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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Phew! I don't think it was a geocache (n one published there anyway)

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  • gumbietygress@juno.com
    Actually, Greg, acting stealthy is exactly what draws negative attention.If someone is watching you, explain what you re doing. Show them the cache and the
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      Actually, Greg, "acting stealthy" is exactly what draws negative attention.
      If someone is watching you, explain what you're doing. Show them the cache and the contents.... most roll their eyes and think about weirdos and their hobbies, others convert to geocaching, or at least think it sounds neat. But they learn, FROM YOUR OPENNESS, that it's nothing to fear.
      Sure, watch where you place caches -- geocaching.com has some pretty good FAQs, born of bad experience -- and if on private property, get permission. Doesn't prevent employees from going all paranoid -- but more info is better.  You don't see many containers shaped like pipe-bombs any more, either. It DOES matter how it looks to non-cachers.
      And cops have been known to 'sign' the logs of caches they've exploded. [Well, THEY have to be cautious, too.]  Most police we've talked to in the course of caching have been, "Ok, carry on, Citizen. Be safe." Others are intrigued -- but we're careful not to give them anything to feel suspicious about. Direct honesty.
      While you don't want to shout: Look at Me! [Kids love to nick caches with contents or cool containers.] You don't want to be sneaking around as if there's something to hide.
      If you act matter of fact, actually, it's amazing how most folks just ignore you.  But sneak? And suddenly all sorts of nervous nellies start carbonating.
      That's my nine yards.

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      I didn't even think about that being a problem for the muggles out there!   In all the urban cache hiding and geocachers scurrying around to find these items, that gives even further need to be stealthy when looking in public places.
      I really hope that this really fun sport never gets snarled into any negative like this!   
      So be careful out there when you are seeking and mindful when hiding - as not to bring attention and make anything look "suspicious".

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