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Austin Area Cache Awards--Nominations are ON!

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  • Angelika Fuller
    Only four people have submitted nominations so far! I know there are more Central TX geocachers out there ;) The nomination process is simple! Scan your list
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2012
    Only four people have submitted nominations so far!  I know there are more Central TX geocachers out there ;)

    The nomination process is simple! 
    Scan your list of caches placed in 2011 and conjure up those priceless memories of :

    finding truly unique cache containers,
    spotting that micro in the city despite your GPS signal jumping all over the place,
    sweating buckets on a hike to grab that smiley, 
    torturing your brain trying to solve that difficult puzzle,
    discovering a beautiful area you had never seen before,
    laughing so hard after making the find that the muggles start to stare,
    seeing the delight on your kids' faces,
    chatting it up with your buddies at a fun event,

    and reward the cachers who helped create those memories!

    You can find the nomination form here: http://tinyurl.com/aga2011
    Feel free to nominate more than one cache in each category, however nominating a cache for each category is not required.
    Nominations will be open from now until February 29th.  You can nominate caches whenever you want throughout the voting period.

    Caches, events, and logs/photos must have been placed, occurred or posted in 2011.  Nominees must fall within 50 miles of the State Capitol (use GC142B as a reference).  Except for events, all nominated caches must be active and remain so throughout the nominating and voting periods.  (Logs and photos do not have that restriction). 
    *Premium members are strongly encouraged to 'Favorite' the caches they nominate*

    You can also check out previous winners here: http://www.geocachingaustin.com/geocache-awards

    So go vote!  You know you want to ;)



    P.S. I apologize in advance for inundating your inbox with emails about the Austin Area Cache Awards, but the sooner you cast your nominations, the sooner you can start ignoring my messages!  :D

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