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Greetings from White Oak, TX

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  • da_hoffie
    Hey CenTex Geocachin Family I am sorry I haven t been around much, I been dealing with a recent death in the family with the loss of Stephanie s maternal
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2011
      Hey CenTex Geocachin' Family

      I am sorry I haven't been around much, I been dealing with a recent death in the family with the loss of Stephanie's maternal grandfather who passed on to the great cache hunt in the sky 14 November. I been more up here in White Oak / Longview, TX then I have been at home. I am back up here again, and today was the probate hearing as Stephanie is the primary executor to his will. Appointed today by the court, I am relieved, but also nervous some because some members of our family have created trouble for Stephanie since Pawpa's death and it has made things between us at times difficult. But we strive on, and while I am up here through the Christmas holiday, I figured...

      WHY NOT! Do some geocaching. I have set up a new Pocket Query and have plenty to go chase in my free time, but tonight is an event here in Longview called "7th Annual Down Home Cachers Reunion" (GC37CWE) and I am going to make an appearance representing our little family. So I will let you know how that goes. I am actually about a 1/4 mile or so from the location where it will be held as we speak and I think this will be fun. Also, I have gotten my ten-year old nephew Connor involved when he was up here and he's started to cache. He has 6 finds, 1 DNF, and his name is Theeoquex (pronounced "Thee Locust" or something close to that). I am working when I feel up to it to get my old GPSr into where he can continue down in Liberty with his brother Samuel, age 12. I am also a little disappointed that one I went after "Thank GODiva" (GC38WF4) on the way up here I couldn't find. Yes, iPhoneaddict will say ISAG...especially since it was a 1/1. Next challenge is to get the muggle wife converted (was going to, but Pawpa became priority) and maybe even her mother too. HA!

      But I will try to get some pics from tonight and share with you all. Miss you all!! Including iPhone, BigGuy, zionzr2 and others. Will keep you all posted.

      Da' Hoffie-DT^2
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