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  • Matt Wilson
    IT S OFFICIAL! ------ GC373DT Go in and mark your Will Attend if/when you can! Cache Page: http://coord.info/GC373DT Thanks to everyone who helped
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 3, 2011

      IT’S OFFICIAL!  ------>    GC373DT


      Go in and mark your “Will Attend” if/when you can!

      Cache Page:  http://coord.info/GC373DT


      Thanks to everyone who helped encourage me to get this far… now I just have to get prepared!  Sorry to those who were interested, but can’t make it.  :-(







      It’s looking like a Sunday afternoon (~2-6pm time frame) in the Georgetown Chamber’s cozy little board room (not big huge conference room) is going to be the best bet.  It’s only $25 instead of $125!  ;-)  It is smaller, though, but should be able to fit 20 people comfortably.  I don’t imagine many more than 20 showing up, though.  Am I being unrealistic?  Let me know now if we need to upgrade to the conference room, but in that case, I’m going to have to figure out how to pay for the upgrade.  I guess I’ll know better once the “Will Attend” logs start showing up.


      Soo…. What about Sunday, November 20, 3-5pm?  This should allow enough time for church-goers to get home, eat with family, and travel to Georgetown.  I will have a short list of bullet points to cover and the last half could be open for Q&A and group discussion/chit-chat.


      Venue Address:  100 Stadium Drive, Georgetown TX, 78626

      Board Room Image:  http://www.georgetowneventcenter.com/images/meetingPic01.jpg


      Let me know your thoughts soon so I can book the room (either the smaller board room or the conference room).





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      Saturdays are typically fine with me.  Sunday afternoons are fine as well.

      Friday evenings would be a royal pain to fight traffic from South Austin to Georgetown.

      Thanks for getting the ball really moving on this.

      On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Matt Wilson <matt@...> wrote:


      Thanks again for all the interest.  I may not get as big of a turn out, but given this is my first event ever, I’m going to go easy on myself and plan to have the event at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.  I’m their computer guy, so I’m already very familiar with their facilities.  They have everything we need & more.


      Event Center Details:  http://www.georgetowneventcenter.com


      Knowing now that the event will be in Georgetown an on either a Saturday or a Sunday (I may be able to do a Friday evening), please let me know your thoughts on one of those days vs. others.  Saturday & Sunday afternoons generally work well for me, but I’m conscientious about family plans on weekends.  Let me know your thoughts.


      I also still need to get in touch with the Chamber to find out their availability, so it’s all still very tentative at the moment.  Feel free to express your opinions accordingly.





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