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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Big Event Location

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  • Shannan
    Would love to participate in this one...be sure to let us know when and where soon so we can book camping spots.  I m a camper kind of girl so hopefully
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      Would love to participate in this one...be sure to let us know when and where soon so we can book camping spots.  I'm a "camper" kind of girl so hopefully will be able to book a "full hookup" site if available in the location selected :).
      Shannan (skbrent)

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      I wanna go camping….  Wah, wah, wah.  MrsFood is always so mean…  oops, that’s another story.  I’m sure if John’s not swimming we would be able to come no matter which destination you choose.



      Hilton and John


      MrsFood is at work so she doesn’t have a say this morning. smis.jpg



      Hilton, Jeanne and John



            We're Crabby




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      On 7/25/2010 10:14 PM, electric_water_ boy wrote:

      Pedernales Falls would be more centrally located if you want to sway the Austin folks to take part.  Braunig, Calaveras, Choke Canyon are too far away for most Austinites.


      I have this idea in my head of hosting "The End of the Summer Milestone Celebration Park & Gab - Meet & Greet / All Night Geocoin/Travelbug Exchange Event." I have a few ideas where to have it but I'd like input to get the best turnout.

      Boerne Lake - Last time I was there the only facilities were the outhouses. There may have been more added, but I doubt there's a pavillion yet (I'll check). On the plus side, the water is crystal clear. No motorboats. Great swimming hole. I've wanted to hide caches there. This would be my excuse. There is a fee for admission. I can't remember if there is overnight camping.

      Braunig or Calaveras Lake - There are facilities here. There aren't any geocaches. I could fix that problem. There isn't any swimming. Fishing can be good. There is a fee for admission. There is overnight camping.

      Bastop Stake Park - Most of you know what's there. Most of us have park passes. There are areas that could handle a bunch of us. Fee for admission. Overnight camping.

      Another state park I had in mind was Choke Canyon.

      I won't charge admission but I would pass a hat for donations for any facilities we rent. Extra would go to the state park if we're there. Not sure what we'd do with it at Boerne, Braunig, or Calaveras.

      You may now begin underhand tossing of paper mache rocks.


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