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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Hidden even from Hermine! She couldn't m uggle THIS one!

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  • gumbietygress@juno.com
    Can t get to GCXJDJ Hairy, Man right now.... will wait for the flood to rinse out a bit. I m hoping that the chain held it in place (last flood, it was found
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      Can't get to GCXJDJ Hairy, Man right now.... will wait for the flood to rinse out a bit.
      I'm hoping that the chain held it in place (last flood, it was found in the middle of the road).

      =digits crossed!=


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      We also went out Wednesday to check out San Gabriel Park and checked on a couple of our caches.  Slip slidin' away - GC20X59  just off the South San Gabriel did not get washed away but it was soaked.  We'll replace the log once it dries out.



      On 9/9/10 9:15 PM, Malia B wrote:

      For those of you that have hunted (either successfully or unsuccessfully) our cache, "Just another Dam Cache", GCY49N,


      well... here's a fun TS Hermine story...

      I went out Wednesday morning, checking the flood damage in Georgetown. Worried, I drove by the park the cache is in. I went over to check on it, but was understandably concerned when I realized that the water had been several feet OVER the cache location.

      I wasn't willing to try to check on it by myself, so I went on home. Later that afternoon, hubby and I went back. He helped me down to the cache location (it is very slippery, watch out!), and sure enough, it was still in place! It was even completely dry inside! Yay for well-sealed decon canisters!

      We started wandering around the park, trying to see where the high water line was. We then noticed the pipe that runs right under the railing of the bridge. There was wet flood debris on TOP of the pipe!

      That cache was submerged by possibly 15' of raging flood water, and survived.... it was well clipped onto a cluster of vines.

      That cache was so well hidden that even Hermine couldn't muggle it!

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