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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Some comments on the comments

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  • gumbietygress@juno.com
    Hey, Tom...While I agree coins tend to go through the same venues (except WE have our own LOCAL guy ... Chris Rake), I would argue that things like shirts
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      Hey, Tom...
      While I agree coins tend to go through the same venues (except WE have our own LOCAL guy ... Chris Rake), I would argue that things like shirts SHOULD be done locally. The idea is to share the love regionally. In my small business supporting point of view.
      That's why I would resist getting locked into a single vendor.
      Part of moving the event around is to share the work -- and the glory, as it were.
      But then, while I'm not a full on "localvore" -- I AM big on supporting local businesses (it's great for good will!)
      Also, sometimes some wonderfully creative results can happen -- like the embroidered shirts for the 10th Anniversary. [I'd love it if caps were added to the mix -- but that's me.]
      That's my sense on THAT matter.
      As for permanent caches -- well, sometimes the site of the challenge does not lend itself to permanent installations. They're game for us crawling all over for a few hours, but permanently? Maybe not so much. So that, too, needs to be flexible and site specific. Many of our hides for the competitive challenge in '09 pretty much were one shot -- an orienteering punch on a string. But then, our purpose was a bit different (though we hid them like we were placing caches -- except I think we weren't as worried about saturation, more about playability).
      It's a wonderful thing to have an 'up level' resource -- but let's not lock ourselves into a system unnecessarily.
      For the scoring -- there's always the handicapping option -- tossing out the lowest score if you're averaging. But there's always going to be a bit of a problem -- small versus large teams (though that doesn't always favor the large). One of the reasons I'm not so big on the regional thing, but more in favor of, again, like we did for the Competitive Challenge: teams of four, from wherever.
      =shrug= Creative math, of course, can level the numbers.

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      I've toyed with the idea of a local challenge just to show the locals what it is about.  But it would be a ton of work to do by one's self, so I never took it past the idea stage.  Maybe if we put together a 2 hour mini challenge?

      The TXGA Board is looking to get more involved in the Challenges.  We don't think the responsibility should fall on just the home team.  And we shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel (or contacts) each year for items made such as coins and tshirts just because the game changes locations.

      I'm not exactly sure what Matt said (step away from the iPad and the root beer), but I'm guessing he said that meeting other cachers is just as if not more important and fun that finding caches in the Challenge.  I somewhat agree.  I do want to meet the other cachers, but I also want to find all the caches I can in the 4 hours.  After that I don't want to cache for at least 4 hours so I can recouperate (must be ready for the night cache!)

      It would be nice if the caches could be made logable.  Not making any promises, but we'll see what we can do.

      The idea of counting scores of 0's for cards lost or not turned in was so that people with lousy scores wouldn't "lose" their cards.  It's a way to keep people from cheating, or at least bending the rules into a pretzel.

      As for the long drive, that can be a bummer if you don't like long drives, can't afford a long drive, have a piece of junk truck (like mine), you're not interested in getting caches in other counties, etc, etc, etc.  I'd hate the long drives if I weren't caching along the way with friends.  If I don't get out of the car every so often I'm so sore when I get where I'm going that I'm miserable.



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