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RE: [SATXgeocachers] Mogasman hits 1000 finds!

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  • Steve Fite
    Wow, thanks for all the well wishes and congratz! The one thing I have noticed is how everyone is a class act in this group. Quick to help each other and
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 12, 2010

      Wow, thanks for all the well wishes and congratz!  The one thing I have noticed is how everyone is a class act in this group.  Quick to help each other and quick to congratulate each other.  Very impressive I must say!  You all deserve a big ol Texas sized gold star for that!  Jana contributed 1-10 and several of you contributed #11, #12, #13 & #14 so let me add a few myself……


      #15. Always mark your car or bike if you’re going to be leaving it.  It’s no fun wandering around looking for either.

      #16. Always log your caches the day you open the box.  Much easier to log 30 caches than 130 caches!

      #17. Know what poison ivy and fire ants look like (remember I’m a yankee).

      #18. Strap cameras, phones and gpsr’s to your body or they WILL wander off (Same can be said of cases).

      #19. If there’s a random trail heading into the woods near GZ follow it, it’s there for a reason!

      #20. Mogasman loves Cybercat!!!




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      A shout out to congratulate the Mo of MoCat! on his 1000th find
      yesterday!! He has been going crazy since discovering that caching with
      friends is way more productive than caching alone!
      Among things he has learned in the last few weeks.......
      1. Do not unroll the whole piece of paper on a nano
      2. Finding caches is way easier when your gps is on the arrow screen
      instead of the map screen
      3. GSAK is a gift from God
      4. City Navigator is a nifty way to avoid wandering for hours
      5. The calendar page is a great way to remember what you did on which day
      6. The navigator is more trustworthy than guessing
      7. You never need to stop and ask for directions again ( like guys
      ever do that, anyway)
      8. Clif bars are a great way to avoid stopping for lunch
      9. Events are soooooooo much fun!
      10. Cybercat loves Mogasman

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