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Re: Cachers helping cachers on puzzle caches.

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  • electric_water_boy
    I ll start with where I ll end. Play your own game. Do it for yourself. And when it isn t fun anymore, don t do it. If you worry about how everyone else
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 5, 2010
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      I'll start with where I'll end. Play your own game. Do it for yourself. And when it isn't fun anymore, don't do it. If you worry about how everyone else does it you'll quit a lot sooner.

      I share the frustration from time to time, but I get over it.

      Am I frustrated that people who haven't solved my puzzles find them? No. As others have stated, sometimes the non-solvers are with a group. Some of these people could have solved the puzzle had they worked on it. Some would have even tried. Some are just new. But regardless, it's not their finding that bothers me.

      What ticks me off, and I'm assuming what is getting you as well, as when some people find your puzzle cache without solving the puzzle, they do possibly two things.

      1. They don't even look at the puzzle when they go to log the thing. If you log my puzzle without solving, at least take a minute or two to look at the thing. Tell me that you think you could have solved it, or that it was way over your head, or it looked interesting, or something. And some puzzles ask for you to log them a certain way. Even if you didn't solve the puzzle you could at least log it as asked.

      2. Your log makes it sound like you found the solution to global warming, created world peace, and you did it all on your coffee break. Some puzzle caches have tough hides, and I think it is okay to say something about that - "I didn't solve your puzzle (though I have since looked at it and it's over my head), but I did find your cache it was a tough one to find." But I would venture to say that the majority of puzzle caches have "normal" hides and the majority of us could find them with little difficulty. The finding of the cache is just meant to be verification that you solved the puzzle correctly. So, if you didn't solve the puzzle and didn't even look at it or read how to log it if there was a special way, don't make a big deal out of having found it - especially if you were with a group and you weren't the one to find it.

      So yeah, it does get to me a bit. But if I were to let those few people who don't "play like I think they should" get to me, I'd be doing something else. I create puzzles for me, for those who I know love to solve them, and for those who might eventually getthe puzzle solving bug. I can't waste my time and effort for the rest of you.

      So, to end where I started. Play your own game. Do it for yourself. And when it isn't fun anymore, don't do it. If you worry about how everyone else does it you'll quit a lot sooner.

      Electric Water Boy

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "poofy1369" <Hilton@...> wrote:
      > Yes, you may call this whining but we are very frustrated.
      > We enjoy spending time making puzzle caches and placing them. We don't enjoy when the answers are given out to people at will. We know this is happening because we have cachers logging a find without even visiting the cache site. Some of our caches take you to another page and on both pages we know how many times and who visit the page.
      > It's frustrating to get logs from people who do not read the cache, do not follow the steps and then log or do not log what we have requested in the puzzle.
      > At this point - we are ready to archive the puzzle caches we have out and stop making them.
      > We know everyone plays the game differently but if a cache owner takes the time to make special steps, we feel they should be at least attempted. Also, if you need help with a cache - go to the cache owner first!
      > Please voice your opinion and let us know your thoughts.
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