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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Tygress' Hairy Man Cache

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  • gumbietygress@juno.com
    Poor, Hairy, Man! COULD have been something he said..... BarbJ/Tygress ... From: Esther Lopez To:
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      Poor, Hairy, Man! COULD have been something he said.....


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      From: Esther Lopez <bigguy9211116@...>
      To: CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Tygress' Hairy Man Cache
      Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 21:39:49 -0700 (PDT)

      I don't even know how to write about this, and maybe I shouldn't....but,
       I knew that Hairy Man - the cache existed and I also knew that I hadn't found it but try as I might whenever I tried to see where it was on the GCing map, I couldn't even see it. I clicked on the map page and saw where it should have been but NOTHING!
      In looking around on the cache page I noticed that for some strange reason that cache and a few others had been put on a ignore bookmark list of mine. Now I made the list but don't remember for what reason. My question is "was this the reason that it didn't show up on the map"? Wow, I didn't realize it worked that way. I went and deleted that ignore list and retried finding it on the map and POOF, there it was!
      Maybe I am just a big fool and I shouldn't have admitted this big mistake, but maybe my blunder will help someone else....OR NOT!
      No matter, that is my epiphany for the day!


      From: "gumbietygress@..." <gumbietygress@...>
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      Sent: Sun, September 12, 2010 2:47:26 PM
      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Another Hermine survivor


      Obviously Hairy Man Road was NOT a place to be during the Hermine Deluge.
      We came up on GZ fearing the worst -- if you refer to this cache's history, you'll know why.
      But there it was -- admittedly on top of the rock it should be hiding behind. Let's hear it for the military! Insides were fine and dry.
      Hairy ain't so Hairy any more -- we'll get to that someday. But. Yay! for foresight -- and a strong chain.

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      From: Geocaching <noreply@...>
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      Subject: [LOG] Owner: Tygress performed maintenance for Hairy, Man! (Traditional Cache)
      Date: 12 Sep 2010 12:38:27 -0700

      You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing.

      Location: Texas, United States
      Tygress performed maintenance for Hairy, Man! (Traditional Cache) at 9/12/2010

      Log Date: 9/12/2010
      Hairy was an ammocan
      Furriest one in all the land.
      Hermine came -- O FLOODY day
      And scoured Hairy's fur away.
      Bald as a.... can, stood fast, our guy
      Steely nerves shaken, but insides DRY!

      You can take the hairy, Man, off the can
      But not the can off the Hairy Man (Road)

      So. Hairy Man Road looks to have been under five or more feet of water. GZ now has a lovely little lake (poor wee doomed fishes). But there was our good Hairy, Man, exposed, his hair all stripped away, but in place. Easy step across to the rocks and Waterweasel made sure the insides were fine (ABSOLUTELY!), and replaced our little hide.  His 'leash' shows that the water didn't all run one way through here -- curious! But, hey, I'm just pleased that he didn't wash out this time. Chain's a charm!

      So, if  you watch your step, you won't even get muddy.

      Meanwhile, Hairy Man Road is a sight. Patched and reopened, there are gravel bars where there weren't before. Huge chunks of pavement strewn along the way. LOTS of vegetative debris showing how hight the water got -- must have been somethin'!!!! The creek is still roaring along.... whew! and woo! But let's hear it for my survivor, Hairy, Man!

      Maybe his fur coat will regrow this winter.

      Tygress & Waterweasel, checking on our poor floodplain cache.....

      Visit this log entry at the below address:

      Visit Hairy, Man!

      Profile for Tygress:

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