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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] GSAK v8 and PQs

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  • Matt Wilson
    Iris, Please clarify the following sentence: Every time I get a new PQ for that area I download it into the same database (Elaborate on same .) When you
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      Please clarify the following sentence:  “Every time I get a new PQ for that area I download it into the same database”  (Elaborate on “same”.)


      When you reply, please compare your process to the following steps I just performed and let me know what’s different than you:


      1.      Pick a cache at random that only has the default 5-6 logs.

      2.      Go to Geocaching.com Access menu and “Get recent logs…”

      3.      Retrieve 20 logs, then verify cache now has 20 instead of 5-6.

      4.      Now, “Download pocket queries” into the “same” database.   <--  Is this what you mean by “same”?

      5.      The cache still shows 20 logs.  The PQ import saw the cache was up to date and didn’t modify the cache nor delete any old logs.


      I’d love to help you get to the bottom of this, so let me know your thoughts and/or identify any incorrect assumptions or statements I’m making.


      Thanks & good luck!  :-)


      Matt / Kemis


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      Hmm... I tried to hunt down an answer and couldn't really find a really good one.  The only thing I could come up with is a workaround.  Download the PQ file into another database and then move it to your area database, making sure that the "merge logs" option is checked.  Not a very elegant solution, I'll admit.  So I'll be eager to see if a better answer is out there.

      Personally, I don't start collecting logs until after I've found a cache.  As long as I've got the past 5 with me on a hunt, I'm good to go.  I do however like the fact that version 8 restored the ability to get logs for caches without having to actually own the cache.  Which, come to think of it, might be another workaround for your log issue.


      On 12/13/2011 09:49, iris9 wrote:


      I really like the logging feature of GSAK v8. However I have run into a problem that I do not like, but it is probably because I need to click another box somewhere. Hope someone can help.

      I set up a database for an area. Every time I get a new PQ for that area I download it into the same database. Reason - I want to keep all the past logs. So the problem - with the new v8, when I download the new PQ into the database it deletes all the old logs and only puts in the current 4 or 5 in the new PQ.

      Does anyone know how I can get it to keep the old logs that were already in the database, and just add the new ones?


      Lyni9 / Iris


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