has Poison Ivy, so I thought I would
      publish my first annual online seminar on Poison Ivy (hereafter
      referred to as PI) and its prevention.

      FIRST AND FOREMOST: Learn what it looks like in all its forms! If you
      are from up north, it is NOT the little shiny-leaved specimen you are
      used to. Here, it grows large and lush; the leaves are soft, not hard
      and shiny. The vines can get as big around as your arm and cover a
      tree so it LOOKS like a PI tree! If you see vines on the trees that
      have LOTS of those little "grabber" tendrils on them (they look hairy
      almost), it is more likely PI than grape vines. If you are not
      absolutely sure you can recognize it from plantlet to giant vine
      size, winter or summer, go out with someone who is severly allergic
      and knows what they are looking for (my hubby and I come to mind
      immediately). Then AVOID IT.

      Some places with facts about and pictures of PI (some are hawking
      their products, but the info is good):

      A GREAT site with a "test" you can take:

      A light brush by undamaged leaves will not hurt you; it is bruised
      and broken leaves, stems, and vines that apply the URUSHIOL (the
      toxic and irritating oil) to your skin and clothes. Wayne made the
      mistake of clipping some PI that was at a cache site last year, and
      ended up on steroids yet again. "Leaves of 3? LET IT BE."

      If you think you have come in contact with PI, CLEAN UP EVERYTHING.
      Don't sit down anywhere in your house in contaminated clothing. Wash
      clothes (including undies) in hot water if possible, and leave plenty
      of room in the washer so they agitate thoroughly. Wipe down your
      equipment with GOJO or Tec-Nu. Clean up your shoes, too. Scrub with
      soap and water if feasible. If you have leather hikers, it's better
      just to assume they have urushiol on them, stay in the habit of
      keeping your hands off your face, and clean up from head to toe after
      every hike.

      Now for all the modern wizardry and science we have learned in the
      past year. Do you know about Tec-Nu yet?? It is a cleaner you use
      when you think you have come in contact with P.I. to PREVENT the
      outbreak. Read about it here:

      THEN, go to WalMart or a drug store (and/or a car parts place) and
      get some Tec-Nu and some cheapo store-brand "GoJo" (the white stuff).
      Why both? Because Tec-Nu is about $5 for 4 ounces, and GoJo works
      just as well on not-so-sensitive parts. We use Tec-Nu on our faces,
      necks, ears, etc. and GoJo on the rest of our bodies. I'm allergic,
      and hubby Wayne is VERY allergic, and once we started a thorough
      cleaning-from-head-to-toe regimen with these two things, we didn't
      have any more major outbreaks.

      There is this other "miracle cure" for PI ... Zanfel. It is FORTY
      DOLLARS A TUBE! OUCH! But if you have a small breakout that hasn't
      gone systemic, and use it according to directions, it seems to break
      up the oils and clear the rash. Active chemical ingredient? Nonoxynol-
      9 (yeah, the contraceptive!). I have it in my head that it is a
      combination of the N-9 and the scrubbing micro beads they put in the
      stuff that makes it work. I'm working on a "home recipe" for it, but
      it will take a while to "proof out" since I try NOT to catch PI in
      the first place!

      We are also taking a new tack this year; Wayne wants to try
      homeopathic toxicodendron (P.I. in a pill!) treatment. We heard that
      very allergic people can take it to increase their resistance
      temporarily and keep any breakouts from being as bad. I'll get back
      to you on how it works (if you remind me next winter! LOL).
      Info at: http://www.homeopathyworks.com/poisonivy.htm

      I've said enough! I hope this information keeps you PI free for the
      summer of 2003. If anyone else has a favorite med/remedy/website or
      information I missed, please post it! And thanks.

      Happy Trails, and watch those 3-leaves!!

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